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Today consisted of work planting some flowers soaking up the

Today consisted of work planting some flowers soaking up the


Today consisted of work, planting some flowers, soaking up the spring weather, food


Zinnias are some of the easiest and most rewarding flowers to grow from seed.

Medicinal Flowers and Their Uses

Knee High Mix Sweet Pea


Striking plants have stiff, erect flower spikes — 1 to 4 feet tall — that emerge ...

A close up of an deep orange French marigold.

Close up of lily of the valley in bloom in shady tree filled back garden.

Soil comes in a whole array of types. The basic categories are clay, silt, loam and sand with constant variation within each of these classes.

Daffodil Yellow

Field of sunflowers

How to Grow Alliums From Seed

Anemone Planting Guide

Pinching out the growing tip

Aster Flowers

Color Changing Carnation Flowers

Dad Holding Tropical Flower Bouquet

Top down view of a various colors of Verbena flowers in bloom.

Beginner's Guide to Growing Dahlias

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Marigolds

You can trust marigolds to thrive in your yard without having to do much work beyond planting them. Find a spot for them where they can soak up the sun and ...


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Sunflowers

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Amazon.com: gmnalahome Extra Thick Door Mat Plant Flower Zoomed Photo Image Mexican Hot Natural Plant Work Green Soak Up Water and Dirt W21 x H11 INCH: ...

How to plant and grow freesias

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Sweet Pea Flowers

Bouquet of sweet peas

11 Plants That Will Grow Better in Your Bathroom

How to Plant a Flower Garden

stone path in garden with gray rose trellis

Image titled Plant Poppy Seeds Step 1

How To Extend the Life of Your Cut Flowers

Depending on where you live and what kind of set up you're working with, you can plant your anemones in either the fall or late winter-early spring.

Growing Roses: Secrets to Success for Rose Gardening

Lily of the Valley Planting Guide

How to Plant Ranunculus: Summer Garden Guide

The Complete Clematis Growing Guide: Easy Tips for Planting, Pruning, and Producing Masses of Flowers


Image titled Grow Snapdragons Step 1

Why do so many homeowners continue to plant butterfly bush, even though many experts now consider the Asian import to be an invasive species?

Good soil prep is the key to successful gardening. This article covers the basics of soil preparation.

The easy-to-grow tubers will produce a phenomenal display of colour in a range of styles with beautiful dense foliage. Dahlia work perfectly with ...

Gladiolus Flower - Pink

flower planter

Because this bunch is simple to start, you'll save money and get more plants

Depending on where you live and what kind of set up you're working with, you can plant your ranunculus in either the fall or late winter-early spring.


How to Grow Wildflowers in the Spring or Summer

Where to go, what to do, and which flowers to see

An endless supply of blossoms! Home flower gardeners enjoy growing hollyhocks in borders or against walls and fences where their spectacular flowers stand ...

What to do in the garden this month:

Emotional Impact of Flowers Study

How to grow sweet peas

For all its showy blossoms, this flowering shrub is surprisingly low maintenance. Plant it in full sunlight, ...

A rainbow rose is a real rose grown to produce petals in the colors of the

Growing Hot Peppers

If you're a gardener looking for hope in the middle of an icy January day, there's no better balm than a geranium seedling.

When To Plant Dahlias. Dahlias are some of the ...

Ranunculus Bulb Planting Guide

Wilting flowers on the left. The same flowers after being revived on the right.

This is minor stuff. The British garden – and countryside – is at its very best and I adore every second of it.

Green alkanet: that mystery plant, revealed

How to Grow Orchids From Seeds

Oxalis Shamrock Planting Guide. Some of the ...

Old Farmer's Almanac

Solanum, Potato vine, a jasmine look-alike

... too lightly and then in the the new year, when the foliage has all died back, you can prune again, reducing each side shoot to just 2 or 3 inches.

It's never ideal to move a large rose bush in the summer. But sometime you just have to

Pink vinca blooms.

Plant Some Geraniums

How to sow and grow hollyhocks


Dining table in the garden

Clematis bloom soaking in the much needed moisture from morning dew

Hollyhock Growing Guide: Complete Guide On Care and Maintenance - Garden Lovers Club

Homeowner Owen Fairbank works on planting a rain garden in the right-of-way

Vertical hanging garden. “