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US warns of threat from Chinese drones in 2019 Serious Issues

US warns of threat from Chinese drones in 2019 Serious Issues


DJI drone


Homeland Security reportedly warns of Chinese-made drones stealing data

Chinese-made drones may be sending sensitive flight data to their manufacturers in China, where it can be accessed by the government there, the US ...

US Warns That Chinese-Made Drones Could Steal Data for China

Pentagon is scrambling as China 'sells the hell out of' armed drones to US allies

DJI Releases Security Findings It Hopes Will Quash 'Chinese Spying' Fears

China sells arms to more countries and is world's biggest exporter of armed drones, says Swedish think tank SIPRI

DJI is best known for photography and video drones used by professionals and consumers © Bloomberg

A DJI Technology drone flies during a demonstration in Shenzhen, China, in 2014. DJI sells the majority of Chinese-made drones bought in the United States.

As of July, drones could no longer be flown above 400 feet or within 1km of UK airport boundaries © AFP

High-end military drones

China's J-20 stealth jet fighters appear to have knockoffs of

Palestinians run to take cover as an Israeli drone fires tear gas grenades east of Gaza

World's top consumer drone maker scores U.S. wins despite security concerns as China trade war takes toll

Drones can stay airborne for hours at a time © Joe Giddens/PA

A DJI crop-spraying drone is displayed during the SIMA (Mondial des Fournisseurs de

All about Wing Loong II: Pakistan's new drone from China

... China, last year. The company said accusations by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that it shares sensitive information on American ...

The US Army is reportedly banning all drones from China's DJI

DHS Warns That Drones Made in China Could Steal U.S. Data

US warns about alleged spying threat from Chinese-made drones

DHS warns of data threat from Chinese-made drones

BEIJING: China will sell 48 high-end armed drones to its "all-weather ally" Pakistan in what a military observer said will be the largest deal of its kind, ...

Pakistan shuns US for Chinese high-tech weapons

Benefits, risks, challenges and advice for drones in enterprises in 2018.

World War 3: China unveils 'flying saucer' stealth drone - top-secret programmes alerts US | World | News | Express.co.uk

Laser-equipped drones will take out missile threats to the US

What aircraft does the US Air Force need to beat China and Russia? This new study has an answer.

U.S. DHS warns of data threat from Chinese-made drones

According to the BBC, the US government has issued an alert warning that Chinese-made drones may pose potential cyberespionage risks to American businesses.

War with US would be a disaster, China says

A mockup of the Chinese CH-7 combat drone on display at the Zhuhai airshow

Phantom 3 drone bounces off the face of a crash

IRAN WARNING: US military COMPROMISED as Tehran HACKS military drones causing CHAOS

Forget Gatwick, Why The Deadliest Terrorist Threat From Drones Is Not At Our Airports

DHS warns of data threat from Chinese-made drones | News | 1450 99.7 WHTC

Israeli concerns about Chinese weapons in Middle East

The Pentagon is getting serious about AI weapons

DJI Drones - Spy Eyes in the Sky

The UAV Digest - The weekly audio podcast bringing you coverage of unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.

China's CH-7 stealth aircraft is expected to have its first flight in late 2019

Reforming U.S. Drone Strike Policies

Microdrones to Host GeoDays 2019, June 12 – 14

A drone

The Era of the Drone Swarm Is Coming, and We Need to Be Ready for It

LEDE_space war D.jpg

Leaked government memo claims DJI is spying on the US for China: Digital Photography Review

China Is Hard At Work Developing Swarms Of Small Drones With Big Military Applications

Why the US Government Is Terrified of Hobbyist Drones

Imagine swarms of undersea, surface, and aerial drones hunting submarines hidden in the vastness of the ocean. Or imagine hundreds of airborne drones ...

Drones are recognised threat to critical infrastructure, ...

China is unleashing lethal fully autonomous drones that can carry out targeted military strikes

US Marine Corps 2nd Lt. Michael Francica, with Combat Logistics Battalion 8, Combat Logistics Regiment 2, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, pilots an InstantEye ...

The drone revolution is on the horizon but not quite here yet.

Are there effective counter-measures against drones?

DARPA artist's concept

Wing Loong II

US warns to halt ground operations of Indian airlines; issues threat

Embry_Riddle uses the Penguin C UAS from UAV Factory.

Drone with chainsaw

Embry-Riddle Penguin C showing open sensor bay.

Growth of AI could boost cybercrime and security threats, report warns

Russia and China Target Middle East Arms Deals

An MQ-9 Reaper, armed with laser-guided munitions and Hellfire missiles,

Exclusive: Trump to boost exports of lethal drones to more U.S. allies - sources - Reuters

Worldwide Threats Briefing: 5 Takeaways, From Russia to China

Eyes in the sky: Heat-seeking drones used after tornado

Drones and diplomacy: US Ramstein air base stirs controversy in Germany

China's Sea Control Is a Done Deal, 'Short of War With the U.S.'China's Sea Control Is a Done Deal, 'Short of War With the U.S.'

Navy helicopter pilots hit by lasers in South China Sea. '

UAV Technology 2019

The UAV Digest - The weekly audio podcast bringing you coverage of unmanned aerial vehicles and systems.

DHS warns that Chinese-made drones are stealing data

US drone in Afghanistan (Getty Images/AFP/N. Shirzada)

3 reasons why China is the global drones leader

U.S. to sell 34 advanced surveillance drones to allies in South China Sea region

US aircraft intercepted by Russian fighter in 'unsafe' interaction

Asia's largest defense conference, the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue, took place at Singapore's Shangri-La Hotel from May 31 to June 2. Acting United States ...

Image by ImagineChina

Groundbreaking U.S. Plan Would Permit Drone Flights Over Crowds

A government study found DJI drone, banned by US Army, kept data safe

The US government just made clear it's going after more types of Chinese tech than we thought

U.S. Public Support for Drone Strikes | Center for a New American Security

These drones on a leash can fly for hours

DJI Rolls Out 'Local Data Mode' for Drones After US Army Ban Over Unknown 'Cyber Vulnerabilities'

US warns airliners flying in Persian Gulf amid Iran tensions

How dangerous are drones to aircraft?

The DEFCON warning system

Watch what happens when a small drone hits a plane at 238 miles per hour

U.S. President Donald Trump (R) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L)

A DJI drone. (Source: DJI)

The ...