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Roelf Daling roelfdaling on t

Roelf Daling roelfdaling on t



Roelf Daling

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Roelf Daling ( @roelfdaling )

BirdLife SA recruited artist Roelf Daling to create the clay model which was then used as a mould the decoys.Photo C Hagen

Images & Videos posted by Roelf Daling (@roelfdaling)

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Roelf Daling ( @roelfdaling ) Glitch penguin 2. Taxidermied penguin->photogrammetry-

... arkivhalland - Anna-Lena Nilsson - Finbesök! Konstprojekt inom Arts inside out gör ljudinspelning

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Roelf Daling ( @roelfdaling ) Me taking the flow reading off the Neuston net(


Roelf Daling • 12 Pins

Still bogging the minds of so many children and their parents. We call it the

... roelfdaling - Roelf Daling - The visual arts and crafts team for #artsinsideout 2016!

Roelf Daling ( @roelfdaling ) After maybe a bit to long holiday I'm

Yolane Bayards

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... roelfdaling - Roelf Daling - Meet the #artsinsideout2017 team! So good to be back

Roelf Daling • 12 Pins

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... heathersmusical - Heathers Musical - Dinner with the #HeathersMusical Off-Broadway cast? You

Roelf Daling ( @roelfdaling ) This is what a sample of meso plastics looks like

Roelf Daling • 16 Pins

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Seth Matroos ( @sethmatroos )

... ezra_bloom - Ezra Bloom - Proud to call these gentlemen my friends, collaborators, and

Spring is coming... #greenwalls #skyflor #highperformanceconcrete facades already 4 years

What a great night with @clarefgidd at the State Library for the book launch of

Roelf Daling • 6 Pins

Students in the #ConcreteFurniture Design Intersession spent today designing and cutting out the legs of their Bucket stool ...

In the studio with my beautiful client @teresacutter_healthychef a woman who exudes wellness and genuinely

Erdmann Contemporary ( @erdmanngallery )

Kobus Lessing ( @kobus.lessing )

Roelf Daling ( @roelfdaling ) Another zooplankton beauty! The Sapphirina is a copepod that

... roelfdaling - Roelf Daling - The firepit scene during the final play! It all came

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STEPHAN DU TOIT Photos in @dutoit_toit Instagram Account

Anja Cavanagh

Students in the #ConcreteFurniture Design Intersession spent today designing and cutting out the legs of their Bucket stool ...

Александр Глухов

Jurgens Johannes Burger Photos in @jurgens_burger Instagram Account

Speechless #passionateonpurpose #sablogger🇿🇦 #womenempoweringwomen #celebratingwomen #girlpower #businesswomenontherise #

... roelfdaling - Roelf Daling - A still clean working table in our stage craft class with

Installed camera trap. Photo Christina Hagen.

Brian Roelofs - brianjroelofs

Milkshakes all round!!! 🍧 ⠀

Trevor Watson (@playtestmake) | Instagram photos and videos Furniture Plans, System Furniture

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Jaco Hanekom ( @1_jaco_hanekom )

... jawanjackson4 - Jawan M. Jackson - #artsINSIDEOUT #SouthAfrica teaching

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Bertus Lombard

Sharing all the cheeky fun 🙊⠀ ⠀ #cheeky #fun #joy #celebrate

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Toy Spot Educational Toys

Roelf Daling • 36 Pins

The penguin decoy on site in De Hope Nature Reserve. Photo Christina Hagen

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Smart Art

Self reflection into the unknown, the moment of absolute gratitude for those before me.


#Holocene_Collection #benkennedyfurn #designindaba #designindaba2019 #bespokefurniture #bespokefurnituredesign #timber #steel

JC Vermaak ( @jcv105 )

... themfatale - River - Making a beautiful mess! @riegerdt #artsinsideout

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Roelf Daling ( @roelfdaling )

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Codie Roelf, from Cape Town

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_K A L E I D O S C O P T I K_ After a long period imersed on cyanotypes and its whole range of possibilities

Jase T ( @t_jase )

A última edição da revista Sul Africana, @artafrica_mag entre vários conteúdos interessantes, trás

Decoys on site. Suplied Christina Hagen. The organisation recruited artist Roelf Daling ...

Leighton T. James

Roelf Daling @roelfdaling. Dromia Photos in @dromiamusic Instagram Account

From a 1:50, 3D printed version to a full-scale helical staircase

This #dining #table is hand crafted from wood #concrete and #steel. #concrete #furniture #concretefurniture #steelfurniture #concretetable #steeltable ...

... evantoddhere - Evan Todd - Thank you @BCEFA for everything you do for #artsinsideout

Deploying #Manta at station 93.90; Manta is a #neuston net, meaning it

Anja Scheepers

Melissa West

More trippy photography, swipe to see the 2 pics used (with filters added of

@andyphorever · AndyPhorever

It's been a week since I was shooting @ict_artfair and I'm finally recovered

High Strength Concrete versus High Performance Concrete #HighStrengthConcrete and #HighPerformanceConcrete are not synonymous because

Roelf Daling • 36 Pins

The security fence. Photo Andrew de Blocq.


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Supermooi dronefilm van de upgrading #baljuwstraat https://www.youtube.com

JC Vermaak ( @jcv105 )

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