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This is canon as far as Im concerned Me and my nerdyness Marvel

This is canon as far as Im concerned Me and my nerdyness Marvel


He's so perfect... although the whole "old movie" thing slightly triggered me.

The moment Tony Stark starts to regret he invited everyone to live in Avengers' tower.

Illustration for article titled What the Hell is Marvel Going to Do With the Inhumans?

With great power, comes great meme abilities Marvel Funny, Marvel Memes, Marvel Dc

A chat with comics writer Dan Slott about Spider-Man, Peter Parker, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fortnite x AvengersDISCUSSION (i.redd.it)

If Cap survived in the ice for almost 20 years, why couldn't Bucky? And yes, this story is canon as far as I'm concerned -- that recent stuff?

... it runs in my mind it was in an Open Forum on what is canon in comics. At any rate, Karen and I both liked this issue over a decade ago, ...

The Guardians of the Galaxy is just the Avengers tabletop game... I like this headcanon but unfortunately cannot accept it because of Infinity War

Why Are Superhero Movies So Much Better Than Superhero Comics?

This is pretty much canon now and is heartbreaking but amazing

No one messes with Captain America, not even the President. Picture: Marvel / Bryan HitchSource:Supplied


How cool would it be if we see the Proton Cannon in Avengers 4

Ben Mendelsohn (ANIMAL KINGDOM) plays the main Skrull character, but luckily he gets to be a little goofy and break out of that arrogant lead villain slot I ...

Amazing Spider-Man #6

Marvel / The Atlantic

The Bat-Signal can only operated by a civilian temp named "Stacy"

8 Real Comics Fans Share Their Weirdest Facts About Marvel / DC

Here's the Hidden Message in Every Marvel Movie

In the confusion, the Nazi was able to escape in a V2 rocket, and no one would know of the murder he'd just committed. Back in Castle Latveria, ...

FULL DISCLOSURE: I haven't seen this movie yet. I'm only putting her this high based on the honest reviews from Quorans I respect and other critics I ...

The nerds who hate 'Captain Marvel'

Marvel comics. Rogue facts. Xmen. Find this Pin and more on My Geeky Nerdy ...

December 17, 2015 • Alexandro Segade on the Year in Mutants

I assumed the FX involved in smoothing out Samuel L. Jackson meant he'd be a smaller part than the trailers implied. In fact this might be the most ...

I love how Loki is a cat in this.

Doug: It beginning to look like curtains for our heroes. Thor will be sent to another dimension, Iron Man is virtually powerless, the Hulk bounces around ...

Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos

5 Ways Sony and Marvel Can Fix 'Spider-Man'

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Justice League


stereotypical otaku

Matt Fraction's innovative Hawkeye, from Marvel Comics

In 1942, Fawcett Comics released the ongoing series Fawcett's Funny Animals featuring Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, a cartoon rabbit who emulated Billy Batson's ...

Conan the Barbarian: 7 Old School Marvel Comics Recommendations - Nerds on Earth

captain marvel poster disney marvel mcu movies

If we met and I gave you one of those bright orange business cards, thank you for sitting down with this nerd for a chat and sharing some of your energy and ...

What were your thoughts around Spider-Man finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel's Iron Fist

We're ...

... writing this quiz, have not seen the ...


Image: CW.

Marvel ...

Avengers: Infinity War, Vision, Scarlet Witch

Don Cheadle says the time for makers is now: 'You gotta create that thing that you want'

I have always been impressed by the continuity between the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's at the core of why I love these films so much; why, ...

Zoha originally studied law before she decided to take 12 months off to follow her dream and pursue ...

Real Comics Fans Share Their Weirdest Facts About Marvel / DC - wolverine's claws were originally

It's a really nice touch, and is a real throwback to simpler times, when the MU was in its infancy. While the FF are for the most part interested in the ...

Avengers: Endgame Easter Eggs - Complete Marvel Universe References | Whisky + Sunshine

Improvengers Assemble is the fully improvised Marvel-based comedy show. All the heroes. All the villains. Your story.

Captain Marvel (i.redd.it)

John Allison just announced that he's bringing an end to his Tackleford strips — the series of stories that began as Bobbins back in the internet Dark Ages ...

In “ ...

Another origin movie where Marvel plays it safe. I struggle to realise why we had to get a film set in the 90's this late on just before Endgame.

Captain-America-Hail Hydra

So what was the point of making her history more convoluted if it's not even going to syngergize with the movie?

The book wears its intellectualism lightly—but, for those with a keen eye, look out for cultural references to Édouard Manet, Augustus Egg, Sarah Bernhardt, ...

Source via Know Your Meme

To view this ...

The fun kind of canon. Not this:

Marc Malkin

Avengers: Infinity War, like all the previous Marvel Studios films, certainly can be viewed and judged on its own. The makers of these Marvel films never ...

Real Comics Fans Share Their Weirdest Facts About Marvel / DC - pink kryptonite turns superman

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Captain Marvel - Vern's Reviews on the Films of Cinema Vern's Reviews on the Films of Cinema. "

so is this cannon canon or what

avengers endgame poster marvel mcu

So what is the engine? Well, that would be the brilliant Daniel Brühl as Zemo. His role has been mostly downplayed from the very beginning, but he's what ...

This may be my most controversial pick, as many consider this to be one of the very best MCU movies there is. And don't get me wrong, it's good.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been unfolding in something close to real time, and so as this new film opens, we check back in with Scott Lang ...

Real Comics Fans Share Their Weirdest Facts About Marvel / DC - the sub mariner

Kentucky Fried Chicken Presents

The 100 Best Superhero Movies of All Time

... food provided by humanitarian aid, because their bodies were not used to digesting it.

We're ...

The world to sing? Find out when Oddsocks rumble in with the adventures of this legendary folk hero in a show for all the family. Suitable for ages 7+

Page detail from Uncanny X-Men #600 (Marvel, 2015).

To make up for his initial reaction and behavior towards Tawny, the heroic Captain Marvel then helps the tiger secure a job as a tour guide at the local ...

Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) – $59.99

I want to address the question of whether Elektra: Assassin is canon within the mainstream Marvel continuity.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 500 Textless

That's What's Up: The 8 weirdest superhero crossovers ever

Marvel's ...

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20 best star wars characters main pic 2016