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The uncomfortable truth about the postpartum body Pregnancy

The uncomfortable truth about the postpartum body Pregnancy


Looking forward to meeting your baby but worried about what your postpartum body will look like

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Truth is though, it's also pretty damn brutal. The things your body goes through are not only miraculous, they are downright ...

My postpartum body challenges and the advice I wish I had received earlier.

There's no such thing as a normal post-baby body — and these moms are proof every woman should love the one she's got.

Isn't it incredible what the human body can do? Or better yet, what a woman's body can do? I have had four children, including twins, in the span of five ...

Pregnant mother holding her belly

Photo: @Oldjoy via Instagram

Your daughter is watching you, postpartum belly and all

There's been a long-standing stigma surrounding mothers and their postpartum bodies. But now, moms are coming forward to share the truth.

I want you all to see me as I really am, and to know that I'm not perfect and I struggle with my postpartum body just like many other women out there do.

The Honest Body Project/Natalie McCain. “

Postpartum body: new mom holding baby

Postpartum girdles can aid in back support, help with muscle memory, provide support during breastfeeding, and decrease pressure on the back and legs.

The author, Avra Siegel

Jen McLellan of @PlusMommy


My postpartum body challenges and the advice I wish I had received earlier.

The TRUTH About Postpartum Bodies {Body Reveal}

pregnant woman pregnancy

In the ...

"Society sends new mothers messages about needing to fix their imperfections, that they need to 'bounce back' and lose the baby weight within weeks," McCain ...

'I had a panic attack before I posted it. My body has fat, it has rolls, it's got stretch marks from before my pregnancy. But that doesn't make it any less ...

My toddler watching me struggle to dress my post-baby-body. “

I gave birth to Honor on January 11th, 2018. I was lucky enough that it was a very quick 4 hour labor and delivery (watch me tell the story here!) so I was ...

Fancy t-shirts for my post-baby body

Belly belt on a pregnant woman

The real reason you have a post-pregnancy belly bulge

People have been telling me about my body for most of my life. Family members, friends, and strangers have lent their personal opinions at some point.

How I am Handling my Postpartum Body Image Issue

The ugly truth about your body after baby. 10 facts you should know about life

I Posted Pics Of My Postpartum Body Online & The Reactions Were Heartbreaking

Meghan Markle Belly

What I Learned From Gaining (Way) Too Much Weight in Pregnancy - Stacey Mattinson Nutrition

Emily Skye's 2-Second Transformation Makes an Important Point About Postpartum Bodies - The fitness influencer wants women to know that snapping back to ...

The postpartum period comes with a slew of uncomfortable side effects. If you are a mom, you've been there. Deodorant is currently helping me battle my very ...

The Shocking But Totally Normal Changes Your Body Goes Through Postpartum

woman combing hair

You can see my tummy under this towel and I love every inch of it!

4 Causes of Post Pregnancy Hanging Belly & How To Get Rid Of It

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If you're either pregnant or up to five years postpartum (and a U.S. resident), consider participating in Rebecca's research on body image.

I HATE my postpartum body

The new-mom body survey: 7,000 women tell it like it is


Pregnancy and childbirth brings a lot of changes to a mother's life. This goes without saying. Your body changes. Your family increases by one.


This Is Postpartum With Meg Boggs

Pregnant woman running.

The Honest Body Project/Natalie McCain. "


COMING CLEAN: Building Postpartum Body Confidence

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My postpartum fitness plan and mindset.

Specifically engineered to help women recover from pregnancy, our High-waisted Recovery Postpartum Leggings

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10 Incredible C-Section Stories—and the Scars That Go With Them. "

Sex during pregnancy

How to say no and put yourself first



An Honest Conversation About Varicose Veins During Pregnancy, Part 1 - Jennifer Hunt

Top 75 Tips For Pregnancy and Postpartum

5 months pregnant/5 months postpartum Postpartum Body, Body After Baby, 5 Months


The Honest Body Project/Natalie McCain. "

I Don't Like My Postpartum Body – And That's Okay

As a new mom myself, I share the ultimate new mom essentials list to help

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Jessie James Decker on Postpartum Depression and the Diet That Helped Her Lose Baby Weight - Health

What you won't hear about your postpartum body…and What You Can Do About It.

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5 Truths on Losing Belly Fat

9 weeks pregnant: Let's understand what all is happening in your body!

four women in underwear showing off their bodies and their babies

New mom in hospital holding baby; should you wear a postpartum corset?

The Honest Body Project/Natalie McCain. "

My postpartum fitness plan and mindset.

Why I Wore a Postpartum Girdle {The Second Time Around}

7 Ways Your Vagina Might Change After You Give Birth

Postpartum Weight Loss - Your Body After Baby

What happened to my sex drive?

black pregnant woman with baby

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