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These two words connote and denote are easy to confuse and mix up

These two words connote and denote are easy to confuse and mix up



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The above pair of words and the ones following have confused innumerable people. The words 'lie' and 'lay' both have dual meanings. 'Lie' can mean both 'to ...

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Ever mixed up words in a sentence or said the wrong word ...

These two words, connote and denote, are easy to confuse and mix up because


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“Children seem to interpret disjunction like conjunction,” observes MIT Linguistics Professor Danny Fox. “

Commonly Confused Words

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There are a number of words which can be confusing to those using English. Some examples include was vs were, who vs whom, and further vs farther.

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In recent years, neuroscience has introduced a new way of thinking about our emotions. The scientists behind the latest brain-imaging studies say they can ...

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Our brains are remarkably good at making sense out of what appears to be nonsense. (Photo: leungchopan/Shutterstock)

I pity the innocent Dutch child that grows up in the farming fields of Friesland, and then decides to spread their wings and start a life in an anglophone ...

A simple example of this is the German for compound word Wortzusammensetzung (word-together-setting). Sometimes the meanings are obvious, while others are a ...

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Do you worry about whether errors are getting by you? Or that you are correcting non-errors? Check out these two online self-study courses: Proofread Like a ...

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Häagen-Dazs may sound Danish, but it's completely made up. Facebook/Häagen-Dazs

Commonly used: Well, what does it look like? Jazz hands of course!

In the last few days, the eyes of our “Top and Flop Facebook ad of the month” Committee were focused on AdEspresso's Ads Gallery.

When the word this stands alone, readers are forced to ask “This what?”

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Mitigation of Password Predicament This article talks about the old and new NIST password guidelines.

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Bird in the hand aphorism example

Don't forget to download your free pdf copy of this guide and to practise your skills with the exercises at the end!

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Pregnant women in India, where the word for "mom," in Hindi, is "mām̐"Mansi Thapliyal / Reuters


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Sometimes, the phrases, acronyms and strings of numbers or number-letter combinations used to identify photographic hardware or techniques can be daunting ...

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I read them.

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... not literally mean what they say. For example, if you say someone is a "bad apple" this implies that the person is a negative influence on others or is ...


Learn more about how to create content and break into the exploding industry of content marketing for a living in Julia's new masterclass, ...

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These agreement rules do not apply to verbs used in the simple past tense without any helping verbs.

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