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Private ForProfit Prisons Where Human Beings are Inventory

Private ForProfit Prisons Where Human Beings are Inventory


Private Prisons Profit From Immigration Crackdown, Federal And Local Law Enforcement Partnerships | HuffPost

Herding human beings for money?

CCA spokesman Mike Machak acknowledges that immigrant detention “has been an important part of our business since our inception,” but adds that the company ...

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Senator Sander's progressive organization tweeted, as the private prison industry saw a dramatic drop in

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Why are for-profit US prisons subjecting detainees to forced labor?

The profits ...

(New York, NY) — Today, New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer and the Trustees of the New York City Pension Funds announced that New York City has ...

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Private, For-Profit Prisons: Where Human Beings are Inventory

We are alarmed that if Sessions were confirmed as attorney general, the private ...

In this photo taken June 21, 2017, detainees walk in a hallway at the


Immigrant crime rate graph

In 2005 alone, CCA spent a record $4 million lobbying the federal government, more than Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo combined.

Another company, Corizon Health, has paid out millions of dollars in settlements, including a record $8.3 million settlement in 2015 for a detainee who died ...

Banking on Bondage: Private Prisons and Mass Incarceration | American Civil Liberties Union

Prison Cell Bars - Black and White

Private prisons are bad policy, but they're not to blame for Oklahoma's incarceration problem

Inside Private Prisons: An American Dilemma in the Age of Mass Incarceration: Lauren-Brooke Eisen: 9780231179706: Amazon.com: Books

A Brief History of America's Private Prison Industry. “

Outsourcing America Exposed map by Mark Fiore for CMD

A guard escorts a detainee at a facility in Adelanto, CA, run by the

Big Money As Private Immigrant Jails Boom

Beyond Racism, Immigrant Mass Detention Is All About Profit

Inmates at Louisiana State Prison in Angola, La., march down a dusty trail

How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about

The ACLU Is at the UN Tomorrow to Testify on the Horrific Human Rights Record of US Private Prison Companies

Medical neglect is killing U.S. prisoners

Jailing Americans for Profit: The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex | HuffPost

The Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility in Tutwiler, Miss., on Aug. 16,

Right Now – Human Rights in Australia

Eloy Detention Center

Are Private Prison Companies Using Forced Labor?

Trump and Sessions

For Private Prisons, Detaining Immigrants Is Big BusinessFor Private Prisons, Detaining Immigrants Is Big Business

Trump's link to private prisons proves why Citizens United must go

But CoreCivic's Roots Lie in the Brutal Past of America's Prisons.

1of3Business is booming for GEO Group, a prison company whose holdings include the Joe Corley Detention Facility in Conroe.

Corrections Corporation of America private detention center in Elizabeth, New Jersey. (AP Photo / Mel Evans)

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Corrections Corporation of America Logo Private Prison Company

A 19th century engraving reprinted in a book depicts an African American man in shackles and

Why are for-profit US prisons subjecting detainees to forced labor? | Azadeh Shahshahani | Opinion | The Guardian

Who has most to gain from Trump's immigration policies? Private prisons.

My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones Investigation – Mother Jones

... CEOs and bankers will find some way to get away with this, but wasn't congressional insider trading supposed to be stopped in 2012 with the STOCK Act? ...

Private Prisons Were Thriving Even Before Trump Was Elected

An Ex-Con Takes Aim at Multibillion-Dollar Private Prisons

As communities resists ICE, private prison operators make a killing

Download the PDF version of "Payoff: How Congress Ensures Private Prison Profit with an Immigrant Detention Quota"

Private Prison

The reason for turning penitentiaries over to companies was similar to states' justifications for using private prisons today: prison populations were ...

Public Objective and Private Incentives

Who's Getting Rich off the Prison-Industrial Complex?

(Prison Policy Initiative)

Fatal Corrections

Number of prisoners[edit]

The front gate is pictured at the Taconic Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills, New York

Private prisons are California political players - Capitol Weekly | Capitol Weekly | Capitol Weekly: The Newspaper of California State Government and ...

Update: Columbia University divesting from private prison companies. Why other schools should too.

... to run the prisons themselves for costs around $30 to $60 per bed, per day. This began what we know today as the for-profit, PRIVATE PRISON INDUSTRY.

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Inside Private Prisons: An American Dilemma in the Age of Mass Incarceration: Lauren-Brooke Eisen: 9780231179706: Amazon.com: Books

The nation's largest private prisons operator is based in Florida. And profits are up | Miami Herald

CoreCivic, Geo Group, both Trump campaign contributors, have become more reliant on ICE revenue in recent years

Early history[edit]

(Compiled ...

Yet year after year, the private prison industry and its stockholders have made billions off of this human misery.

I Worked In A Private Prison — They Are A Cancer On American Society


An employee selects goods from bays of merchandise as he processes customer orders at the Amazon

3of3The Corley center will be soon joined by a second facility, which will make Conroe host to the nation's largest immigrant detention complex.

Profiting Off Mass Incarceration: Detroit Pistons Owner Buys Private Prison Phone Company

Sunshine state dysfunction. Prisoners of Profit

Welcome to your virtual cell: could you survive solitary confinement?

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription generated with very high confidence

The Corrections Corporation of America, by the Numbers

A sign opposing the Geo Group, the private contractor that operates the Northwest Detention Center, hangs on a fence outside the facility in Tacoma, Wash., ...

Is 'Doing Time' Money for Private Prisons?

America's Private-Prison Industry Has Always Been All Right

Trump Prison Quote

A man imprisoned in Texas talks to his son via video screen during a family visit in 2015. (AP / David J. Phillip)

Is 'Doing Time' Money for Private Prisons?

GEO revenue 08-12.jpg

DOJ: Private prisons are more dangerous than government prisons — for inmates and guards

By 2006, executives at both CCA and GEO Group were boasting of substantially improved prospects.