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The Shuar of South America is the only tribe to have never been

The Shuar of South America is the only tribe to have never been


The Reason This South American Tribe Shrunk Their Enemies' Heads | Smithsonian


Shuar: Meeting the Headshrinkers of the Amazon Basin

Indigenous and protesters look on during a march through the decades-old Vila Autodromo squatter

This repression has only intensified in the run-up to Correa's expected reelection on Feb. 17.

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From the capital city of Quito, Yaapi is a bone-jarring six-hour bus ride through the Andes, then a 45-minute hop in a bush plane.

Shuar and the Ecuadorian State[edit]

Indígene Männer und Frauen der Shuar-Nationalität in der ...

Ecuador: Shuar tribal children

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Amazon land battle pits indigenous villagers against might of Ecuador state. Only a bridge separates the Shuar ...

The Reason This South American Tribe Shrunk Their Enemies' Heads


The shrinking of human heads was originally only practised by the Shuar people to trap the souls of their enemies, but tsantsas (shrunken heads) became a ...

VIDEO: The Reason This South American Tribe Shrunk Their Enemies' Heads from Secrets: Shrunken Heads | Smithsonian Channel

Miguel Chiriap, Shaman in charge of ceremony when Leslie Allison died

The little hut in the bottom right of the picture is where I slept.

Spirit of the Shuar: Wisdom from the Last Unconquered People of the Amazon by John Perkins

"To get the gold, they will have to kill every one of us" | Salon.com

The Amazon Tribe That Dreams of the Future Fears Sex, Welcomes Panthers

How to Challenge Large-Scale Mining in Latin America

Guns, political turmoil and hummingbirds in the living room – my farewell to Latin America

Spirit of the Shuar: Wisdom from the Last Unconquered People of the Amazon by John Perkins

Indigena del Ecuador India Linda, Native Girls, Quito Ecuador, Tribal People, Native

5 Things you probably didn't know about South America!

Shuar woman at Shuar cultural festival Yantzaza, Ecuador

The Stucks hike into the forest to visit their Shuar neighbors and talk about the Bible two or three times a week. Their work goes beyond the Bible, though.

Known as 'Devil's Breath', this drug has been used in muggings throughout South America, supposedly rendering victims dumbly compliant with their attackers.

In May, the company shared a tweet saying it hoped for “a pro-industry Ecuador that bets on the well-being and development of its people” – with pictures of ...

Page 1. Encyclopedia of World Cultures Volume VII SouTH AMERICA


Luis Tiwiram is a member of the Shuar community which lost their homes in 2016 because of the Panantza-San Carlos mine project. Photo: Raquel Carvalho

Rodrigo Rodrigo

Photo from the 1994 Festival of American Folklife

South American Soundscapes: An Interview With Ecuadorian Folk Electronica Artist Nicola Cruz

Amazon land battle pits indigenous villagers against might of Ecuador state | World news | The Guardian

South America

... del Condor, a mountain range connecting Ecuador's southern Andes with the Amazon. Of these concessions nearly 50 percent are on ancestral Shuar ...

South America

Portrait of a Cofan Indian | ©Elliott V Smith

Wina Omaca, a Waorani "pekinani" or wise grandmother, walks towards the Teata sacred waterfall on the banks of the Curaray river. Photos: AFP

3 day 2 Night Ayahuasca Ceremony Apr. 26-28 With Teresa Shiki Shuar Medicine Woman

15-1217 Ayahuasca

Epic South America

Volunteer with Shuar Tribe in South America

Brazilian indigenous man of Terena tribe

Waorani indigenous people sail in a canoe on the Curaray river, in Pastaza province.

Here is one of our past expeditions to Ecuador and the Shuar.

Bolivia is home to the highest percentage of indigenous peoples in Latin America. As the Bolivian government has increased the sponsorship of large-scale ...

Photo from the 1994 Festival of American Folklife

Ecuador's Accomplishments under the 10 Years of Rafael Correa's Citizen's Revolution

A Shuar tsantsa, or shrunken head.

Was this indigenous leader killed because he fought to save Ecuador's land? | World news | The Guardian

Machu Picchu is the 2nd most popular destination on Britain's bucket list

How Indigenous Peoples Won a Landmark Victory Protecting the Amazon From Oil Drilling

A Shuar woman, Mercedes Samarent, holds a machete, which she says will be the "women's weapon" in the case of conflict over proposed mines, in a community ...

Population history of indigenous peoples of the Americas

Byron Swift

Nighttime is when the Shuar gather around in groups, with chicha flowing, and share stories, plans for the future, and connect with one another through ...

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They are watched, scrutinized, inspected in every smallest detail by a multitude of wide-open eyes.

One of the entrances to the Tayos Caves.

Machu Picchu

Painted for blowpipe hunting with the seed the paint comes from ...

Official languages in South and Central America

There are Shuar settlements on the very edges of the Amazon forest. Photo: Raquel Carvalho

Shuar leader Pepe Acacho

Digital painting of a Mississippian-era priest, with a ceremonial flint mace and a severed head, based on a repousse copper plate.

A tsantsa on display in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. The lower face and jaws jut outward as an artifact of the shrinking process.

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Since contact, the Matsés have suffered from diseases, especially malaria, that their plant

Let's Explore Beauty Ingredients of Latin America!

Spanish has been proven to be the easiest language to learn.

Ecuador's isolated indigenous tribes: Stuck between oil and state neglect

The Aguaruna were poorly documented in the past because of their legendary belligerence and the highly dispersed nature of their settlements in the Amazon.

Ecuador Amazon: 8 Things to Know Before Visiting the Amazon Rainforest

Last year, the government of Canada donated $15,446 to the village. The Indians used the money to buy 19 head of cattle, some land and veterinary supplies.

The ...

South America

Leslie Allison from the United States died in Ecuador on January 14, 2016 while participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony in Gualaquiza, Ecuador. She was part ...

Tsantsa or shrunken head in the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Chicha in Ecuador

Now He's Looking for the Lost Cities of Gold

Shuar girls- Ecuador

A Shuar boy plays in canoes along the Numbkataime River. Shuar communities depend on rivers and fresh water as sources of food, drink, transportation and ...

Photo credit: Gottfried Lindauer. These Polynesian settlers had ...

Native American Nations in Northern South America: Information and photographs of the Quechua and other tribes in this region.