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Roughly 60000 dogs are confined to cages in US laboratories

Roughly 60000 dogs are confined to cages in US laboratories


Harvey, a beagle used in the lethal Paredox Therapeutics study, sits In his stainless

“No wire floors,” Pennsylvania appellate court tells dog breeders – Animals 24-7

Taking Suffering Out of Science

beagle in cage

China's growing animal rights movement is making its voice heard | South China Morning Post

Roughly 60,000 dogs are confined to cages in U.S. laboratories. Their lives are filled with

Vicolo Doria, Rome, October 2014

» Good natured Staffordshire Terrier is a family dog, has zero aggression – KLEWThe Doggy Blogger

Modern Dog Winter 2016

Dogs Are STILL Being Experimented On for No Reason. Roughly 60,000 dogs are confined to cages in U.S. laboratories.

Rescue video

Behind the Locked Doors of U.S. and French Dog Laboratories

Chris and James have already wrapped up when I get back. They are talking to the volunteers. I walk into the trailer and notice that the dog in the cage ...

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Worker holding lab beagle before he is euthanized

38 dogs impounded from home of Coachella woman who allegedly dumped 7 puppies next to dumpster

Here are the do's and dont's of dog grooming. – KEYTThe Doggy Blogger

Jenny the puppy met a horrible end when she was reportedly locked in a crate and

Priest Gets a New Doghouse

How To Safely Fly With Your Dog

Dog Law Reporter

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Low Platelet Count in Dogs


This is my favorite part of the trip so far, just because I love dogs. It's been my only real chance to interact with any of them. I can't control the first ...

Undercover investigation by The Humane Society of the United States reveals abused tigers whipped and hit at circuses Tigers used in Carden Circus suffered ...

(From www.citizensagainstpuppymills.org)

The first leg of our trip takes us about an hour and a half east on I-40 to Knoxville. Most of the ride goes by in a haze, and I'm still groggy ...

Puppies snuggling looking outside of their chain link fence

NC dogfighting rescue dog

Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases of Rabbits - Exotic and Laboratory Animals - Veterinary Manual

Emaciated dog abandoned by side of road in Wyndham Vale

Image for ewan mackintosh's LinkedIn activity called Animal Cruelty nets N.B. Man One Year in Jail

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» Students join 4 Paws for Ability to help train service dogs at Illinois – Daily IlliniThe Doggy Blogger

Tell Etsy to Ban Fur From Its Website!

The date of this prospectus is April 2, 2014.


... where someone is going to be charged with animal cruelty,” he said. “If you've seen different stages of animals dying, they won't be left there, ...

Dual-Hazard Blast and Seismic Behavior of Concrete-Filled Double-Skin Steel Tubes Bridge Pier | Journal of Structural Engineering | Vol 143, No 12

Scared of Pit Bulls? You'd Better Be!

A dog was reportedly starved and neglected to the point of near death. Open wounds

Via dell' Independza, Bologna, October 2014

dogs deserve better » vegan daemon. «

The majority of medical schools in the United States have abolished dog labs from their curricula. Columbia, Harvard, Stanford and Yale all introduce ...

Why the Idea of Killing Sharks to Make Waters Safer Is Absurd

RSPCA Victoria special investigation into dog breeders

Stop University of Washington's Plans to Stage PTSD Mouse Cage Fights!

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IMAGE: The dogs arrived to Seattle's Boeing Field on Wednesday, Aug. 30.

It interferes with real rescue and we won't engage in it. Here for your viewing pleasure is Chompers on transport to us.

US ...


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Life is grim at Hong Kong EcoPark say welfare groups, but park says authorities have no problem with conditions | South China Morning Post

Image for ewan mackintosh's LinkedIn activity called At the West LA Animal Shelter we have Choc

(From www.citizensagainstpuppymills.org)

Action Alerts | PETA

Via dell' Independenzia, Bologna, October 2014

Siavash ...

Background Radiation Has Increased By 600 To 60,000 Percent Globally, State By State In USA - 0 Before Nuclear Age, 1 mSv In 1950 To Over 6 mSv Today; ...


Spent an hour with Dr. Meagher at the surgical laboratory. He has -beea having a most successful year with experimental work on the hypothalamus

A judge has ruled that Jake (left) be declared a dangerous dog and euthanized, while Buddy (right) must be housed under strict conditions after both ...

Want to Help Elephants? These PETA Action Alerts Are Perfect for You

Nine dogs get off here, and two get on. P.E.T.S. also transports dogs from the North that people want to get to the South, mostly when people are moving.

In a fantastic outcome for animal welfare, RSPCA Victoria prosecutors secured criminal convictions in two cases of animal cruelty at Sunshine Magistrate's ...

Here's our rescue sweetie dogs. ...

Fact Sheet & References - Dominion Movement - Animal rights documentary DOMINION | We Will Rise Together

Why do female dogs hump - Nick Hof is on Animal Radio

Birds' instinctive yearning to fly is thwarted when they are confined to a cage. Even in a large aviary, it is virtually impossible to provide birds in ...

small brown dog looking at the camera

... have endured a week of fear and trauma and observers see more ...

Specialized Search Dog (SSD) Taz, a Black Labrador Retriever, finds explosives during war. Photo-Camp Pendleton


Gentle Hands Pet Sitting & Dog Walking a partagé une publication.

» Pet dogs in city buildings pose a challenge for service dogs, trainers say – WEAUThe Doggy Blogger

A handful of animal advocates handed out leaflets to raised awareness of experiments on dogs used

Taking Suffering Out of Science | The Humane Society of the United States

Ask Starbucks to Stop Charging Extra for Vegan Milk!

Dog seized by city and sold on eBay

In the past I had used estimated approximately 60,000 primates as the population in laboratories in the U.S. However, this number dealt only with animals ...

Angus is one of the dogs West Kelowna resident Lorinda Shmyr was hoping to adopt.

Homeless Person with Dog in New York City, April 2016 (courtesy R. Keats)

Let's End Experiments on Animals at Colleges and Universities

Libre, clockwise from top right at rescue, in rehab, and recently. (

A beloved deaf dog was skinned and mutilated in a malicious act of animal cruelty.

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Paws in Prison gives dogs, inmates and owners a new leash on life

... followed by The Dirty Chef . 01 eng JFM 2.1 12 TVF 20 ethics of eating meat;meat;vegetarian;vegan;ethics;carnivore;farming;intensive farming ...

Life is grim at Hong Kong EcoPark say welfare groups, but park says authorities have no problem with conditions | South China Morning Post

The nuclear industry loves to keep everyone in the dark, because if the truth were known, the nuclear industry would be shut down today.