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LordVishnu Krishna Shiva Rama are depicted in blue That doesnt

LordVishnu Krishna Shiva Rama are depicted in blue That doesnt


#LordVishnu, Krishna, Shiva, Rama are depicted in blue. That doesn'

Lord Vishnu HD Images - #2462 #vishnu #lordvishnu #hindugod

Shiva. 10 Hindu Deities Everyone Should Know About Before a Pilgrimage to India

Lord Vishnu Brahma Shiva Rama Krishna

In Hinduism , we know Lord Krishna (Avatar of Lord Vishnu) as the preserver and Lord Shiva as destroyer. Although having such different cosmic functions ...


Revival of True India: Sri Padmanabha: Lord Vishnu with lotus-sized navel

चित्र में ये शामिल ...

He is depicted as a pale blue being, as are his incarnations Rama and Krishna.

Let's have a look at Lord Raam, Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu one by one, slowly and closely-


Lord Shiva declared lord Ram as supreme, no one in this world has better knowledge than lord Shiva, can people of kaliyug are more better than Shiva ??

It is a known fact that Ram is politically owned by the Sangh Parivar whereas Krishna is owned by the Yadavs across the country as their divine and ...

Hindu god lord Krishna

Vishnu. 10 Hindu Deities Everyone Should Know About Before a Pilgrimage to India

When it comes to Sri Krishna, He is not black. His complexion is like complexion of a dark blue cloud. The aura behind Rama or Krishna or any other God ...

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Lord Vishnu is the eternal soul of every single living being, few inches below the throat and few inches above the navel, that's the place where Lord Vishnu ...

Unlike bright blue colour painted on skin of most actors playing Vishnu, here the actor was painted with actual colour like that of clouds.

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

However, Some people are always in debate regarding Supremacy of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. In the Puranas also Shaiva Puranas call Shiva as Lord of Vishnu ...

Lord Krishna - Hindu Gods and Deities - Iconography

Adi Parashakti

Picture for representation purpose. Picture courtesy: Facebook/Damodar Rayasam/Lord Shiva -

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati discuss about reincarnation of Vishnu : Ramlila (2017)

I seriously disliked the immensely bright colour of Vishnu in Mahakali.

Appearance of Vishnu is a little different from other Gods. His skin colour is in blue colour.

Lord Kartikeya facts

Has shiva ever had a female Avatar?

Note : Lord Krishna was a God -- so the reference to him as a mere mortal-- is tongue in cheek.

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Ketaki and Lord Shiva

Divine hindu couples: shiva and parvati, vishnu and lakshmi, krishna and radha


Lord Krishna – Hindu Gods and Deities

Since Lord Shiva is supreme Para Brahman and he knows everything. He knows past, present and future. Will he not know this? Lord Shiva is not a demi god.

Brahman Shrine

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Trimurti (Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) | Help me GOD Spiritual Questions Answered


Lord Krishna

10 Hindu Deities Everyone Should Know About Before a Pilgrimage to India

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Lord Vishwakarma Ibis for Thoth and Swan under Vishwakarma. Coincidence?

Strangely the Vishwarupa Darshan of Shiva is very similar to what we see for Krishna/Vishnu in illustrative representations of the Gita today.

The terrible war between Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna | War of Agnigrah

Lord Vishnu

Vishnu Kumartuli Park Sarbojanin Arnab Dutta 2010.JPG

Meaning of Snake, Trishul, Rudraksha and Moon Donned By Shiv

Both the purpose of lord Shiva and krishna are same, you can attain Shiva through knowledge whereas you can find out krishna in the path of love.

Feeling blue: A new exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum features art, including this 18th century painting, that depicts the Hindu god Vishnu, known for his ...

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Popular depiction of Krishna

Real face of lord krishna - Krishna still alive

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Lord Brahma is one of the supreme Trinity of Gods apart from Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He is known as the creator of the universe.

Vishnu, Lord of Vaikuntha


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Vishnu Ananthasayanam

“Udayji, my son who is doing his major in science has been asking me to remove the Vishwaroopam picture from the drawing room.

“Arunam karuna tarangi takshim dreta pashan kusha pushpa bana chapam, Animadibi ravrutam mayuke ra mityeva vibavaye bavanim”. (Lalita Shasranama Stotram)

Krishna Stories - Leela - The Path of the Playful

Lord Krishna is the avatar of Lord Vishnu who took birth on the earth as Lord Krishna with all super power given by Lord Vishnu to save this Universe from ...

Rama………………………Shiva……………………….Krishna………. Vishnu ...

Myth / Hindu Mythology

“The Blessed Lord ...

But I drew this Vishnu for my mom a while back

Hindu Gods Brahma Vishnu And Siva

Kurma (The Tortoise): The second Avatar of Lord Vishnu

In images of Krishna you will often notice a flute


The word Visva is pronounced Vishva and can mean 'to pervade' (M.Monier-Williams) - hence the god Vishnu the Pervader who 'spreads in all directions' (A. ...

The Ramayana and the Mahabharata seem like science fiction. Not only did aircraft exist such as Vimanas and Vailxi (as the Atlantian craft are called), ...


On these planets reside Lord Vishnu's different incarnations alongwith Goddess Lakshmi and the Pure souls who have been able to transcend the bonds of ...

Why Doesn't God Just Appear so we Can See Him?

benefit. At Paramapadam, she also exists simultaneously as Bhumi Piratti and Neela devi Nachiar. She does this to illustrate the Lord's Supreme Qualities.

Lord Shiva is Ashutosha for a reason. He knows that material opulence is not that important. He himself is a Vishnu worshiper. He doesn't keep much around ...

Hindu Concept of God and Gods

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Parvati, goddess of marriage, motherhood, and family

I Wrote a Book!


Devi Kali rgrets

Hidden Secrets of Bhagawad Gita Revealed -1

Shri Vishnu Varha Avtar

Ten avatars of Vishnu (Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Vamana, Krishna, Kalki, Buddha, Parshurama, Rama & Narasimha. Painting from Jaipur, now at the Victoria and ...