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The carburetor is a key component thats found in many cars trucks

The carburetor is a key component thats found in many cars trucks


The carburetor is a key component that's found in many cars, trucks and other vehicles

The carburetor is a key component that's found in many cars, trucks and other vehicles with internal combustion engines. While they fuel injection systems ...



Axles are one of the key components of any wheeled vehicle, transmitting torque and maintaining the position of the wheels.

Sunbeam Tiger carb assembled. To many automotive enthusiasts, the ...

person tightening a carburetor


A close-up of a carburetor, a large, metal drivetrain component in older

An engine stall condition can be caused by many different systems or components.


1987 Caprice Carb LS

Sunbeam Tiger with dog

Automotive 101: What exactly does the computer box in your car compute?

(Yes, we mean that literally. Sorry.)

The Fuel System

But while marketers trumpet every car feature like it's never been seen before, many "new" features of today first appeared decades ago.

Why Does My Car's Engine Miss?

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picture of the engine bay in a typical two-liter honda

Propane truck image

Nitro RC Cars

Courtesy of Mecum Auctions

Best Crate Engine For The Money

Everything You Need To Know About OBD, OBD II | Dongles, Diagnostics | Digital Trends

Hard to start issues can be hard to diagnose.

car engine

coins outbalancing a toy car

What to do at the pump: Fill 'er up with an ethanol blend?

Automobile Components and Parts 101: Things Every Vehicle Owner Should Know

There are a handful of car owners out there that are not quite sure what an air intake system does, how it works or how important it is to a car. In the ...

Thomas A. DeMauro on Mar 22nd, 2018

frankieleon on Flickr ...

The biggest winter energy myth: That you need to idle your car before driving

CARB is an important component for all auto mechanics to know as it plays a major role in everyday auto repair. CARB started in California, which is the ...

Automotive 101: What exactly does the computer box in your car compute? - Feature Stories

Two-barrel carburetors in a Ford Escort

It's easy to tell when your car has a rough idle: When you start the engine, it won't run at a steady rate. It may almost stall, or it may run at ...

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Dirty oil can wear the oil pump's machined components and damage the bearing surfaces in the engine.

For year-model 2022 diesel trucks, CARB to require recording of emissions data

Before long, the local speed shop shelves were looking barren as Wally was deploying the latest in over-the-counter speed technology.

Toy-grade R/C cars[edit]

Kyle Cheromcha

Backfires can be hard to diagnose.

Troubleshooting - backfire through carburetor

That's something you can find out in a hurry if they develop a problem. A bad fuel injector can cause serious drivability issues and eventually lead to ...

(Yes, we mean that literally. Sorry.)

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jeep idling in the snow

dead car battery

A row of Mustangs line the street. The

Selecting The Correct Regulator For Your Car

How To Adjust A Carburetor On Your Car

Chevy-Work-Trucks. Find Out More

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Car won't start in the cold? Possible causes and preventative tips

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The major functional components of an automobile.

VM Beetle models 2013-2015 had TDI technology and were one of the 15 models

How to Troubleshoot a Car That Won't Turn Off

Fuel Injection Conversions 101 - Fuel Injections

Rochester Quadrajet Complete Rebuild

An Inside Look at Grave Digger, the Ultimate Monster Jam Truck

A red Jaguar XJS sports car with the bonnet/hood open

CARB Continues Quest for an Electric Medium-, Heavy-Truck Future

Quiz: Can You Name These Car Parts?

Over Heating Car

For the Last Time, Throttle-Body Fuel Injection Isn't a Carburetor!

15 Surprising Facts About American Muscle Cars

(Yes, we mean that literally. Sorry.)

Since there are so many variations of the carburetor and each one has a different factory application, we decided that giving you guys an identification ...

Circuit 101: Essential items during a track day

Amazon.com: Disney Pixar Cars 3 Tow Mater Truck - Push and Pull Up To 200 Pounds!: Toys & Games

Picture of Gas Rc Car Safey

Hand Drying the Vehicle Hood

5 Ways Nascar's Stock Engines Aren't Actually Stock

When Did Cars Get Computerized?

Plumbing it before the carburetor can help increase line pressure during hard launches while still maintaining 6-8 psi of pressure at ...

How Not to Buy a Project Vehicle: The tale of the 1975 International Pickup

A beginner's guide to the world of weird and wonderful Japanese import cars

STP Carb Spray Cleaner Professional Series 500 ml: A1: Amazon.co.uk: Car & Motorbike

The Fiat 600, introduced in 1956, was an inexpensive, practical car with simple

(Yes, we mean that literally. Sorry.)

How to Change a Fuel Filter