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The different forms of negligee inherited from the 18th century

The different forms of negligee inherited from the 18th century


[Please note that it has been updated to September 2018 since originally posted.] I have earlier on this blog reviewed the current ...

Le Mois, 1799-1800, No. 16, mogelijk Philibert-Louis Debucourt

Gallerie des Modes, 1779. This is a very charming outfit. I love all

And He Called It Macaroni | HAIR SCARE | 18th Century Fashion, 18th century clothing, Caricature

Want to wear: Bodice, Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Met


Sleeved waistcoat of brown ribbed silk brocaded in a big floral design, ca. 1734 · 18th Century ...

17th Century Family Portrait

18th Century Farming at Mount Vernon

Dräkt : Särkar : Överdelssärkar Livets högtider : Bröllop

Veduta della Piazza di Monte Cavallo, drawing from the series Vedute di Roma by Giovanni

Many people today think of the 18th-century Enlightenment as an exciting season of reason, a black swan moment when new energies flowed, when the early ...

DigitaltMuseum - Hängselsärk, underkläder, Nås i Dalarna, 1800-talet. Linne,

The turbulent 17th century: Civil War, regicide, the Restoration and the Glorious Revolution - The British Library

Fichu | British | The Met. 18th Century ...

Korean people in a painting from the 18th century

Satire: a lady in a fine room dressed in macaroni style with high hair looks directly out with her fan held open. January or February 1773 Hand-coloured ...

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Satirical prints on fashion and hairstyles in the late 18th century


DigitaltMuseum - Särk, Skåne

DigitaltMuseum - Hängselsärk, Nås

Autosomal Dominant Inheritance




Maria Josepha von Carlowitz Graff, Anton (Maler)

Negligee, silk satin and lace, France, c. 1932

Cairo Qurʾān, Maghribi script, 18th century.

Group of Seonbi "virtuous scholar" in Korea that followed confucian precepts) (c. 18th century)

Petticoat · Victorian WomenVictorian Fashion18th CenturyPrinted ...

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Petticoat Date: Culture: American Medium: silk, cotton Dimensions: Length at CB: 36 in. cm) Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The ...

In theory, the holder of this office was elected by his kinsmen, but in practice, he was often selected by negotiation, brute force or outside interference.

Sex-linked inheritance of white eyes in Drosophila flies.

Wool broadcloth frock, laced with gold, c. 1770. The collared coat (frock) was not considered as formal as the collarless coat, though the gold lacing on ...

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Ladies Fair and Frail: Sketches of the Demi-Monde during the Eighteenth Century

20 Common Forms of Government — Study Starters

Seventh Printing, December, 1934

Ladies' gown and petticoat of silk lustring, brocaded in a floral pattern, c. 1770. Thought to have been worn by Elizabeth Dandridge in Virginia. Gl975-340.

Late 18th century-present[edit]

GOING UP △△ Camel milkA Scottish cafe started selling camel milk cappucinos this week in

A gilt-decorated black lacquer double-lozenge-form stand, 18th century.

Hippocrates, polychrome majolica, detail, cloister of Old Cemetery, Padula charterhouse (Certosa

A spetacular find in Indonesia reveals that a strikingly different hominid shared the earth with our kind in the not so distant past.

His designs set bold, brightly-coloured plant forms, which were often stylised and out of scale, against a background of more formal, architectural-type ...

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In this third version of the essay Bastiat added another 1,500 words (bringing the total up to 3,900 words) in which he directly addressed the Montagnard ...

Once Defoe was identified as the man behind the text, he quite understandably fled, trying to put right the damage with A Brief Explanation of a Late ...

Justinian I, 6th-century mosaic at the Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna,

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Modern chemise[edit]

... X-linked dominant pattern of inheritance.

Colored ceramic Toby Jug, combining the head and shoulders of the protagonist with other elements of the novel. Height: 7.5 in.

In 1879 aged 33, she inherited some family property. She also attracted the attention of Lewis James Paine, a 49 year old insurance salesman in need of ...

Estates of the realm

Marriage Contracts in Various Contexts: Marital Property Rights, Sociocultural Aspects and Gender-specific Implications. Late-Eighteenth- Century Evidence ...


AristotleAristotle, marble portrait bust, Roman copy (2nd century bce) of a Greek original (c. 325 bce); in the Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome.

Another interesting class signifier is the variations in each pattern. House dress patterns were often sold in two lengths, with the floor length being ...

I had scarce shut the ...

I'm quite sure this exhibition will draw in many visitors and will open their eyes to the possibilities of the medium. Pastel has for too long, ...

But then other trims were more creative. Look at the heart pocket on this late 1930s pattern! I die.

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Painted possibly about 1670 from The Minneapolis institute of Arts. The table in this painting is covered by a velvet table-carpet covered ...

(PDF) Phonetics and phonology | neniswati zebua - Academia.edu

Does This 19th c. Dress Deserve a Place in a Museum?

Between Law and Morality: Violence against Women in Nineteenth-Century Russia

Adult Niemann-Pick disease type C in France: clinical phenotypes and long-term miglustat treatment effect

Photograph by Gjon Mili / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty

I think this is the perfect time to look at paintings of 18th-century Americans with their birds, both in the wild & captured in aviaries & cages.

18th-century smugglers land a cargo of contraband in a cave, as imagined in

She received a small inheritance upon her parents' deaths, which she used to travel to Paris. In the city ...

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8863 Verlag Ilse Holzinger München VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2003. No.

Hooded Wall Clock with Calendar

The Executioners Who Inherited Their Jobs. For centuries ...

Essay // Psychological Explanations of Prejudice & Discrimination | dpurb . com

Save the Date, 2018 - Deborah Azzopardi

This Fayum mummy portrait shows a woman wearing a golden wreath, c. AD 100–110.

An Afternoon in St. James's Park, c. 1745

Portrait of Jean-Claude Ballyet by an unknown artist in the Hôtel de Ville, Marnay, showing Ballyet holding a letter addressed to “Monsieur l'évêque de ...

Departing team 51: Armando Huipe, Molly FitzMaurice, Latiana “LT” Gourzong