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Social Media Basics The Correct Image Sizes Dimensions and File

Social Media Basics The Correct Image Sizes Dimensions and File


Check out the infographic for more detail.

Social Media Basics: The Correct Image Sizes, Dimensions and File Types to Use [Infographic] — Social Roadmap

Social Media Basics: The Correct Image Sizes, Dimensions and File Types to Use [Infographic]

The 2019 Social Media Image, Video & Ad Optimisation Guide for Beginners

So while Google+ may not be the top social media platform, it certainly shouldn't be ignored.

Social Media Optimisation: The 2019 Image & Video Size Guide

YouTube is a video-sharing social network that is accessed by users on the largest variety of devices, including tablets, phones, desktops, and televisions, ...

Known for its real-time social buzz, Twitter is also an extremely popular customer service and experience tool for businesses.

Social Media Basics: The Correct Image Sizes, Dimensions and File Types to Use [

Recommended Image Sizes and Dimensions for Social Media

Social Media Basics: The 2019 Image Size Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Facebook Profile and Cover Photo Dimensions

Social Media Image Size Infographic & All Image Templates

Instagram is all about visuals, which should make the importance of high-quality images blatantly obvious for this social network.

LinkedIn Personal Profile and Background Photo Size

Common image sizes for web

Social Media

The 2017 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

The Bookmarkable Guide to Social Media [and AdWords] Ads Image Sizes in 2018

Guide to Social Media [and AdWords] Ads Image Sizes in 2018

100+ Social Media Stats to Help You Choose the Right Platform for Your Business

Make a Website Hub share the 2019 social media image and video sizes in this infographic.

Pinterest Image Sizes

To upload an image or video, just click the red plus sign on desktop

... sizes by social media network, consult this detailed cheat sheet including recommended dimensions, minimum and maximum dimensions, image scale and more.

Common photograph sizes

Size Matters: Picking the Right Facebook Image Ads

We've decided to put together a “cheat sheet” to help ensure you know the correct image dimensions/specs for advertising through Google, Facebook, ...

Social Media cheat sheet with image sizes for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram,

facebook cover photos

... clear message that fits into the rapid updates of a user's feed, yet it's distinct in the quality of its copy, the clarity and resolution of its image, ...

Apple updates MacBook Pro with 8-core option, revised keyboard design

Image File Formats, Resolution & Size

The Bronco Social Media Cheat Sheet – Updated 2019

This is web resolution and is the exact size of all the images in this article. The size in inches is irrelevant when posting online – only ...

2015 #SocialMedia Image Sizes Guide via @makeuseof HT SetUpABlogToday Inbound Marketing, Marketing Digital

trello template for social media marketing


Instagram monthly active users

A5 Paper Dimensions

Facebook Ad Specs and Image Sizes 2019 | The Easy Guide

instagram profile

The Basics: Facebook Image Ads

Exporting to JPEG or PNG from InDesign only allows you to specify the resolution of the

Scale ...

... the GIF below for a demonstration) – but make sure the important elements are right in the center to ensure they aren't cropped out on smaller screens.

Common Aspect Ratios

A3 Paper Dimensions

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Instagram post example

how to crop photos for social media profile image

Guardian, i, Economist and FT win at British Media Awards 2019

Profile Picture Cheat Sheet Social Media Images, Social Media Tips, Social Networks, Social

facebook event photo size

facebook cover image

Facebook Ad Size and Specs Made Easy (What You Need to Know) | Disruptive Advertising


best Pinterest Pin sizes infographic

how to crop photos for social media

Social Media Tips: 25 Ways to Capture & Keep Your Audience's Attention

An easier way to work this out is to open your image file and click 'file information' which will tell you the precise dimensions in pixels.


By following these basic Photoshop exporting guidelines, you'll be able to display your images online the exact way you intended.

Pinterest profile photo

2019 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

Instead of a cover photo, now you can use a video. It can be


You can choose which interpolation method to use in the Resample Image dropdown menu at the bottom of the Image Size dialog box (see figure above).


pixlr editor

Video Specifications: Overview of the 7 top social media platforms. most important platforms overview Social media ...

Cloudinary supports on-demand control of image quality, format and several other features.

Go back to your Crop Tool options (located above your image file, just below the pull-down menus) and enter the size you need along with the resolution.

Pixel Density 300dpi - How to Understand Pixels, Resolution, and Resize Your in Photoshop

File > Open

HTML Cheat Sheet for Bloggers

As a professional social networking site, LinkedIn has some official guidelines as to what kind of photo you can use. The site states that "a photo can be ...

video formats for the top 7 social media platforms

Note that, this appears to accept enormous images, both in terms of file size and dimensions; this red square is cropped from a 10000×10000, 1.49mb image.

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