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This innocent seal is entangled in a trawl net Trawl nets Are used

This innocent seal is entangled in a trawl net Trawl nets Are used


This innocent seal is entangled in a trawl net. Trawl nets Are used to catch fish. You pull the fishing net through the water with a boat…

We enjoyed two and a half hours of very good seal observation with excellent light for the scope and a steady stream of arriving seal seekers to keep us ...

Of course, the photos above have been published way down in quality, so that this page does not take forever to load. These animals are about 400 yards away ...

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Northern fur seal entangled in fishing net, Alaska

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"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” . 🖊: Lao Tzu. "

VIA Seals on Instagram: “We can prevent an entanglement like this one. Help out by volunteering or donating to @themarinemammalcenter to prevent casualties ...

Arctic; Blue whale

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Biggest Fish in the Sea pt. 1: “Complete Guide to Sustainable Fishing Techniques

Not long after we achieved our peak seal count, the seals flushed on their own accord under flat calm conditions at 9:50, in the manner we are accustomed to ...

VIA Seals ( @entangled_seals )

Bycatch - bottom trawler

Bottom trawling and it's impact on marine life and their ecosystems. Bottom trawling is not

GHOST FISHING Derelict fishing nets have turned the bottom of the sea into a death trap - Ocean Plastics

LIKE THE SEAL AND READ BELOW! Okay, so world record posts are going around

A young female gray seal who is severely entangled in monofilament fishing line (center) rests among a haul-out in Chatham, Massachusetts on July 27, 2016.

Clyde Graf: New Zealand's long-term use of 1080 is poisoning forest ecosystems and could drive birds and insect populations to extinction

Love the way the seals coats blend into the surroundings. Shot on the

Let's celebrate our upcoming Mermaid Ball with a seal release! We hope you can join us as we release three gray seals back to the wild. DETAILS:

This hospital for seals and sea lions will warm your heart


NO Super Trawlers. Not Here. Not Anywhere VIDEO Australia Bans Super Trawlers -- Permanently

A female monk seal Monachus monachus swimming at the water's surface in the Cabo Blanco Peninsula on the African coast of the Atlantic ocean.


It isn't as strange as it sounds: Because all morbilliviruses are antigenically similar, meaning that vaccines made for one can cross-protect against ...

Keep the world's dirtiest fuel out of Arctic waters

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Another regular source of amusement at Rome Point are some of the dogs that accompany their owners on their hike. Today we were entertained by the presence ...

Help seals like this in need by donating, volunteering, or spreading the word.


when sustainable fishing methods are not used pots and traps can get loose and continue to

the ocean's diversity.jpg

Cooperation between fishermen, regulators not just a fluke

seal pup rescued by cows

... up to 5 pounds of unintended marine species are caught and discarded as by-kill. For the innocent turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks, seals ...

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New rules to prevent porpoise deaths in fishing nets

The application of this protocol was then used to; 57.

Baby whale tail entangled in fishing net. Photo: Sea Shepherd/Mike Rigney

Tuna heads in the news!

A hammerhead shark entangled in a shark net

“It Just Consumed Me”

The catch from a bottom trawl at a station with some fish and a lot of pyrosomes (pink tube-like creatures). Image source: Alexa K.

Seal pups need space offshore, too 🏖 . . . #greatouting #great_outing #

This is a Cornish grey seal pup entangled in a green nylon net. Please help

(From scienceblogs.com) – After becoming entangled in a fishing net off the coast of Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefrecture in Japan, a wounded and exhausted young ...

Humpback whale echolocation, Pelorus jack, Dolphin News (Episode 5)

“Despite appearances, this is not designer beachwear for aquatic animals!”

Why Rare Hawaiian Monk Seals Are Lining Up to Get Their Shots

Humpback's flipper entangled in illegal gillnet in vaquita refuge. Photo: Sea Shepherd/Carolina A Castro

Unsucceful attempt by a diver to rescue a Leatherback turtle caught in a net

Healthy seals need their daily dose of sun. It is important that they can rest, so do not get to close to them and keep dogs on a leash, ...


“Despite appearances, this is not designer beachwear for aquatic animals!”

The LINK Online, May 24,25,26, 2019


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panther (c) Glen Stacell

Why Sardines Matter: Critical Ecosystem Food Source in Steep Decline

Keynes, R. D. ed. 2001. Charles Darwin's Beagle diary. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

This is a leopard seal. They are fierce predators and are not currently being hunted

Our dog walks


We have been enjoying taking seal photos for identification purposes on days when the light is good, as the camera on my new phone seems to work especially ...


After more than four years of study, the National Marine Fisheries Service today proposed a rule to address sea turtle captures in skimmer trawls, nets used ...

Was looking through actual images of bykill when I came across this drawing. Found some information online and added the info onto this art.

... of taking all the drugs and at the ...

Humpback whale photographed traveling southbound. Image source: Alexa K.

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'Reverie,' 40-rater. Built for A. D. Clarke, Esq., 1891, by Messrs. Fay. Designed by J. M. Soper.

Its another land & beach clean up this afternoon as organised by our very own Eco warrior G! AS relaible as ever G has organised another 20 volunteers to ...

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http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/prog...erstood/5128194. "

Mon HDR commence ici!

The ER = EPR idea posits that entangled particles inside and outside of a black hole's event horizon are connected via wormholes.