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Satellite images confirm global warming is heating the planet by

Satellite images confirm global warming is heating the planet by


A composite image of the Western hemisphere of the Earth. Credit: NASA

Earth's surface heating up, Nasa study confirms

9 questions about climate change you were too embarrassed to ask

A 'skin temperature' test taken by a satellite has confirmed global warming

NASA Satellite Study Confirms Global Warming Trends

Global Climate Change: What You Need to Know

New evidence suggests one of the most important climate change data sets is getting the right answer.

Guest post: Why natural cycles only play small role in rate of global warming

The Earth is heating up (Getty)

NASA: Earth's poles are tipping thanks to climate change

Illustration of the Earth, half normal and half without water. This could represent the

Key currents of the Atlantic ocean's overturning circulation.

Climate Time Machine

2018 Was the 4th Hottest Year on Record. Here's How NASA Knows.

The Arctic Ocean is expected to become essentially ice free in summer before mid-century

Data shows warming at the poles may be happening more rapidly than previously thought

A man standing in front of a large balloon depicting the Earth (picture-alliance

2015 Global Temperatures

Why looking at Earth from above is our most critical space mission

warming world

Global warming report, an 'ear-splitting wake-up call' warns UN chief | UN News

Temperature difference from normal in 2014 from NASA.

International report confirms Earth is hot and getting hotter

Earth energy budget diagram, with incoming and outgoing radiation (values are shown in W

One satellite data set is underestimating global warming

Guest post: Why natural cycles only play small role in rate of global warming

Antarctic surface temperature trends. Red represents areas where temperatures have increased the most during the last 50 years, particularly in West ...

Let me be clear right off the top: global warming is real. There is vastly overwhelming evidence for it and scientific consensus about it, ...

NASA researchers confirm global warming trends with satellite data


Humanity may be nearing the point of no return for climate action, according to new study

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A veil of stratospheric sulfate aerosols circles the Earth in the months following the massive 1991

The sky reflects a portion of this radiation, the rest is absorbed by the Earth and is eventually released again as thermal radiation.

Satellite measurements of outgoing longwave radiation

The Earth's rising temperature has been visualised via satellite 'skin' surface maps that confirm

Past climate has varied enormously on a variety of time-scales

Venus May Once Have Been a Garden Planet

GRACE Mission Data Contributes to Our Understanding of Climate Change

Cloud patterns are shifting skyward and poleward, adding to global warming

As oceans rapidly warm because of climate change, an urgent need to improve hurricane forecasts

Evidence for Climate Change

State of the Climate in 2018 shows accelerating climate change impacts | World Meteorological Organization

GRACE Mission Data Contributes to Our Understanding of Climate Change - UT News - UT News

New satellite data confirm real world temperature cooler than climate models

IPCC climate change report calls for urgent action to phase out fossil fuels – as it happened

California issued health warnings in early August as smoke from record wildfires darkened the skies and

The skin map derived solely from satellite data (left) showed a warming pattern (

NASA AIRS Infrared satellite climate data, and El Nino cycles

Why the Paris talks won't prevent 2 degrees of global warming

(a) Satellite-derived (MODIS instrument on Terra and Aqua satellites) land surface temperature anomaly during April 2016 in the Mainland Southeast Asia ...

Total Earth Heat Content from Church et al. (2011)

NASA currently has more than a dozen Earth science spacecraft/instruments in orbit studying all

TESS telescope

July's wildfires and record heat waves

Study: Melting sea ice major cause of warming in Arctic

The satellite twins GRACE with the Earth's ...

Science insurgents plot a climate model driven by artificial intelligence | Science | AAAS

UAH Global Temperature Update for May, 2019: +0.32 deg. C

The Zhangheng-1, a Chinese electromagnetic surveillance satellite, collects data from orbit with

Climate of Mars

Global average temperature anomalies for March 2019 compared to the 1951-1980 average.

The planet's temperature is rising

The global heat wave as seen by satellites, airplanes, and weather stations

July heat: Global warming or summer?

How Will Climate Change Affect the United States in Decades to Come? - Eos

To grasp the significance of global warming, and to confirm its connection to human activity, you have to know how climate has changed in the past.

gulf stream

Cooling: New Met Office world data shows a big fall from heat spike caused by

2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics 2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics

The resulting 2016 annual average global temperature anomaly is +0.50 deg. C, which is (a statistically insignificant) 0.02 deg. C warmer than 1998 at +0.48 ...

A collage of typical climate and weather-related events: heatwaves, drought, hurricanes

Climate Change and the Antarctic

Earth Day affirmation: New satellite data confirms Earth is warming and possibly at a faster pace

Study: Why troposphere warming differs between models and satellite data

IPCC warns that "unprecedented changes in all aspects of society" are needed to combat global warming

Figure 34.11: Human Influence on the Greenhouse Effect ...


The global climate 2011-2015: heat records and high impact weather

Climate change sets the world on fire


Global sea level in 2016 compared to the 1993-2016 average. NOAA Climate.gov graphic, adapted from Figure 3.16a in State of the Climate in 2016.

GLOBAL WARMING SOLVED? Plans to DIM Sun by releasing CHEMICALS into atmosphere

How to Plan for the Intensifying Hurricanes of a Warming World