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The modern city dweller is convinced that his greatgrandparents

The modern city dweller is convinced that his greatgrandparents


The Excelsior Hong Kong hotel in Causeway Bay. It will close at the end of

Memories of The Excelsior, Hong Kong hotel where guests invited staff for meals and holidays | South China Morning Post

The modern city dweller is convinced that his great-grandparents, while living a simple

Blurred individuals walk on a street lit by colorful signs.

Modern urban life in South America.

Manyata Technology Park is a visual treat as backdrop to the lake's Southern boundary. Occupants of the TechPark are direct beneficiaries of the climate ...

Heavy pollution in Shanghai during the Expo (photo by author)

Notes ...

The Choi Hung Estate is one of the quintessentially Hong Kong buildings specialists believe is worth

Photo: David Maddox An art installation on the Cheonggyecheon. Photo: David Maddox

The Cheonggyecheon restoration. Photo: David Maddox

Figure 1:Illustration of the challenges for privately owned trees in cities (Greater Melbourne Area, Blackburn, Victoria, Australia), ...

The good, bad and ugly sides to Airbnb: purveyor of accommodation and experiences

Blame Modern Life for Political Strife

Urban metabolism has been enjoying a major resurgence in recent years, most likely due to the increasing availability of (good) data.

Endless cities: will China's new urbanisation just mean more sprawl?

Downtown Dallas Trinity River Corridor

Hundertwasser House

Whether you're a city dweller or live out in the sticks, we all

Just 11 per cent of Australians live in apartments.

March 17, 2014

AKASH KAPUR IS part of a group of Indians and half-Indians who have returned to India in the past ten years and written about their experiences.

The Simulated Metropolis: Art and Identity Within the Network

I want to be alone: the rise and rise of solo living

Dolores Park. Photo: Tim Bartel

Entrance to the Shanghai Eco-house (photo by author)

An image of the old Chophouse Row building

What is remarkable about these buildings is that they are festooned with trees and shrubs. These are not buildings with conventional lightweight green roofs ...

Also, this experience showcases the importance of cooperation and coordination: of course, ...

Photograph of Mulberry Street in New York City, 1900. The street is very busy

Unequal Scenes Project

The family spends most of their time in the home's outdoor area, where they cook, bathe, and play. Cooking on a propane gas stove, Solenka makes breakfast ...

A woman sips tea in Tianzifang, Shanghai. Up to 200 million city dwellers have

City-Dwellers are Prone to Depression- High Rises Are To Blame

The family now has a toilet right outside their door, constructed by World Vision two years ago. Now, says Anita, “We're not publicly declaring to everyone ...

Typical lines for the China Pavilion (photo by author)

How we drowned out the night sky

The Sustainable Turn (VS)

Figure 4.12 MI6 'Secret Intelligence Service' Headquarters at 85 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall Cross.

I'm spending the vacations with my grandparents in a little peri-urban village that will soon be digested within the messy innards of Bombay.

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Interestingly, if you look at Victorian terraced housing in areas where land was cheaper, they still stuck to the urban model (such as in the back to backs ...

Via the Twitter feed of Prof. Darel Paul.

Massachusetts, Boston, Statue of George Washington in Boston Public Garden

Campaigning and working for sustainability is a difficult and dangerous job. While the above-mentioned list of challenges already seems burdensome, ...

Air pollution linked to changes in heart structure

THE FEDERAL government and the state of California seem to love suing each other, and have done so dozens of times in the past two years without causing ...

A photo of Alder Hey Children's Hospital - the hospital was recently redesigned and rebuilt using

Figure 4.9 A block of flats, Singapore.

Crow presence as viewed from the Elevated Lab facing north. Credit: Christine Thuring

Urban Update October 2017

The works were completed in 1939, around the same time when the restaurant was built here, according to the project of architect Boltenstern.

An antique photo of families and children looking out the windows of an apartment building and

At 10 stories tall, it seems small by modern standards, but it was the tallest modern building in the world from 1884-1889.

Sight of the LafargeHolcim cement plant from the Masia street. Source: AAV Can Sant Joan

It's dusk at BCIT, and “crow hour” has moved onto the Elevated Lab, where our owl decoy doesn't seem to evoke any response other than disregard.

How Russian troll factories used Twitter to discredit life-saving vaccines

And this was the result (incidentally photographed from the site next door where we are also working).

Inscriptions on its outer walls are written in Polish, which brings us to the next important detail from the history of this place: ...


They may not have had gardens, but those houses surrounded big chunks of leafy landscape. This is Belgrave Square – courtesy of Google Earth.

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Figure 4.15 'Our Glorious Dead', The Cenotaph, London.

Preeti walks hand in hand with her two best friends, Kiran and Roti, on their way to school. The young girls walk by themselves 20 minutes to reach school, ...

07 May 2019 / News and Articles

ACROSS THE country, some children are becoming victims, others perpetrators. On November 3rd a 15-year-old was stabbed in the chest in Swindon.

This attracted higher quality tenants and they made a record profit on the scheme. The tenants in turn spent yet more on the terraces.

Like many twenty-first century city-dwellers, I'd never spent much time with my roommates—let alone my neighbors. Nobody in San Francisco seemed to forge ...

Inscriptions on its outer walls are written in Polish, which brings us to the next important detail from the history of this place: ...

The Smog Free Project, designed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a seven-meter-tall smog vacuum cleaner that purifies 30,000 square meters of air per hour ...

Vitruvian Park Drone View

Figure 4.7 Julie is seen on the upper balcony at 732 Royal Street, New Orleans.

He and his friends would slip out at night and collect baskets-full, enough to feed all the tunnel dwellers.


At times the wind brings a music of bass drums and trumpets, the bang of firecrackers in the light display of a festival; at times the rattle of guns, ...

Photo 20: The urban theatre: between departure, absence, stopover and arrival

Rinku pumps water from a water source below the steps that lead to their home's second floor. The city pipes water into the neighborhood, but it's not clean ...

Fixtures that are aimed upwards, to illuminate a building's surface, are some of the worst light pollution offenders.

Businesses Filling Up Building

This is the Isle of Dogs before development,

Ironically, though, city dwellers' yearnings for all things “natural” compelled them to move to the suburbs, which, of course, swallowed up belts of rich ...



Spot the brawl Credit: alamy

Infrastructural overload in Shanghai (photo by author)

... other scaffoldings, beams that prop up other beams. 'What meaning does your construction have?' he asks. 'What is the aim of a city under construction ...


Two Armed Carjackings End in Violent Crashes

... Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, and Rachael Ray and a lineup of popular cooking competitions like Iron Chef America, Chopped, and Cupcake Wars.

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Figure 4.13 Parliament Square, London, where protesters massed on 1 May 2000.


Endless cities: will China's new urbanisation just mean more sprawl? | Cities | The Guardian