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The Best Knife for Fighting in Confined Spaces Are you Ready for

The Best Knife for Fighting in Confined Spaces Are you Ready for


Best Tactical Knife Reviews

Best Tactical Knives

[Image: 31DLwZyUY4L._SX425_.jpg]

Gerber Blades Propel AO Tactical Knife

Add a retractable carbide tip for breaking glass, and a survival whistle and you have a tactical knife made for saving lives.

TRS 325s Tactical Survival Folder

The 15 Best Tactical Knives - Tactical & Military Surplus Gear | Military Trained

A Cut Above

The 411 on the TOPS Hammer Hawk

Dale Comstock Shadow Blade, Dale Comstock Dale Comstock $97.00. The sharpest, most durable knife you ...

See the crossguard? That's not to catch another blade sliding down on yours. It's to catch your finger and keep you from slashing your own hand open on the ...

The SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism ensures one-handed opening and weighing just four ounces; the Blur is the perfect tactical choice for your everyday ...

Jim West Black Ops Knife

Kukri machete blade knife sword tool survival combatives defense 21. To become proficient in using the ...

Mandiola Defense CDHK (Cold Dead Hands Karambit) Black Oxide G10 Knife and Trainer

TRS 5N1 EDC Tactical Knife

OFFGrid TOPS Hammer Hawk Hands On Review (12).JPG

Guardian Fantasy Sword

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TOPS MSF 4 and Fieldcraft bushcraft knives review 28

Never Bring a Knife to a Spear Fight

TOPS Hammer Hawk backup knife tomahawk blade combo 4

[Image: 51eU5n9lhqL._SY355_.jpg]

OFFGrid TOPS Hammer Hawk Hands On Review (16).JPG

Kellam Wolverine Scandinavian style knife

This is no ordinary tactical knife. It's a life-saver.

... by the Victor Tool Company for US soldiers and marines in the Pacific theater of WWII, where it gained a solid reputation as an emergency melee weapon.

A well used Woodlore knife and sheath

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you where born and how did this place made you who you are today?

Canik TP9 ELITE COMBAT Review | The Best ?

[Image: 31oZq3hCtyL._SY300_.jpg]

Confessions of a Knife Fighter Pt. 1: Sgt. Schultz - The Truth About Knives

Cold Steel Trailmaster: Company president Lynn Thompson went from being a Bowie-naysayer to being a Bowie “convert” and this knife, circa 1987, ...

The Spyderco SpydieChef: A Versatile Chef's Knife in Your Pocket

LMT CSW rifle left angle

A few years ago, I was asked to develop a defensive tactics program for an undercover narcotics task force that spent a lot of time in confined spaces (such ...

Next Generation V-Watch, Personal Voltage Detector

Confined Space Rescue with Mike Daley from Code 3 - The Firefighters' Podcast on RadioPublic

With a carbon steel black oxide coated blade and pachmeyer-rubber grips, it's ready to go from the box for about $60 retail.


Alta Superflex™ Knee Pads

I know you get this asked alot but. If someone wants to get started in Libre, what's the best course of action for them to start that on that path?

[Image: anti_personnel_tactical_riot_spear.jpg]


Register Now for 2019 & 2020 Combatives Seminars

Kukri machete blade knife sword tool survival combatives defense 5

Knife Defense in a Confined Space

Night of the Living Dead Long Knives | Zombiepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

What is a confined space?

M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife View On Amazon. Designed for a combat ...

My 3d printed shurikens and throwing knives.

Western bowie knife

Close Quarters Combat | Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

[Image: ColdSteelRomanGladius-1k.jpg]

Butterfly swords

The One-Two Combo: Employing a Gun and Knife Combination

Machinery & Equipment MRO April 2014

OFFGrid TOPS Hammer Hawk Hands On Review (11).JPG

Confined Space Belay/Retrieval Kit. A complete system to ...

C A N A D A’ S O C C U PAT I O N A L H E A LT H & S A F E T Y M A G A Z I N E O C T O B ER/NOVEMBER 2011. C A N A D A. Wasted Space The ...


Hazmat Hooligan Tool

Randall Thorpe Bowie

”The knife is not the weapon.”

Hostage situations, knife and gun threats, knife attacks, fighting in confined spaces, fighting while seated.

#Guns #USCCA

LMT CSW rifle markings


Silver Skin

German knife pistol, 1600s.

[Image: 2mguirt.jpg]

... knife less than perfect for preparing food. Shaving fine curls on a featherstick

... ensuring that the action works and a round is chambered. Safeties may have to be deactivated, so you had better be knowledgeable and think and act ...

Undercover Combat Fighter (UC2735) Survival Weapons, Survival Knife, Survival Tips, Knife

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CSW: Exclusive First Look at LMT's 'Confined Space Weapon'


A very basic chopping and stabbing weapon, the Smatchet received prominent mention in Fairbairn's close-quarter Combatives manual, Get Tough!

8 Of The Best Weapons For Killing Zombies

Never Bring a Knife to a Fist Fight

V-Detect AC Voltage Detector

Read more Island 359 is an Early Access (in development) Virtual Reality action survival game for the HTC Vive. Players will use the guns, melee weapons, ...

LMT CSW rifle charging handle

OFFGrid TOPS Hammer Hawk Hands On Review (10).JPG

Heavy-Flanged-Mace. A Flanged Mace

OFFGrid TOPS Hammer Hawk Hands On Review (5).JPG

knife fighter

Rescue Kit 1 with Power Talk Box

A Judas Moment: Betrayal in Nyamakima

LMT CSW rifle stock

best survival guns

Fire Hooks Lock-Slot 8 Forcible Entry Axe with Fiberglass Handle

Vunak ...

Contrary to what many people assume, I have a deep respect for traditional martial arts, and I think it's important to the fighting culture that these arts ...

Pattern 1907/1913 bayonet, 1917

OFFGrid TOPS Hammer Hawk Hands On Review (18).JPG

Eventually the length of the blade got shorter but not by a lot and since it sill required two hands they became known as two handed long swords. We're they ...

This usually results in the two pieces breaking apart from each other and the shell is dropped to who knows where. Your current generation of the ...