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The Mueller Report Is a Portrait of an Egomaniac Whom Nobody Likes

The Mueller Report Is a Portrait of an Egomaniac Whom Nobody Likes


Donald Trump's face in front of documents from the Mueller report.

Why Robert Mueller Documented Trump's Lies So Meticulously

The Most Deeply Strange Details in the Mueller Report

Ex-Nixon White House counsel: Mueller report 'more damning' than Watergate

Mueller report: collusion findings are devastating for Trump

William Barr Gave Trump the Kavanaugh Defense

A wealth of information, beginning with Mueller Report, establishes a strong foundation for impeaching President Donald Trump, writes Phil Kadner.


The Clearest Case of Trump's Corruption in the Mueller Report

Trump said he couldn't remember 36 times in response to special counsel Robert Mueller's

The Mueller report is definitive: Russia meddled in the election to help Trump win

U.S. President Trump welcomes the 2018 College Football Playoff National Champion Clemson Tigers in Washington. Reuters

There Are Three Ways to End the Shutdown. Trump Refuses All of Them.

'WITCH HUNT' Trump rips Mueller after obstruction report

Trump's border wall address was so lame, was it in fact a distraction?

What Does Mueller Have On Trump?

Via the freakin' Mueller Report

Mueller Made a Case. But He's Letting Congress Prosecute It.

FBI opened inquiry into whether Trump was working for Russia: Report

Trump says Muller report found 'no collusion, no obstruction'

Show me the Mueller!

Attorney General William Barr takes questions about the release of the Mueller Report April 18, 2019 (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Well, well, well it looks like Mueller wasn't happy with his old pal Bill Barr's little damage control strategy:

Donald Trump Jr. Saved by His Own Doofusness

James Clapper says redacted Mueller report 'pretty devastating' - CNNPolitics

Barack Obama is pictured. | Getty Images. “

Jim Carrey Takes on Attorney General Barr in Post-Mueller Report Political Cartoon

Mueller ordered to turn over documents on Flynn questioning

An error occurred.

Judge in Flynn case orders Mueller to turn over interview docs after bombshell claim of FBI pressure | Fox News

Here's the most crucial paragraph from the Mueller report

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) speaks to reporters after announcing an exploratory committee to run for president in 2020 in Cambridge, Mass., ...

Philadelphia mayor blasts Trump as 'fragile egomaniac' after Eagles snub

David Lynch

Gowdy to Trump: 'When you are innocent … act like it'

McCabe: A War on (or in) the FBI?

US National Security Adviser John Bolton

Admiral Michael Rogers, the head of the National Security Agency, told a Congressional Committee yesterday that he has not received any orders from the ...


Donald Trump outside the White House, on Friday. Friday was not the end of

'Without precedent:' Trump drama enters Act Two

... Trump's lead lawyer for the Robert Mueller investigation, John Dowd, bailed out because his former client is a reckless egomaniacal idiot who refuses to ...

This Natasha Bertrand story about one of Jared's buddies from the Mueller Report is just more evidence of what a lowlife he is. He's an egomaniac with no ...

Calm Down Everyone. Donald Trump Doesn't Want to Be President. | HuffPost

Philly mayor scorches 'fragile egomaniac' Trump 'afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a party no one wants to attend'

Mirror Mikey on the Wall

Manafort's light sentence slammed as 'disrespectful,' 'lenient,' ...

If He's Exonerated, Why is Trump Prolonging the Battle?

Associated Press

Right-wing talk show host Joe Walsh tells Salon: Donald Trump "betrayed his country"

John Krull

Mueller report documents Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders lying to press

Trump campaign video

Trump's bizarre love affair with Putin deepens: What is he hiding?

Donald Trump perfects the art of the self-contradictory interview

Donald Trump and Sean Hannity Like to Talk Before Bedtime

Robert Reich. (photo: Getty)

President Donald Trump.

Crazy in Gov: Why Won't the Media Discuss Trump's Mental Instability?

The Mueller Report Won't End Trump's Presidency, But It Sure Makes Him Look

Robert Mueller's Biographer Sees a Bombshell on (Nearly) Every Page of the Redacted Mueller Report

Andrew McCabe, former acting director of the FBI, has drawn executive ire for his

Joe Biden Got Away With It for Eight Years


At long last the Mueller Report is here. Two years in the making, and during that period a dense cloud of trepidation enveloped Capitol Hill.

Key Russia probe figure scared of Mueller, cancels U.S. trip

Mark Peterson / Redux

Mueller's House testimony likely off until at least June


William Barr Accidentally Concedes His Reason for Withholding the Mueller Report Is Baloney

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 31: FBI Director Robert Mueller, right, arrives on Capitol

Trump quickly claimed victory, suddenly embracing Mueller as a truth-teller and blasting the Democrats for insinuating that a crime had been committed and ...

Tough Luck Destroyers of Hillary Clinton: You Won the Battle, You Won't Win the War


Devin Nunes: Mueller's team is 'part of the collusion'

Evangelicals believe in Trump: Their devotion to a bigoted bully actually makes perfect sense

Corsi: Mueller wanted me to lie


Sorry Milo Yiannopoulos: Michael Moore Did Not Endorse Trump

REPORT: AG Bill Barr Sat Down With Mueller, AGREED That Trump's Kids Should Be Indicted

US President Donald Trump has said his administration would seek to act on what he claimed

Call to suspend Mueller probe was just posturing, Giuliani says

It is a question worth asking, yet one which might surely stump the very best contestants on ABC's Jeopardy, the popular TV game show hosted by Alex Trebec:

A Russian newspaper editor explains how Putin made Trump his puppet. “

Andrew McCabe Alludes to Possible Criminal Act by Trump

Thirty months after the Republican National Convention, when it became an inescapable truth among serious, informed people that Donald Trump was acting on ...

President Donald Trump attends the National African American History Month Reception at the White House in Washington, D.C., February 21, 2019.

Andrew Cuomo is pictured. | Getty Images

Gaetz: McCabe might be Loch Ness Monster of the Swamp

Ray Ward

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