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The logo of a honeybee genetics and breeding company Design

The logo of a honeybee genetics and breeding company Design



Different types of honey bees on beeswax comb

IPM 2 Fighting Varroa 2: Choosing your Troops: Breeding Mite-Fighting Bees

The Cape honeybee. Photo courtesy PLOS Genetics

While genetic relatedness is important for social cohesion, the genetic diversity is essential for the fitness of the colony. Queens fly very far from the ...

No Offense, American Bees, But Your Sperm Isn't Cutting It

bees on honeycomb

Invasion of the 'frankenbees': the danger of building a better bee


Most efforts to save honeybees have focused on using pesticides to kill the mites

Beekeepers are struggling to adapt their hives to the use of dicamba, a pesticide that kills many of the flowering plants that bees depend on.

Fig. 1.

Bee colony collapse defense goes global with hybrid breeding and new medicine

Worker bee

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Invasion of the 'frankenbees': the danger of building a better bee | Environment | The Guardian

Breeding Design

Two honey bee workers (female) are shown conversing and exchanging food (trophallaxis)

Worker laying drone

Experimental design. Drones were exposed to the pathogen N. ceranae, the insecticide fipronil or both under semi-field conditions.

The honey bee population in the U.S. has undergone three distinct genetic bottlenecks that have reduced

One Scientist's Crazy Bet to Save the Bees: Join Monsanto

Anatomy and Dissection of the Honeybee Hardcover – 31 Dec 1994

Epigenetic patterns determine if honeybee larvae become queens or workers

What Honey Bee Should I buy, Saskatraz, Carniolan, Italian, or Other Breeds?

While many scientists are focused on the decline of honey bees ...

A new queen cell developing in a hive.

The barbed stinger of a honey bee is torn off and remains in the skin

Bees evolved in Puerto Rico to become more gentle.

Secret to raising calm non aggressive honey bees

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The European honey bee (Apis mellifera), shown above with a Varroa destructor mite on its thorax, can be bred, or “selected,” for mite resistance, ...

Killer ...

Viable Triploid Honey Bees (Apis mellifera capensis) Are Reliably Produced in the Progeny of CO2 Narcotised Queens | G3: Genes | Genomes | Genetics

Varroa mites – bees' archenemies – have genetic holes in their armor

PAN joins NGOs in Neonics Ban

How selecting for genes to keep the hive clean could help honeybee survival

Bees are seen in Keremeos, B.C. on March 10, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff Bassett

You Received Genetic Test Results from Direct to Consumer Companies or from Research – Will Your Doctor Be Happy to See You?

Honey Bee Breeds and Their Attributes

This is Episode One hundred and forty of our beekeeping show – Thousands of Bees Killed.

Honey bees have had a rough decade or so. Starting in 2006, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) started to empty hives of these precious pollinators.

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May 16, 2018

Italian Queen Bees


Some worker bees in the colony are able to sniff out the dead and the diseased, and chuck them out of the colony before the disease can spread.

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Queen Rearing for Commercial and Hobby Beekeepers cordovan queen bee

Chapter three in Milkwood is all about Natural Beekeeping, and how you can use a principles-based approach to keep bees at home, safe and well, ...

Carniolan Queens

Honey bees overwintering in a southern climate: longitudinal effects of nutrition and queen age on colony-level molecular physiology and performance ...



Texas Beekeepers Since 1888


Hive Florence

Western honey bees (Apis mellifera) are crucial to global agriculture but are facing significant declines due to viruses and pests such as the Varroa mite.

Maori Cell Reports Bee RNA

The Sacred Life of Bees


Conflict among honey bee genes supports theory of altruism | The Source | Washington University in St. Louis


Frontiers | The Wisdom of Honeybee Defenses Against Environmental Stresses | Microbiology

Deformed Wings Virus RNA loads in honey bees.

Varroa attach themselves to the outer anatomy of honey bees.

Types of Bees and Their Traits

... bees–bees in the middle of the cluster rarely sting–apply gentle smoke to those on the periphery. Look at their “faces”–if they are looking at you, ...

Thomas Seeley's colored and numbered bees.

(Credit: Ivan Marjanovic/Shutterstock)

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Foundationless frame of honey @cabrillohorticulture department. You can tell it's foundationless because the cell

Queen Breeding and Genetics - How to get better bees

Keeping honeybees removes pollen and nectar from the environment, say academics

European honey bees, Apis mellifera Linnaeus, on comb in a colony.

How Honey Bees Reproduce

Bee biodiversity farming

Image: Honey bee

Been enjoying keeping bees @1440multiversity — they are bumping this time of year! Storing

23 of the coolest vintage and retro logos

The Honey Bee Is The Glue That Holds It All Together - Savannah Bee Company