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The orion constellation is easy to spot It is one of the few

The orion constellation is easy to spot It is one of the few


Orion's Belt is one of the most recognizable constellations with it's 3-star belt. Run an imaginary line across the middle star in the Belt (from lo-right ...

How Far are the Constellations?

oricons1-The Orion Constellation

Find Orion, 4 stars, and a galaxy

Can You Spot All 14 Iconic Constellations In These Pictures?

January Constellations. The constellations ...

A Tale of Two Stars: The Inside Story of Orion's Belt

How to Find the Pleiades Star Cluster

Photo of star field with 5 bright stars arranged in a sideways V.

orion's belt, orion nebula,pleiades,crab nebula

Chart showing M42 the Great Nebula in Orion

Circumpolar Constellations

Figure 2: the stars of Orion

Brightest star Sirius on left, with constellation Orion. See how three stars of Orion's Belt point to Sirius? This photo from EarthSky Facebook friend Susan ...

This is Orion. The red star is Betelgeuse. The opposite blue star is Orion

640px-Orion_3008_huge_side.jpg. The constellation Orion ...

I will get a tattoo of this constellation, I have always loved this one!

Orion Constellation

Figure 1: The area around Orion and the ecliptic

Orion: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Constellations ...

Orion, Taurus and Gemini all follow the same pattern of visibility. They are best seen in the night sky beginning in December but fade out of sight by May.

Stars in the Big Dipper via EarthSky Facebook friend Ken Christison. He captured this photo

The constellations Orion and Taurus.

Constellation Guide

Image via Pixabay.

Catch the 'Winter Football' and Other Asterisms with Mobile Astronomy Apps

Kiss the Sky Tonight -- Month of February 2019

The northern sky viewed from southern Australia (about latitude 32 degrees south) in mid-January. Not only are the familiar constellations “upside down”, ...

The next constellation we'll check out is Orion. This is located towards the southern sky, so when you find the Plough simply turn and face the other ...

Old Farmer's Almanac

15 Constellations Every Man Should Know (And How to Find Them)

Constellation: Orion

Hurtigruten - A quick guide to Arctic astronomy-01.jpg

Orion, the Hunter Orion is one of the most beautiful of all constellations, and one of the easiest to find. It looks like a large rectangle high in winter's ...

Sky Watch: It's time to say goodbye to Orion and his gang

Image titled Find the North Star Step 1

This view brings out many fainter features, such as Barnard's Loop. Hanging from Orion's belt ...

Once you know where to look, finding common constellations in the night sky is easy

Orion constellation in the deep sky background

A List of Constellations Visible Seasonally

how to find little dipper,how to find polaris

Orion's Belt. Image from Cheap Astronomy.

Orion-NASA Public Domain

The Hyades

In this 20-image digitally-composed mosaic, cool red giant Betelgeuse takes on a strong orange tint as the brightest star at the upper left. Orion's hot ...

Major stars in Orion constellation (connected and labelled)

Meet the Constellations: Orion

the winter sky

Exploring Orion's Wonders Using Mobile Astronomy Apps

Picture of How to Find 'Polaris' - the North Star


... take a few moments and see if you can spot it clearly, along with the milky way and other constellations such as Scorpius, Taurus and Libra. orion

orion constellation. The constellation of Orion, one ...

If you find Ursa Major, then it's easy to find Ursa Minor (the little bear). Trace a line from the two front stars of the Big Dipper north to the North Star ...

Starwatch: in Orion's sword is the hazy blob where stars are born | Science | The Guardian

Picture of Locate the Big Dipper - (Ursa Major)

Photo of Leo's brightest stars, with lines showing the Lion's shape. Constellation Leo.

The 'cup' is actually part of the bear's chest and his 'front legs' extend from the cup's bottom right corner. Understanding this helps us easily identify ...

image 0 ...

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope picks up a number of newborn stars in the area of space around the constellation of Canis Major. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/University ...

1. The Winter Circle

messier 42 location,find orion nebula

How to Find the Big Dipper

Orion constellation. Artwork of a human warrior overlaid on the constellation of Orion the Hunter. A line of three bright stars marks the position of ...

Omega Centauri

This chart shows most if not all of the stars that typically are visible through handheld

Using Orion as a signpost in the winter sky. (Stellarium)

oricons2-The Orion Constellation


Milky Way from Utah

The stars Alpha Centauri (upper left) including A and B, are part of the same trinary star system as Proxima Centauri (circled). Beta Centauri (upper right) ...

So, it is the Orion constellation, in this, you see a belt of 3 stars & below it there are some stars looking & the bright red purple dot is nothing but ...


How to Find 'Polaris' - the North Star

winter sky,winter triangle,winter hexagon,pollux,capella,procyon,betelgeuse

Orion the Hunter appears in the winter sky, with his club held over his head and his shield (sometimes shown as a lion's skin) held out in front of him.

Ursa major and ursa minor

The Orion constellation in Hydrogen alpha, shot by Maltese astrophotographer Leonard Ellul Mercer from Attard

M57 [The Ring Nebula]

The ...

Ten-minute time exposure facing west, from the same location as the previous two photos. The stars are setting along a diagonal, from south (left) to north ...

The Big Dipper also has four stars in a box and a three-star strong tail. Ursa Major includes all the stars seen on the left.

Simple Shapes Make the Search Easy

Deep space objects near ORION (M35 open cluster) (Clown nebula) M41 (Little Beehive) M46 M47 M48 M50 M93

Finding constellations is remarkably easy with a little help. We've written an entire series of entries about how to find constellations and summer is the ...

The sword is composed of the Orion nebula (M42), with the Trapezium open star cluster at its centre.

Looking ...

3 Well-Known Constellations & How to Find Them, Memphis, Tennessee

Horsehead Nebula in the Orion constellation

The Beehive Cluster

The Constellations Won't Always Look This Way