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The Commodore Vic20 Computer Vintage Computers and Game consoles

The Commodore Vic20 Computer Vintage Computers and Game consoles


Commodore VIC-20 Computer System w/Games, Commodore Cassette Player BR99VMC2NA-A

Vintage Commodore VIC 20 Computer Gaming Console w/ Original Box POWERS UP

Faulty Commodore VIC20 Computer

Details about Commodore VIC-20 vintage computer bundle vintage video game commodore video

Vtg Commodore VIC-20 Computer in Box w Power Cord, Manual, Games,

Faulty Commodore VIC20 Computer

Commodore VIC-20 print advertisement


VINTAGE Commodore VIC20 Home PC Keyboard System Video Game Console

Commodore Vic20 Console - Colour Computer - Boxed

Vintage Commodore Vic-20 Computer W/ Printer, Cassette Player & More

Commodore VIC 20, My first computer. Commodore VIC 20, My first computer Vintage Video Games ...

Commodore Vic 20 Computer ...

Commodore Vic 20 Computer - unboxed ...

The Commodore VIC-20: As seen in Tezza's classic computer collection

Retro Computers

Personal Computing on the VIC 20

Commodore VIC-20 ad with Shatner! I'm pretty sure I remember filling out the little cut-out card on the bottom and sending it to Commodore.

BOXED VINTAGE COMMODORE VIC 20 Computer Console Games Bundle 1111 1311 C2N 1211A - EUR 175,31 | PicClick FR

Image is loading Commodore-VIC-20-Computer-System-Console-w-Original-

Picture of Faulty Commodore VIC20 Computer

Commodore VIC-20 Computer System Console w/ Box Untested

£££ cash paid - I am looking for a COMMODORE VIC-20 collection. Games, console, and accessories. | in Bournemouth, Dorset | Gumtree

Commodore VIC-20 new box - top

Commodore VIC 20

Vintage commodore vic-20 computer system console w original box & games untested

Details about Vintage Commodore VIC 20 Computer Gaming Console w/ Original Box Made in Japan

The VIC-20 doesn't have the massive back-catalogue of games that the C64 has, but there are ALOT of games available!

Image of Faulty Commodore VIC20 Computer

Vintage Commodore VIC 20 Personal Computer in Original Box

Commodore VIC-20

Welcome to RetroGear - home of affordable retrogaming - Retro Games, Vintage Consoles, Sega, Nintendo, Atari, Sinclair, Commodore. "

Commodore VC-20

Reliving the past

BOXED VINTAGE COMMODORE VIC 20 Computer Console 12 Games Bundle Super Expander - EUR 139,91 | PicClick FR

Image is loading Commodore-VIC-20-Micro-Computer-VC-20-Games-

Vintage commodore vic 20 computer job lot retro gaming

When Commodore made the PET-2001, they made a computer that found some success in the market, especially in Europe. The PET turned into a series, ...

LGR - Commodore VIC-20 Computer System Review

Andys Retro Computers

The Golden Age of Commodore Computers

Commodore Vic 20 value and price guide


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The 80's are really an exciting time, with all those personal computers getting cheaper and cheaper, reaching millions of new users.

The three computers Byte Magazine referred to as the "1977 Trinity": The TRS-80 Model I, the Apple II, and the Commodore PET 2001-8.

Peek & Poke Computer Museum: Commodore Vic-20

... #Commodore #VIC20 this afternoon, let's redress the balance with a random selection of back-in-the-day leaflets from other brands #ZX81 #ZXSpectrum ...

Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. This was the third console ...

Commodore VIC 20 Working and complete with original games - year 1982

WANTED – Old/retro computer systems

... Commodore Vic 20 Computer ...

Commodore Vic 20 Computer - complete working system.

Commodore VIC-20

Quizagon family Apple II IBM PC Commodore 64 VIC-20 computer game advertisement - 1983

The Commodore 64, introduced at the 1982 Winter Consumer Electronics Show, was a significant improvement on the VIC-20, and would become the best-selling ...

Cosmic Force - Retro Shoot 'Em Up game for the Commodore 64 in the classic

Commodore Vic 20 Personal Computer Retro Gaming Video Game G200 Gi Cool Casual Pride T Shirt Men Unisex New Cool Shirt Design Tshirts Printed From Meaet, ...

These days, using a computer often seems like it's less about actual computing and more about touching and dragging your way across the slick, ...

These custom-made cases let you build a working Raspberry Pi computer system that looks like a mini version of iconic retro systems.

Vintage Commodore VIC 20 Computer, Joystick, Games and Starting w/ Basic Manual | #1903818989

Commodore Personal Color Computer Vic 20 Refurbished Working

10 Classic Computers You Had as a Kid

Commodore vic-20 personal color computer retro computing complete in box working

Commodore 1702

Commodore VIC-20 Ads Featuring William Shatner

C64 Expansion Accessories

Computer and Game Console Museum Helsinki: Commodore VIC-20

Retro Games unveils TheC64 Mini retro console

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Commodore VIC-20 (NTSC)

Commodore Vic-20

... Commodore C64 (Silver Label! Rev A motherboard, 4 digit serial number, mostly ceramic parts) ...

Conor Lawless, Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Commodore VIC 20, Texas TI-994 and Dragon 32

Commodore C64 and VIC-20 Accessories

S l1600

Vintage Commodore Vic 20 Computer w/C2N Cassette Player Controllers Cords Games

Commodore 1541 Floppy Drive

Influential early computers came from Commodore. The Commodore PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) was introduced at the 1977 West Coast Computer Faire.

Help Name a Planetary System

Pong systems had been in many homes since the mid-1970s, but it was still a rare household that had its own personal computer.


Commodore Pet 8296-D

South West Retro Computing Archive


Commodore 64 keyboard

The Nostalgia Nerd's Retro Tech: Computer, Consoles & Games: Book Review.

Apple IIe computer