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Rare picture of finnish soldiers putting up the finnish flag after

Rare picture of finnish soldiers putting up the finnish flag after



Kenraalimajuri, Mannerheim-ristin ritari Einar Vihma (1893-1944).

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German World War 2 Colour Finnish Soldiers With Skulls On Their Helmets

Finnish soldier Continuation War - pin by Paolo Marzioli

On an icy field with mountains in the distance, a group of Finnish soldiers on

Finnish Army m/36 main battle uniform (winter version)

PICTURE: Two Finnish Civil War era Jaeger-officer uniform versions. Both uniforms are for Jaeger-Lieutenant (or Senior Lieutenant before April of 1918), ...

Soldiers carry a wounded man on a path.

Men of the Finnish Waffen-SS returning home in 1943. (Wikimedia/Creative

PICTURE: Two Finnish officer's uniforms from circa 1918 - 1919. The brown-grey 2nd Lieutenant's on the left is a rare example of uniform made to fit for ...

Finnish, Nazi German and Swedish flags flying side by side in front of the Finnish Olympic Stadium, during the three countries' athletic games in Helsinki ...

The Atholl Highlanders

A Soviet (left) and a Finnish officer comparing their watches on 4 September 1944 at Vyborg

The Finnish flag has come a long way since the first Finnish proto-flag was introduced in 1848. This picture introduces nine selected flag designs from over ...

Looking out toward approaching aircraft with binoculars and listening with a huge acoustic locator.

facts about finland

News about cease-fire between Finland and Soviets have reached frontlines and Finnish soldier is waving towards soviets lines.

Gideon Bolotowsky, left, is a former leader of Finnish Jewry. His late father, Sholom, is shown wearing a German-made uniform and holding a Finnish machine ...

A Finnish armored train.

finnish soldiers raising finland flag wwii - pin by Paolo Marzioli

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Despite the difference in the size of the two armies, the Finns put up a good fight, mainly because they were better acclimatised and better prepared than ...

It's rare to find a birthday party or anniversary celebration that doesn't include Dannebrog, indicating that Danes feel very personally connected to the ...

Construction Review: Finnish Tank Crew

62-year-old Finnish-American volunteer soldier Hyvönen going to the front, in Mikkeli, Finland, on September 4, 1941.

Customs insignia

Banner of Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS

Finland Banner.jpg

Partisans attack village.jpg

War waged by the Soviet Union against Finland at the start of World War II, following the signing of the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact.


A preview into Finland…

The Saltier the Licorice, the Happier the Country. Just Look at Finland.

Finland jets monitor Russian fighters on border flights

Image is loading Russian-WWII-Propaganda-Cartoon-Fascist-Dog-Finnish-Guards-

Caption in Das ist Suomi: “The Finnish man guards the border between the east and the west on the fjells of the North”; original caption: “A guard on the ...


What was the Winter War?

A close-up soft focus photo of a stack of bright red reports are on

The Origin and Meaning of Finnish Surnames

The Russian military said there was no violation of Finnish airspace.

Suojeluskuntas in the 1920's

Finland Flag Fleece Blanket 5 ft x 4.2 ft. Finnish Throw Cover Siniristilippu Finlands flagga

As of the start of July, Finnish immigration officials will have six-month deadlines to examine asylum applications. Right now, there are still hundreds of ...

Police investigators ...

Flag of Finland (Suomen lippu)

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks on Arctic policy at the Lappi Areena in Rovaniemi, Finland May 6, 2019. (Mandel Ngan / Pool via Reuters)

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10 Finnish contributions to culture

1952 Press Photo Finnish soldiers raise the US flag at Olympic Village, Finland

FILE PHOTO: A woman walks past Finland's Parliament house in Helsinki, Finland July 16, 2018. REUTERS/Ints Kalnins

Check Out This Interesting Video Showing Finnish Air Force F/A-18C/D Hornet MLU 2 Jets Carrying JASSM, JSOW and JDAM air-to-ground weapons – The Aviationist

The front at the end of Finnish offensive operations in December 1941. There would be little movement of the lines until the Soviet offensive in the Summer ...

Finnish Independence day celebrations at Tamperetalo, 2013.

26 Amazing Facts About Finland's Unorthodox Education System

PICTURE: Group of Finnish soldiers wearing unusual transitional era uniforms. The soldier on the left is already wearing what may be a normal military ...

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Construction Review: MiniArt's 1/35th scale Finnish Tank Crew

Europe :: Finland Print. Area comparison map

Arlene Tervakoski (in apron), Jean Lindblad, Anja Laurik and Anja Vikkila attend ceremonies at Finland House to mark the centennial of Finland's ...

Finnish infantry loaded onto transport in the port of Oulu for landing in Tornio, 1944

North Korean soldiers (far) watch the south side as senior members (front) of the United Nations Command pose for a souvenir photo after attending a ...

In honour of Minna Canth and Equality Day on 19 March, Yle has put together a list of figures that shed a light on contemporary gender issues in Finland .

Sometimes it sounds like a language of a fantasy story. For example the difference between some words in Finland, compared to that from other countries:

Old Karelian man blowing a traditional birch bark horn in Eastern Karelia. Photograph: SA-kuva 91968; Lieutenant R. Ruponen, Himjoki 1942.

Finland Tie - Inspired by the Finnish Flag with Personalized Tag. 100% Woven Silk. Finnish Tie. Finland Necktie.

A soldier with a pack Reindeer, on slippery ice, near the tiny village of Nautsi, in northern Lapland, Finland, on October 26, 1941.

Map showing the island of Säkilot in the Turku Archipelago / Credit: Google Maps

35 Fascinating Facts About Finland

Western use of the swastika in the early 20th century

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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo leaves the stage after speaking on Arctic policy at the Lappi Areena in Rovaniemi, Finland May 6, 2019.

Midsummer in Finland is also known as Finnish Flag Day; the civilian flag is flown from 6 pm on Midsummer's eve to 9 pm on Midsummer's day, symbolizing that ...

New Finnish government plans to study possibility of NATO membership (photo: Photodeus)

Wary of Russia, Finns take another look at NATO

Vintage wall flag of Finland - Stock Image

Ten Reasons We Can't, and Shouldn't, Be Nordic

President Trump, right, holds a joint news conference with President Sauli Niinisto of Finland, left, on August, 28, 2017 in Washington, DC.

During Swedish rule, the Finnish customs administration did not have a specific emblem or logo. Very often, the crown symbol was used. In the 1700s ...

Lt.-Col. Yuriy Gorlis-Gorsky, Ukrainian independence fighter, political leader

Finland stabbings treated as terror attack, suspect 'targeted women'

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks on Arctic policy at the Lappi Areena in Rovaniemi

Backpack 202

Finnish soldiers Talvisota. See more. Rare colorized photo of CGE Mannerheim at his 75th birthday. June, 4, 1942

Figure 4. Post war Finland in ...