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Make your own whetstone Bladerunners scythe Make it yourself

Make your own whetstone Bladerunners scythe Make it yourself


Make your own 'whetstone' - Bladerunners

Natural stones aren't 'immune' from such irregular wear, but in my experience it's the exception, rather than the rule it appears to be with synthetics.

Anatomy of a scythe - glossary

Styria coarse - also a very scratchy result, which isn't shown very clearly

The 65cm blade is a bit longer than 65cm overall, but the blade edge is

My ...


If you want to buy a scythe, you'll need to choose between American and Austrian makes, to size the snath to your body, and to select a type of blade.

The Bladerunners red coarse synthetic - very toothy with clear scratches.

Trend Alert: Mowing the Lawn With a Scythe. Scything a meadow and making ...

Used under heavy pressure the Fox bites hard.

Why every permaculturist should own a scythe | Permaculture magazine Sustainable Farming, Organic Farming,

Pointed Hoe by TreeEater forge Blacksmith Projects, Welding Projects, Metal Shop, Old Tools

Bladerunners ceramic - in the first pic, the Arctic Fox ceramic is also seen.

(From The Scythe Must Dance by Peter Vido, published in 2001 as an addendum to The Scythe Book by David Tresemer.

The Arctic Fox - a very similar result to the Tassie Tiger.

Mowing With A Scythe

Some common stones compared

It's a very regular-looking stone, although to the fingers it felt to me like it had more bite toward the margins of the flat surface – sliding the thumb ...

Коса, устройство | Секреты и советы дачникам, огородникам и садоводам. Дачные идеи и опыт садоводов.

Bladerunners ceramic - nearly all polish.

Mowing With a Scythe - Homesteading and Livestock

My only real issue with the stone as supplied.

Scything's Quiet Comeback

The angle of the grips, and your preferred way of holding them, will affect

The English Scythe Revisited


When I'd first looked at the stone, I'd assumed the edge would be dead flat, which I personally don't like in a scythe stone, either, because a scythe blade ...

Terminology of an English scythe.

Lifting the edge of the blade

What is SPIN (Scythe Project in Nepal)?

Marshall Roberts and Tony Robbie from Tasmania with their scythes.

Tassie Tiger with some different angles to catch the light differently.

Simple and Stylish Tips Can Change Your Life: Tropical Garden Ideas Elephant Ears garden ideas cheap nesting boxes.Backyard Garden Diy To Get hosta garden ...


My Notes: 17th century farming tools - scythe Source Info: Gardens, Plants,

Peening with the SFX Anvils - The One Scythe Revolution Garden Tools, Revolution, Farming

If Crocodile Dundee wore gloves.

DIY Grain Cradle Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Decor, Homesteading, Homemade, Backyard, Tools

Scythe Works is located in Victoria, BC, Canada. complete offering of European-style Scythes, Scythe Blades, Accessories as well as Scything Workshops.

The scythe ring, hexagonal allen key and wooden wedge. Old Tools, Wedge,

Peening the blade on the anvil | Scythe Supply Work Shop 1 | Peening Jewelry Making

Ready to mow

Chapters from The Scythe Must Dance by Peter Vido, published in 2001 as an addendum

Making your own snath | ScytheConnection No Mow Grass, Old Tools, Dyi, Hardwood

Quick Order - The One Scythe Revolution Homesteads, Garden Structures, Raised Beds, Hay

Scythes can be used to control weeds, mow long grass, or mow a lawn.

Short of digging through hundreds of old samples to locate a similar blade to enable accurate dating, Peter Vido has put ...

A scythe is an agricultural hand tool for mowing grass, or reaping crops.

latest (600×600) Grim Reaper Scythe, Ryu Hayabusa, Katana, Ninja

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Cutting off the lengths with an iron-free cut off wheel.


One of my favourite things about scything is tinkering. This is my most recent addition


Scottish pattern scythe hanging in the Arnol Black House

Where it all began... measuring the 41mm lengths on the stainless 6mm flat

La faux, «dai», est par ailleurs un outil de forme et d'usage compliqués. Toutes ses parties s'adaptent à celui qui l'utilise : en fonction de sa taille, ...

21 degrees

Scythe Supply recently became a member of for the Planet!

I cut out a wedge with sharp tin snips, making sure I went a little

American pattern scythe blades, snaths, whetstones, and accessories. The trusted global specialist for American scythes!

Drilling a 3mm pilot hole with a cobalt drill bit in the drill press.

Improving snath ergonomics | ScytheConnection Step Guide, Make Your Own, Make It Yourself

All done, ready to be welded. U bands fabricated by Rowfit International.


"The Scythe Sharpener" by Arthur Hughes, English, 1817 - 1904

...and then a 10.32mm cobalt drill bit.

Cradle Scythe Agricultural Tools, Growing Wheat, Hand Tools, Agriculture, Grains, Vintage

Photo 1

Sam Eddleman Custom AP Tanto Fixed Neck Knife 3

Antique Hanforged Iron Scythe Anvil 19 Century Blacksmithing, 19th Century, Flatware, Place Settings

KA-BAR 5017 Full-size USMC Fighting Knife 7

Straight out of the box

Very big corn crop this year to practice your sickle scythe swings in.. $74.95

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Photo 2

Scythe vs Brushcutter 1 - South West Annual Scythe Festival - June 2010

John Kubasek Custom Creditor II Folding Knife 2.875

Complete with chrome vanadium alloy key.

Hand Tools, Kitten Heels, Facts, Hand Made, Hands, Hand Tool Sets

Grinding / dressing the plates to their correct size on an aluminium oxide wheel.

Shun TDMS2200K Premier 3 Piece Build-a-Block Set

Scythe Supply - Workshops: : Making a Hay Rack Grass Hay, Alaska Homestead,

Halfway Oak Farm: Baling Your Own Hay: Making a Hay Baler

Photo 3

Bolin Webb R1-S Monza Red Safety Razor and Stand Set, Takes Mach3 Blades

Measure-It Adhesive Measuring Tape. Measure-It is adhesive-backed measuring…

Ontario Utilitac 1-A Joe Pardue Assisted Folder 3

This two-part epoxy served as a good jig - it was moulded around the

Young gun

Post ...

Two wedges oriented at perpendicular doing two different jobs

Scythe Sickle

March 31, 2008

Illinois Razor Strop 2.5" x 23" Imperial Russia with Handle. This top grain cowhide strop was made in the ...