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Our keratoconus community is now 12 years old Thanks to you today

Our keratoconus community is now 12 years old Thanks to you today


Our keratoconus community is now 12 years old! Thanks to you today our community is

Keratoconus is tough but so are you! #keratoconusgroup #keratoconus #keratokonus #queratocono #keratocone #cheratocono #ceratocone #corneatransplant ...

Our keratoconus community is now 12 years old! Thanks to you today our community is an essential destination for ker… | #KeratoconusGroup (Group Board) ...

My Fellow Keratoconus Warriors: Stay Strong, You Are Not Alone.

Essential Oils and Medication Contraindications

This was one of my most challenging cases of my career. ▫️12 year old

How much does Crosslinking for Keratoconus cost?

This patient was seen at our office today. He has keratoconus and has had both

Indeed, KERATOCONUS can be familial. Forme fruste keratoconus seen on one of the eyes

How far do you travel to see your eye doctor? #keratoconusgroup #Keratoconus #

Keratoconus: the Process of Acceptance and Control

The different types of contact lenses used in the management of keratoconus.


Join our Facebook Group to connect with 19,000 keratoconus patients and eye care professionals:

It is run by volunteers and is entirely self-funded from donations and sales of

example of how keratoconus affects your vision - Google Search

What was your first reaction when you found out that you have Keratoconus? You can

Keratoconus Group on Instagram: “Today is National Poetry Day! here is a beautiful poem by Rebecca Cherrington for her cornea donors. Thank you ...

Effects of collagen cross-linking on the keratoconus metabolic network | Eye

Keratoconus Group on Instagram: “Wow! our Facebook page has reached 10,000 likes! Thank you all for your continued support! Together, we are making a ...

2017 concludes the first full year of corneal crosslinking (CXL) as an FDA approved treatment to halt the progression of keratoconus.

This patient has advanced keratoconus and travelled three hours to visit our practice @villageeyecare.

Repeatability of corneal elevation maps in keratoconus patients using the tomography matching method | Scientific Reports

Keratoconus Group on Instagram: “Epithelial-on (epi-on) crosslinking in both eyes. Many thanks to Monica Ferro May (@moniesuz) for sharing her son's ...

Fundraiser goal met


Market Scenario: Keratoconus ...

Happy and healthy New Year from the Keratoconus Australia team. We wish you a safe holiday season and all the best with managing your keratoconus in the ...

Tune in TODAY 12pm PST to www.Facebook.com/LAeyedoc Fer your #Keratoconus treatment questions answered #KeratoconusAwareness #KeratoconusTreatment

Our reddit community has reached 3000 subscribers! A huge thanks to the reddit team for

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Posted @withrepost • @keratoconusgroup Don't swim or shower while wearing contact lenses

Results of Keratoconus Australia health rebate survey Keratoconus Australia recently conducted a survey of a random

If so, did it cover the cost of the contact lenses? My VSP insurance isn't eligible til next year. Would it be better if I just waited?

(In recognition of World Keratoconus Day, Dr.Deo Singh of the Ophthalmological Society of the West Indies shares a patient's guide to Keratoconus)

Keratoconus -history ...

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Always grateful to receive a review like this from a patient who was struggling with her keratoconus. I didn't realize we stayed late on a Friday but we ...

#Keratoconus #keratokonus #queratocono #keratocone #cheratocono #ceratocone #ophthalmology #optometry

In June 2013 I received an artificial cornea in my right eye. My now cornea specialist strongly recommended it because of the rejection.

To better help KC patients and their families, starting from June, we are going

(Diagram: Click here for extensive information about the condition on the National Keratoconus Foundation's website, and why Lezli sees this way.)

There are no comparative control group and no data regarding contrast sensitivity, contact lens intolerance, or qualitative outcomes.

What products do you use daily because of keratoconus? Share with us in the comments

This means people with keratoconus face a lifetime of optometric and medical treatment for vision loss

This patient has keratoconus and was referred to our office to improve his vision beyond the

Do you believe Dr Blaze is Awesome?! Let #NKCF

Did you know Corneal Cross-Linking for Keratoconus is done right here in our Peabody

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... OD of Northeastern Eye Institute in Scranton, PA and Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, MD of Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island, NY. To read more about them, ...

$130 I don t understand how my insurance can cover me if I jump off a

The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute, PA

Can the 'rugby ball' shape of anyone else's eye be seen by others? This is my right eye (my worst eye) and I think it looks pretty obviously misshapen.

Dear Keratoconus, This is how I feel about you.

Dr Blaze has been named one of #NKCF 's top doctors of 2018!

Keratoconus Australia Inc held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 6 pm at Suite 1302, Level 13, 9 Yarra St, South Yarra VIC 3141.

What is Keratoconus?

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This patient has a corneal graft secondary to his #keratoconus. He sees 20/

There is currently a much higher level of research on keratoconus with world collaboration on the possible causes, prevention and management of the ...

It was a pleasure to help this patient improve her vision. Our practice is committed

Imaging Keratoconus

... apparent misalignment; 60.

Know your options to improve your #Keratoconus - based on your specific condition? We offer complimentary #KERATOCONUS RECORD REVIEWS to people anywhere in ...

Keratoconus is a rare condition of the eye in which the tiny fibers of protein in the eye, called collagen, become weak and are unable to hold the shape of ...

Dr Blaze has been named one of #NKCF 's top doctors of 2018!

Scan so perfect it looks fake.....but it's not. From

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Topics already covered at these information seminars include Beyond diagnosis of keratoconus Parenting and keratoconus Contact

... Activity Tissue Degradation; 14.

A litte more about cross-linking: “Collagen cross-linking is a quite recent medical procedure that employs the use of ultra-violet light and drops to help ...

The Trials and Tribulations of Keratoconus

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Keratoconus Australia is looking for people with keratoconus or families of children with keratoconus to tell their stories of how they manage their day to ...

James Caffrey, whose vision was saved from keratoconus by corneal cross-linking, sits

To better help keratoconus patients and their families, starting from June, we are going

If your plan does not cover the procedure, or even if it does, you should work with your eye surgeon before you schedule CXL to understand your financial ...

My lenses are valuable to me, as an

Avellino Lab @Avellinolab_USA


I know what you're thinking - 'wow that is a terrible contact lens

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Brian Boxer Wachler, M.D., the “Godfather of Keratoconus” and director of the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Los ...

Right Eye

(Confocal microscopy, central cornea from a 16 years old patient with normal CECs and keratoconus) (B) The ...


Great to have our article on keratoconus and its treatments published in the NZ doctor magazine. #eyes #doctor #vision #keratoconus #cornea #eye

The point of my posting these photos is to warn you of the risk of additional complications from this elective procedure.