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Norman Osborn was a corrupt industrialist and scientist who tried to

Norman Osborn was a corrupt industrialist and scientist who tried to


Norman Osborn was a corrupt industrialist and scientist who tried to perfect the Super-Soldier

Full Name. Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn

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Norman Osborn (Earth-61615)

Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin [Height: 5' 9" {As Osborn} 7' 0" {In Goblin Form}, Age: 40's/50's]: Norman Osborn was a corrupt industrialist and scientist who ...

Norman Osborn by Stuart Immonen

The Green Goblin by Mark Bagley & Art Thibert

Norman Osborn

A parallel universe version of the Green Goblin from Earth-1610, Ultimate Spider-Man #7.

"The HEART, Osborn.

The major bad guy of the first phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was Loki. The second phase is bringing us the glorious evil of Ultron.

Real Name: Norman Osborn. Occupation: Industrialist, scientist, professional criminal. Identity: Secret. Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no ...

Science-Industrialist Norman Osborn's life changed when a radioactive spider bit him. With young scientist Peter Parker working for his company, ...

Publication history[edit]


Ruthless industrialist Norman Osborn was the co-owner of a leading New York firm, Osborn Industries, which specialized in chemical manufacturing via Osborn ...

Norman Osborn's transformation into the Red Goblin was terrifying, but not as heinous as him infecting his grandson.

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)


Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot. Osborn attempts to ...


Marvel Noir (Earth-90214)

Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus [Height: 5' 10", Age: 40's]: Dr. Otto Octavius was a lab assistant to Norman Osborn and secretly a spy for Osborn's ...

After the Kingpin's assassination attempt at the conclusion of Peter Parker Spider-Man #95, Norman Osborn phones an unknown individual to inform him (or ...

Preview: Edge of Spider-Geddon #4

So really there are two conclusions to be reached.

Norman Osborn. Art by Mike Deodato. Background art by John Romita, Sr..

Otto Octavius and Norman Osborn

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Harry Osborn

Perhaps the best example of words and pictures working in conjunction comes during the Goblin's long monologue in issue #40. As Osborn, he repeatedly ...

Ant-Man and the Wasp Villain Mystery - Walton Goggins

Secret Invasion

As 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' shoots for a billion, its stars try to stay grounded - The Washington Post

Alternative versions of the Green Goblin

Norman Osborn, Spiderman 3, Batman Vs, Superman, Spider Verse, Marvel Dc

His manipulative streak would lead him to use agents and proxies on his behalf.

Norman and Peter officially meet in their civilian identities for the first time in Amazing Spider-Man #47. Harry's first close encounter with Spider-Man ...

In the comics, no one has done more to torment Spider-Man over the years than Norman Osborn. As Green Goblin, Osborn has murdered Gwen Stacy and threatened ...

Another is his insulting his son Harry, although he's guilty of that all the time.

6. The Cabal Versus The Illuminati

Norman Osborn YTP Norman Osborn is a womanizer YouTube


The sequence ends with the front page of a newspaper, sort of—it's very fake and unconvincing—that serves as a mechanism for exposition. From this we learn, ...

Harry Osborn-The Goblin Prince

History: Norman Osborn, the son of industrialist Ambrose Osborn, was born in New Haven, Connecticut. Although Ambrose was a brilliant student in the fields ...


A guide to the Spider-Man PS4 villains

Edge of Spider-Geddon

DiscussionNorman and Harry Osborn ...

The potential is clearly there for Norman Osborn to play a major role in the MCU going forward. And, with Thanos dealt with, now is the ideal time for ...

Norman Osborn

I wanted to single out the crazed look in Peter's eyes in the middle of the page. You could believe that this is a guy whose girlfriend was just murdered.

As Iron Patriot, Osborn changed the face of the Marvel universe. Wearing a stolen suit of Iron Man armor and leading a team of notably-nasty villains, ...

... Osborn Issue #1 #1 - English 3 ...

"Norman Osborn Runs this City"

Those are the main villains, but there are references to a number of different bad guys too. Take, for example, the comic book cover briefly seen in the ...

Amazing Spider-Man 136 cover. 10. Harry Osborn

Spider-Man Norman Osborn

But why is Marvel introducing their own version of Norman Osborn so important for it to be teased out over years? The answer is simple: because, ...

It is another part of the intractable enigma of Ditko's departure.

Our antagonist, Norman Osborn acquits himself well in this volume. As a corrupt businessman with delusions of grandeur, Osborn is as despicable as it gets.

Image: Marvel Comics

Getting to know the Goblin: examining the psyche of Norman Osborn and misconceptions about him

Mister Negative

Spider 1.jpg

Norman Osborn in film. Dafoe at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival in 2014.

Green Goblin by jokerlover94 on DeviantArt

Norman Osborn Norman Osborn is betrayed YouTube

He informs the fellow businessman to "take back what is [his]…". Norman is also featured briefly in X-Men #73 as a member of the Hellfire Club attending a ...

In Ultimate Spider-Man #22-23, the opening issues of the “Legacy” story arc, Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley, and Art Thibert show that Norman Osborn is ...

Art by Marcelo Ferreira. (Marvel Comics)

In the wake of the Skrull Invasion, Norman Osborn formed his own team of Avengers with government approval. These new Avengers were chosen because they had ...


Norman osborn.jpg Norman2.

[or a name change that Jessica Jones or Kingpin will see through the first time they glance in Parker's direction]

The 7 worst comic-book resurrection stories EVER

I'm sorry to say The Pulse, published bi-monthly, would have a run of just fourteen issues, taking us through the birth of Jessica's child before it closed ...

Edge of Spider-Geddon

Green Goblin, from the 2002 Spider-Man film.

Jason Isaacs as Norman Osborn? Credit: Marvel Comics & NBC

... version of Hobie Brown who takes up the Spider-Punk moniker to stand against the corrupt administration of his world's U.S. President, Norman Osborn.

Greta Thunberg Michael Gove

... of Osborn #2 ...

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) As a child, Norman was fixed on gaining wealth

The first six pages introduce Doctor Markus, Norman Osborn and Spider #42. Markus is apparently a capable, sought-after scientist of great accomplishment ...