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Recycled coolness Cosplay Sculpture Used tires Art

Recycled coolness Cosplay Sculpture Used tires Art


Tire Lion.. Sculpture Metal, Lion Sculpture, Art Sculptures, Art Installations,

tire art images - Bing images Bicycle Tires, Fantasy Armor, Dark Fantasy, Affordable

Just a tire mountain goat. Trash Art, Korean Artist

Cool Tire Uses. Rubber TiresRecycled ArtRecycled TiresReuse Old ...

Tire sculpture by Yong Ho Ji Tire Art, Tyres Recycle, Ji Yong, Animal

Sculptures made from recycled old tires

When this rhino charges does he burnout? Old Tires, Art Society, Animals Images

Used tire art | Oddity Central

Made by tires Reuse Old Tires, Recycled Tires, Tire Playground, Tire Chairs,

Recycled Tire Sculptures by Yong Ho Ji 18 Mythical Creatures, Amazing Art, Recycled Tires

Romero Betsabeé is a Mexican artist specializing in re-purposing automotive bits as art. His carved tires are especially interesting, not only because they ...

Tire Carving Recycled Art, Recycled Materials, Repurposed, Artist Bio, Hand Carved,

... sculpture, and painting and in a wide range of styles – how capitalism has driven societies to perceive progress as a (de)construction and to understand ...

Agostino Iacurci – Through his work with synthetic forms and bright colors, by means of an essential language, Agostino Iacurci is able to manage multiple ...

All work and no play is actually inefficient in the grander scheme of life.

@National Portrait Gallery

(Source Photos: Andy Blumenthal, Source Video: Dossy Blumenthal)

Most Amazing Sculpture

Two minutes later, two old 26inch diameter wheels were fished out the skip. Blinking marvellous.

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde creates ephemeral water vapor sculptures (you know, clouds!) in places you normally wouldn't find them, like inside churches ...

You can see a real Picasso sculpture in Vondelpark. I'm always surprised that no hooligans have ever taken a can of spray paint to it.

Chandra Garsson

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Cemetery of the Fallen is also the first premium set to use new packaging that displays the content inside. You can see both the packaging and a sample set ...

We love these bags as they use materials that have a great nostalgic link, and make advantage of their strength, colour, waterproof nature and hard wearing ...

Chief Critic

Strange Signatures 3.JPG

The winning entry at Texas Sand Sculpture Festival, 2019

Meet your robotic golf caddie, 'Tempo Walk' — Future Blink

If you want to see even more of the mansion, the rooftop tour is pretty cool. I can't believe those gargoyles!

This is the most amazing sculpture that I have ever seen.

The ...

Hallmark Cards probably thinks it has secured coolness with Fresh Ink, its new line of bizarre and unconventional cards similar to the ones independent gift ...

About - Jewels of Taino Art Presented by VICINI


Charlotte Bydler

Transmetropolitan ...


Democrats and Democracy

... Roger Corman's plans to film a ...


(I failed to locate the one where he used glass and stone … internet is full of his tables combining the two.)

John Outterbridge_6

Picture of Adding Wood Burning Features

Self-abandon, the body's surrender starts on the edges: the ankles and knees give way, the hands hang dumb and senseless, the neck is broken into an ...

Ebola Has Arrived



Richard John Jones: I work primarily with textiles and performance and where these intersect, for example when a textile work becomes a costume, or the body ...

Interview with an Influencer

Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde creates ephemeral water vapor sculptures (you know, clouds!) in places you normally wouldn't find them, like inside churches ...

The most famous face in sci-fi? The alien mask from Alien (1986


From Victoria's Secret to colorful art renditions, medieval metal, and cross-dressing on the neighborhood corner.

Mon 25 Mar

... Raúl de Nieves' instantly recognizable shoes, masks, and humanoid figures are at once fantastical, desirous art pieces, yet remain relatable and human.


Huge schedule of events for Wellington this summer

Stone Faces Hide The Heart

... 1911, Poiret outed his Eastern obsession with a bang, inviting three hundred guests to what he dubbed “The Thousand and Second Night” costume party.

Graffiti on a wall along Tehran's Vali-asr Street, in protest to mandatory hijab ...



That's it for this week. Next time we'll look at the final six figures in the set and the last piece of set dressing, including one of the most requested ...

... labels and the didactic panels (something I normally do to remember the things I have seen—normally artwork). Curator...Museum educator...Archaeologist.

... penetrating eyes and Dali sculpted this piece that is similar to a sculpture of Nut in ancient times with a circle missing from her reproductive area.

Using some 300 carving tools, many of them made in the Old World, he wrought from oak, pine, cypress, walnut, and mesquite an endless variety of ...

Stay inside or perish, 2016

User-uploaded image for Mt Tabor Coffee Outside

Jürgen Baumann, Holey Mountain, 2017

Yes, that's literal cave art about Hitler. This image is of a Nazi coming back injured. Translation: you're losing the war!


Bee in the City

The great wiring of the light bulbs with electrical energy technology they harnessed.

スポット情報:大島山瑠璃寺の春祭り 長野県|南信州|田舎自然ポータルサイト「ぶらっぷ」

______ Andy (Avraham) Blumenthal ______ Thoughts On Leadership, Technology, Life And Faith

My BFFs IMG_2263

Laser Engraved Coolness | 1001 Recycling Ideas ! | Scoop.it

I will lull and rock my ailing light in my marble arms #1, 2017

Danäid, 1889, Auguste Rodin (source)

Corrigan took it literally and you suddenly see this big claw come up and he lifts the [monster mask's] head ...


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... College of Marin, Marin Civic Center, Finley Art Center in Santa Rosa, CA, Treasure Island, Richmond Art Center, and Expressions Gallery in Berkeley, ...

This custom shop built a one-of-a-kind motorcycle for BMW

The childlike, soft soles turn outward, giving up balancing, they tumble the way the hem of the dress falls: living flesh and lifeless matter fold onto one ...


(Source Photos: Andy Blumenthal)

... Ceremonial Ball Game Yoke cistern cistern ...

... by the moon in its restless journey, its cool light skimming over that rumbling sea like a flickering shell tossed absently across the waters of time.

... what set-ups he ...


He is currently working on a recycling sculpture for a man who works for an environmental agency. German Expressionist painters and woodcut artists are his ...


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