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Kongo nearing completion of her reconstruction at Yokosuka Japan

Kongo nearing completion of her reconstruction at Yokosuka Japan


Kongo nearing completion of her reconstruction, at Yokosuka, Japan, 20 July, 1931

IJN Kongou in drydock at Yokosuka, Japan, 1930.


“Japanese battleship Nagato moored off the Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, on 9 September 1945. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the ...

Japanese battleship Hyūga

“Japanese battleship Kongo. Photograph taken after her 1929-31 reconstruction. Japanese language text at bottom left is a warning against reproduction of ...

Japanese battleship Nagato

Japan Day 32

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Bow's on view of Japanese battleship Kongo nears her reconstruction completion at Yokosuka in July, 1931. [1200 × 1681] : WarshipPorn

Carrier Ryujo under construction in Drydock No. 5, Yokosuka, Japan, 20 Oct 1931

USS San Diego at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, 30 Aug 1945.

[2500 x 1732] IJN Nagato at anchor in Yokosuka, October 1927 - Imgur

USS San Diego at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, 30 Aug 1945.

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(NAGATO at Yokosuka, 1924 -colorization by Irootoko, Jr)

Japanese battleship Yamato nearing completion at the fitting-out pier at Kure Naval Yard, September 20, 1941 (more info in comments) [5826 × 4125] : ...


Koryu Type D submarine at the Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, 8 Sep 1945, ...

hyuga wreck - Google Search Gun Turret, Imperial Japanese Navy, Shipwreck, Battleship,

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IJN I-58

A scale model of the Chilean battleship "Almirante Latorre" displayed at the National maritime

(HARUNA in 1934 after major reconstruction-colorized by Irootoko, Jr)

Quick paperwork checkin at their main office. Really easy with a passport and an escort.

... I-401 and I-14 alongside of USS Proteus (far left),

Japan, 1915. Fuso, Yamashiro.

Ise at anchor, before her 1935 reconstruction

EN: a quite unknown picture of the carrier "Aquila" in the harbour of

The Holocaust & The Final Solution PART 2 [Infographic] The origin of the

เรื่องราวของ เรือประจัญบานคองโก (Kongo). ลำแรก ลำเดียว ลำสุดท้าย

Parade in the Bay of Naples on 5 may 1938. -On the photo you


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The chief shipbuilders of carrier Shokaku posing with the hull of the ship two days prior

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Diagram of the catastrophic scale of damage dealt to the battleship Bismarck during his persecution.

20 มีนาคม 1980ที่สำนักงานใหญ่ของ Sir W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co., Ltd เมืองนิวคาสเซิล ที่ซึ่งได้ออกแบบและสร้างเรือหลัก (Capital Ship) ...

IJN heavy cruiser Maya main bridge, 1932 Heavy Cruiser, Imperial Japanese Navy, Armada

Starboard view of the Japanese battleship Fuso during maneuvers with the battleship Nagato in 1934.

Japanese cruiser Ashigara 1942.jpg

Between 1937 and December 1941, the crews of these two ships had plenty of time to train, but the active life of their ships was not as bright as expected, ...

Crucero ligero de la clase C de la Marina Real Británica. El HMS Caroline.

American ship-recognition drawing of the Ise-class battleships before their conversion

IJN Kongo 3 Kongo just prior to her 1929 reconstruction

is a 'lese book written tor the J apane~e peOpH! an(1 published in i 'OlC)'O in October I ' 0 under the regis of the Government. The original title is The ' ...

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SAIGON: 1965 TWO (UNIDENTIFIED ) US NAVY CAPTAINS look over the final architectural plans

Now and then: The destroyed and bombed Berlin Reichstag in May 1945 / the same

HMS Hood passing the Citadelle of Quebec (upper left) and Château Frontenac during her

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Photo of the ship's forecastle and forward 8in guns of Japanese heavy cruiser Maya, March

British Battleships 16-inch Gun - As was fitted to HMS Nelson and HMS Rodney



Вот и немецкая эскадра готова! Линкор Бисмарк и тяжёлый крейсер Принц Ойген.

Brazil's economic woes mean more bad news for Jair Bolsonaro


Nagato at Yokosuka, September 1945

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SAIGON-CHOLON 1968 TET OFFENSIVE A South Vietnamese military vehicle (ARVN-Army of

Japanese Kaiten human torpedoes Type 1, Type 2, Type 4, and Type 10

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Photo by Linda Truong

HMS Vanguard (23) demonstrating her firepower. I suspect that these

1/700 ship NX8 Japanese Navy aircraft carrier Shinano

The perks of having a spray booth at work! Hms Hood, Exeter, Ajax

A demonstration outside a Catholic Church in Warsaw, Poland against catholic priests who committed pedophilia

A graduation review at Great lakes Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Ill. This review marks the end of "boot" training for the recruit.

Japanese soldier holding Japanese flag following invasion and take over of Mindoro, Philippines, 1942. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

Demostración del Uss Iowa en un comercial durante la segunda guerra mundial .

Page 3: http://i.imgur.com/jzmw1oM.jpg

As is typical for just about any ancient Japanese structure, fire constantly requires rebuilding. The current version was reconstructed ...

LOYAL NATIVES such as these, together with their leader, Captain Martin Clemens, Australian

The UK and Japan

The United States Navy in World War II | Fire Control System | United States Navy

Interior view of Eighth Army Stockade. From the Correctional Library of the Japanese Correctional Association.

Japon : Livre blanc de la défense 2011

Kongo underway, with her configuration after the 1929-31 reconstruction

Drawing depicting Soviet soldiers issuing their flag on the roof of the Reichstag, Berlin,

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a heavily damaged Haruna, having sunk from the stern, several days after coming under

IJN battleship "Kongo" diorama ...


EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon sails destroyer near disputed island in South China Sea, officials say

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At this point, U.S. forces were nearing their position for the next stage of their offensive against the Empire of Japan.