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This mollusk actually has an internal shell and will squirt bright

This mollusk actually has an internal shell and will squirt bright


Big Gastropod: The conch (pronounced "konk") is a big snail. There are two eyes on stalks peeking out from under the shell. The points on the shell protect ...

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-their bright colors serve as warnings. Class Bivalvia Bivalves have two shells that are held together by powerful muscles. 2.

Most cephalopods have a similar body plan. They have a mantle, which is basically a tube-like body to store the internal organs. They also have a funnel at ...

This mollusk actually has an internal shell and will squirt bright purple ink when threatened ?

The Mind of an Octopus


Mollusks, High Acidity and Global Warming

Sea squirts; Tunicata. 99 BKIT1SH TUNTCATA. The chief function of the test, like that of the shell in the higher mollusks, is no doubt to ...

Mollusk Characteristics

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Two octopuses sitting underwater highlight the different textures the animals can take on.

A tiny shell from a tiny beach with tiny barnacles for stars and planets

The white spiralling shell is actually the internal shell of the Ram's Horn Squid, scientific name Spirula spirula. You can just see the edge of ...

20120518-439px-Moluscos_del_Estado_Falcon_008.jpg. Mollusks ...

PALAEONTOLOGY[online] | Article: Fossil Focus > Fossil Focus: Coleoid cephalopods - the squid, cuttlefish and octopus

It may not look like much, but getting it off the rock is nearly impossibel!

Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, and nautilus all have differently shaped pupilsβ€” an octopus

They can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as


This is the scallop that most people never see. This bivalve has hundreds of tiny eyes to keep a lookout for predators (those are the tiny black dots around ...

Recently captured octopus hang to dry in Greece.


The internal shell, just about seen here poking out on either side of the mantle, is actually a buoyancy organ.

The Common Caribbean octopus on the prowl at night, looking for food.

Orion Magazine

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An octopus's arm can taste, touch and move without oversight from the brain. To test if the brain also has centralized, top-down control over the limbs, ...

Took my AS groups to the Isle of Wight. Rocky shore ecology study πŸ₯³ Had

Critter of the Week: the ancient group of the lamp shells, or brachiopods | NIWA

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whelk shells beach combing north carolina




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After scraping sea squirts from exterior of the cage for about an hour, I popped open the cage to inspect the inside. Right away, I noticed quite a few open ...

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Invertebrate Animals: Clams

Flame Scallop

She has observed eggs at the end of Ann Coleman Road in Juneau, Alaska at depths of 90 feet and deeper.

The ...

fulgurator oliva donnie

Bluebottle - Morgan Talbot

The ...

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They have an internal, chambered gas-filled shell (cuttlebone) using for buoyancy control, much like the external shell of nautiluses.

Typically, the shells of land snails are more globose or more elongated. In any event, land snails carry their shell a little tilted to the side, ...

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Mitrella tuberosa

Are Sea Squirts Crowding Out Scallops?

Giant Clams live in the tropical Indo-Pacific and reach several hundred pounds in weight. They have symbiotic algae in their mantle tissue that harvests the ...

The Bob Sculpin, Another Gem of The Deep Sea

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27 Copyright Pearson Prentice Hall Groups of Mollusks Most modern cephalopods have only small internal shells ...

Pearly nacre of a nautilus shell The ...

Eastern elliptio

tahitian black pearl in a shell - one tahitian pearl

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Bay Scallop

The buoyant shells wash up on beaches all over the world, but the squid itself is rarely seen. The shell is made up of a series of separate chambers.

Cuttlefish or Sepias (Sepiidae)

We've reached the dead middle of the months that end in the letter R, which means one thing for Guy Gourmet: We're eating oysters. Join us.

With over 100 000 known species in the world, molluscs are one of the largest divisions in the animal kingdom. They take many forms, but all share certain ...

If you look at an ammonite which has had its outer shell removed (below), you'll see beautiful and complex patterns called suture lines. This is where the ...

Other ...

Chiton: has an articulated shell. They are small to large marine molluscs, and are sometimes called 'sea cradles' or 'coat of mail shells.

Crab Performing ...

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Zebra and quagga mussels are in the Phylum Mollusca, a diverse bunch that includes snails and slugs, limpets, clams, scallops, squid, octopi, and cuttlefish ...

oliva fulgurator captiva

25 Class Bivalvia: Bivalves Groups of Mollusks Class Bivalvia: Bivalves Bivalves have two shells that ...

Hooked Mussel

Chiton: has an articulated shell. They are small to large marine molluscs, and are sometimes called 'sea cradles' or 'coat of mail shells.

When you approach an octopus in the wild, it is not unusual for the animal to send out one of its arms to inspect you. The arm's suckersβ€”each of which may ...

Scallop Shells Recycled as Chalk

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Giant squid have eight arms but use their two long feeding tentacles to seize prey.


The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness

Mating cuttlefish in the Georgia Aquarium. Source: Wikipedia.

Have you ever seen these white spirally shells washed up on your local beach? Have you ever wondered what animal makes these shells or even if there is ...

The Radula of a Giant Marine Snail