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Most of the people only want to confirm their existing ideas

Most of the people only want to confirm their existing ideas


Most of the people only want to confirm their existing ideas! -- #pinitforlater

But before you can even address your general uselessness, there's an even bigger issue—your pre-set path ended. Kids in school are kind of like employees of ...

How to Make New Friends. “

How to get blog post ideas

The weird psychology that makes you desperate for likes.

But artificially inflating your engagement numbers is not only a waste of time and money; it can also harm your business.


Amazing Order Confirmation Emails That Grow Sales

The purpose of this article is to discuss several key cognitive biases and their effects on decision making within strategic innovation management as well ...

101 small ways you can improve your city

ReferalCandy's Epic List of Referral Program Examples - Up to 77 and Counting [Updated 2018

Here's Google's Secret to Hiring the Best People

Click here to download a free copy of his e-book, The Contrarian Handbook: 8 Principles for Innovating Your Thinking. Along with your free e-book, ...

After Nobel in Economics, William Nordhaus Talks About Who's Getting His Pollution-Tax Ideas RightAfter Nobel in Economics, William Nordhaus Talks About ...

A drawing of a man sitting on a stool at a writing desk. Confirmation ...

11 outrageous ideas that made people ridiculously rich

This Article Won't Change Your Mind

MARK: “There was a lot of chemistry. We just talked and talked. One of the first things I said was that people who look like you usually aren't as cool as ...

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The Confirmation Bias

... the percentage of Americans who consistently hold liberal or conservative beliefs—rather than a mix of the two, which is the case for most people—has ...

Engraved head-and-shoulders portrait of Francis Bacon wearing a hat and ruff.

Psychology Today

THERE IS a counterintuitive mindset behind Michael Hyatt's productivity system. Productivity is not about doing more faster. Rather it's about achieving ...

But despite their popularity, it seems like using memes is a risky decision for a brand — or is it?

Effective tips for writing your first blog post with 57 blog post ideas.

50 Business Ideas People are Actually Making Money From (Complete with Examples)

How To Use Twitter: Critical Tips For New Users

The media exaggerates negative news. This distortion has consequences

How To Find The Best Products To Sell Online - The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

Most children and teens with gender dysphoria also have multiple other psychological issues

The vaunted human capacity for reason may have more to do with winning arguments than with thinking straight.

A new breed of policy is taking off, but it can be pricey

Javier Zarracina/Vox The Big Idea

The customer is always right?

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Side Hustle Ideas Make Money Fast


recession financial risk failure decrease concept?

promotional email example harrys (holiday offer)

Here are my top tips for creating a great ask—in order to get more of what you want.

These are the charities where your money will do the most good

Reporters in the media center watched a presidential debate, but might have seen something different. AP Photo/John Locher

Balfour Declaration

mistakes in how we think - confirmation bias 4

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How many times should you ask? Who should you ask? Are you repeating yourself?

The Confirmation Bias

'We need people': Donald Trump says he wants to see more legal immigration in U.S.

“I don't know what's the matter with people: they don't learn by understanding; they learn by some other way—by rote or something. Their knowledge is so ...

Americans don't want Trump's border wall. This is what they want instead.

Since the beginning of August, Instagram users have reported a bizarre hack: users will be 'logged out' of their account, and once they go to log back in, ...

promotional email example unbounce (event announcement)

How our brains fool us on climate, creationism, and the vaccine-autism link.

If you've had a chance to read through this article to here, then you know all about how copyright law works, right? Well, there are always exceptions to ...


The prototypes for U.S. President Donald Trump's border wall are seen behind the border fence between

Why can't the world's greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness?

7 things people with multiple partners want you to know about what it's really like

Not only do they shape what we think and how we understand but they shape the connections and opportunities that we see.

What Just Happened?! A Review of President Trump's Eleventh Week. | The New Republic

Categorizing companies in this way, we discovered that CX leaders reported much higher revenues than their counterparts.

There's a new insurance in town

Avicenna developed 'probably the most influential and interesting medieval attempt to show that God exists

Starting a Business: The Idea Phase

Happy events are more likely to be remembered.

Google alerts

Automated rss email sent after a new blog post has been published

It's not a lot, but it forces you to really think about the most important aspects of your content, what makes it important and ...

promotional email example quora (clickbait email)

The intent is to ensure that all of your bases are covered prior to moving forward, and to ensure that your stakeholders do not surprise you with questions ...

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If you want a successful online business these days, it's not enough to simply close the sale. You've got to help your customers fall in love with your ...

Just when we thought we were safe, Pinterest went and changed on us again.

Apart from shipping information there you can see a big banner with a referral program offer. They offer $10 for their existing users for bringing a friend ...

facebook advertising

After the most recent school shooting, this time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a 19-year old gunman was charged with ...