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So stoked it is finally FRIDAY Catch us diving into the weekend So

So stoked it is finally FRIDAY Catch us diving into the weekend So


So stoked it is finally FRIDAY😍 Catch us diving into the weekend like👆🏼

Owen has a way of catching my good side when I'm working. We're all friends here, and it gave us a good laugh so I figured I would share these lovely ...

The weekend before the new year we decided to take a quick fishing/camping trip to St. Petersburg, Florida! My parents had been wanting to show us some of ...

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Another Saturday is now upon us, bringing with it another chance to sit down and play some of our favourite games. This weekend just so happens to see the ...

This time around we were sure to correct that. Again, we used Sikaflex to seal the holes. And no, Sikaflex is not a muscle building supplement, ...

But I'm pretty stoked on how it went and hyped to go home in one piece. So, it's all good!”

Feel free to join us there if you happen to be in the area and at a loose end…

John Craig is reunited with his wife after his ordeal.

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Green Druid is at Hi-Dive Denver.

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It was absolute penguin pandemonium on our dive today! #antarctica #AntarcticSeaweedGradients #penguins pic.twitter.com/GuIbfq5Zb6

For a chance encounter with a local lady, whilst in the undignified and instantly distressed state of being caught half-undressed washing in a stream, ...

... this show was announced the MISFITS finally hit the stage to "Death Comes Ripping" to a wild crowd reaction. The visual aspect of their set was very ...

Congratulations everyone, we've made it to yet another weekend! As is tradition, members of Team Nintendo Life have gathered together to talk about our ...

Expert technique for pumping up for the second cold water dive demonstrated by @awegalloway and Lauren Bell. Sound track provided by @awegalloway and ...

Coming up on almost 30 years in business, Bill and his family are still the same old operation that started out here with one boat.

I'm sorry friends, but these items are just not the same in Europe...and the real deal makes me happy!

Suuuuuper stoked for our 5th(!) Annual Octopus Project & Friends Day Party at Mohawk on Saturday, March 16th!!! 12 - 6pm!! Free!! All Ages!! So many rad ...

NASWA is finally open for the summer, and you won't want to miss out on one of the best parties in town! Our Birthday is in June, so get ready for a ...

Arising Empire

Stoked to play Roughage tomorrow night with @areynoldsdrums Check out chewingfoil.com to get

We finally found a massive car park and set up base camp there. Being so stoked to ride I managed to get pulled by the Spanish police before even hitting ...

Jungle Green is Adam Miller, Adam Obermeier, Alex Heaney, Andrew Smith, Emma


The Paradox of Growing Up So We Can Avoid Growing Up // For those of

So stoked for our first on snow demo day @mammothmountain!!! DM me

... make a color one so I made a color one printed on an offset press I remember you know printing and the idea distribution models and shops for ...


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Alright, today is the beginning of an entirely new chapter of IWT. I'm ready to finally talk about the #1 REQUESTED IWT TOPIC OF ALL TIME.

The Best New Songs of the Week: Sufjan Stevens, Katy Perry, and More

Please keep your input family friendly.

I'm stoked to play a late set at this installment of Roughage as Atticus

“It's a very, very nice night and many people, just crazy.”

We are adding diving gear so you can explore the vast expense of our underwater world: caves, reefs, corals and much more to come!

REMUSKIKI poster 2019small.jpg

So stoked on the kids Gyotaku prints

So finally I relaunched my new website. In the world of tablets, smart phones and the social media overkill it was necessary.

... to announce that we have now confirmed to play an Official Showcase at this years MOVE Music Festival in Albany, NY the last weekend of April! So stoked ...

“So my parents sold their farm and it was kind of sad for all of us because it's the family home. But once they moved out all the furniture, ...


Aku giving us the diving briefing. Chantelle decided not to do the Thursday morning dive


Even 5 days after the trip I am still so stoked just thinking about the epic scenery and fishing that I was lucky enough to experience that day.

One other note per the holidays, the last day for any orders to hit the mail before Xmas will be Friday, December, 21st.

Sorry, folks, but it was difficult enough to get Friday off so we could finally catch our dear sweethearts Hiperson from Chengdu.


It was absolute penguin pandemonium on our dive today! #antarctica #AntarcticSeaweedGradients #penguins pic.twitter.com/GuIbfq5Zb6

Come join us at the Mint (6010 Pico Blvd W, Los Angeles) tomorrow night (Jan 30th)–we will be on at 10pm. So stoked for this one!


Ready to dive into 3D printing, but don't know where to start? If you're wondering which 3D printer is right for you or looking for beginner CAD software ...

Drink List London

poi dog pondering poster 2018 72 dpi.jpeg

Stoked to share this cool af artwork for 'Pure Intentions' which is coming soon! Drawing by my homie @playersgoplaces, put together by the old ...

As before there may be the odd tale, or variation thereof, that seems familiar but most of these tales were certainly completely new to me.



Image: Waves of Wellness programs are facilitated by mental health clinicians who are also trained in learn-to-surf instructing. (Flashpoint Labs)

... which was testing me mentally. Overall, I was so stoked on all aspects of my life. So how did I end up on crutches, writing this blog?

Most folks have very little idea about the research and development artists put into their work

Super duper stoked to announce that we'll be doing some TX shows w/ our pals, ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead this fall!

I'm stoked to be heading back to the Apple Isle to play the Cygnet Folk Festival in January. It's been 4 years since I played this little beauty, so I'm ...

I love how this pictures captures the magic behind a moment. Here I am on

It's hard to hit one out of the park on your first go-around. But some directors have swung that action wonderfully BIG TIME! Join the fellers as they fawn ...


Total Immersion Freestyle notes

Robert did not contact us from then so we guess we did good work!

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Tickets on sale Friday at 12pm EST. http://www.timminsfestivals.com/rock-on-the-river … #ROTRTimmins #Timmins @TimminsFestivalpic.twitter.com/WDoVHcrFe2

I was unbelievably stoked because there is a project to put a dam on the Upano and us paddling was like a protest against the dam.

Couple of smaller boats came back in the harbor just before noon-- no big catches / flags flying for them--

... to our dive ops very closely! image-1 image-1 image-1 ...

Raphael Woodhouse, 25, announced that Caitlyn Munnich, 19, his partner was pregnant


After returning from the fishing trip we were excited to roll right into working on Amelia, but sadly the cold and wet weather kept us from getting back to ...

Fresh from catching the superb Dropkick Murphys live in London last Friday two EP's land on our doorstep on the same morning from very ...

Image: Surfing on a Fluro Friday at Bondi Beach. (Mark Morgan)

Ahh you guys... so excited to share this artwork with you! For this project, I am throwing convention out the window and just tuning into following my ...

Good So Bad (Full Version)

I wish someone had told me .

Charity Careers: meet Sara Rees, head of fundraising for Rays of Sunshine

El Supremo Clarity Through Distortion

Reunited: Laura Linney and Olympia Dukakis reprise their roles


We're not sure when they'll need to make room for other games throughout the weekend, so if you missed it and really wanted to check it out, send us ...

Very stoked to be a part of the madness.

So cool, right? Those cute little packets pack a mean punch and are perf

#weeknotes“Look at us! We've won an award! Stoked to win Inclusive Economy Liverpool's New Economy Prize. Guess we're now an award-winning co-working and ...

Together, Zick and Elena set out to investigate the strange phenomena going on in Oldmill Village, including a recent uptick in missing pets, ...


Weather Map: The map shows and much better looking High pressure, it is relatively “unblighted” with an ever so subtle dimple in the lower isobars.

And you don't know it yet, but by the end of your Ninja weekend, you are going to be STOKED on STOKESVILLE.

POTUS also kicked off his trip to London by insulting the mayor, Sadiq Khan, on Twitter upon landing ... calling him a "stone cold loser" and saying he's " ...