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Under the same Sky Exhibition 25 28Feb2016 Schlegelschmuck

Under the same Sky Exhibition 25 28Feb2016 Schlegelschmuck


Platform for the communication of the international art jewellery. Under the same Sky

Your Schmuck and Munich Jewellery Week 2016 Must-See List. Special Newletter


Schmuck 2016 preview special newsletter

Matices by Jordi Aparicio and Jorge Manilla · Exhibition

(69) Light matters

Exhibition · Maden'den. 18Feb2016 - 03Mar2016 Manzara Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey

Luzia Vogt will be part of the #exhibition From A to Z at Maurer Zilioli

Under the same light by Felix Lindner, Flóra Vági, Monica Cecchi · Exhibition

Off the Shelf is an exhibition of work by staff and students of Central Saint Martins, BA Jewellery Design course. For a second year running, the designers ...

Barbara Workshops 2016

SPECIALS, a HandShake Alumni exhibition #42


Galerie Biró Junior in cooperation with Bella Neyman & Ruta Reifen from Platforma, New York

Estonishing, Exhibition

INVISIBLE WALL - https://www.facebook.com/events/738304622969751

Where does the parallel world exist? by Mari Ishikawa · Exhibition

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins - Elena Bonanom, Binary Finery 1

Exhibition · BLANCO 24Feb2016 - 28Feb2016 Munich City Munich, Germany

Common Ground by Helen Clara Hemsley, Chequita Nahar and Carla Nuis. Traveling exhibition.

JUNK: rubbish to gold - Drum roll.

Exhibition · (IM)PRINT 25Feb2016 - 28Feb2016 easy!upstream. Munich, Germany

RUUDT PETERS TERRAM - 2th of.February until 9th of April 2016 RUUDT PETERS -

Germany's upcoming talents, Exhibition

Estonishing ! 13* from Estonia

AJF Book Release

Flora Vagi, Monica Cecchi et Felix Lindner - UNDER THE SAME LIGHT

In Conversation with Mike Holmes - 25 years with Velvet da Vinci

9 - Off the shelf - Central St Martins - Lucie Davis, Enamelled Price Pins

Hatara Project, Time Perception Vol.3

AJF Artist Award Exhibition

Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtray, Confused Brand, 2015, necklace, 9 x 33 x

Traveling exhibition. 7 Days, 4 Venues

Carina Shoshtary, Confused Branches 3 detail, 2015, necklace, 9 cm x 33

Béatrice Balivet:

Studio Jewelry in Aotearoa New Zealand

This exhibition is a visual dialogue between the artists using the idea of dualities. We invite people not only to see our work but also to analyse, ...

Jürgen Eickhoff Brooch: Untitled, 2016 935 silver, synthetic stone:

Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) is pleased to announce the 5 finalists for its 2016

Thomas Gentille Brooch: Untitled Eggshell inlay (Emu) Back: Industrial pins 14.9 x 5.2 x 0.8 cm Photo by: Eva Jünger

Victoria King (brooch ?) - photo Yiota Vogli:

SCHMUCK 2017 - 8-14 MARCH 2017 - Munich - COMPLETE PROGRAM pdf:

Driver's Heaven, 2015 - Christoph Ziegler. Pendant with vintage chain. Materials: Recycled

Seth Papac, Cali Condensation, 2015, necklace, raised and anodized aluminum, brass

Jürgen Eickhoff Necklace: Untitled, 2015 935 silver, synthetic stones

Congrats to all the artists who made the SCHMUCK 2016 list, on show at the

From March 8th till March 14th Munich Jewellery Week - MAP with NUMBER of each event

... silver 42 HATARA - Sara Malm, In Line With, 2016, necklace, leather,

Gabriela Cohn - Bornn - Necklace - Porcelain - Silver - Alpaca - 22 x 14

Photo Tobias Feuerbacher 42 HATARA - Annea Lounatvuori, Under The Pine Pine, brooch, natural found objects

gallery tal 20 in Munich! 25th - 29th February.

Kadri Mälk Brooch: Duende 1, 2016 Painted cibatool, silver, pleonast:

Purity of Materia 25Feb-25Mar2016 Tschechisches Zentrum München

Rattle Your Jewellery 23Feb2016 - 27Feb2016 Die Ohrring Boutique Munich

42 HATARA- Sara Malm, In Line With, 2016, Necklace, leather:

#4 on the #mjw16 #munichjewelleryweek MAP / Shelf Life shows work by

Julia-Maria Künnap Brooch: Mother and daughter I, 2015 Gold, obsidian:

Demitra Ryan-Thomloudis - Brooch: Hollow Formed Cement, resin, cloth, diet

EXHIBITION : the Dialogue Collective. By Royal Appointment, Munich 2016:

Central Saint Martins Graduation Show 2015 - Fan Sze Fiona Li Attachments Combining hardware-store

Ritsuko Ogura Born in Osaka in 1951 Brooch About 2002 Corrugated cardboard, silver, acrylic

All there is by Fabrizio Tridenti

Back from Bengel by Peter Vermandere, UND WEITER by Annamaria Leiste

to make you -23Feb-16Mar2016 - Kunstarkaden Munich

Katharina Reimann- "Erinnerung“ – Neckpiece – Silver,Hematite, Glass, Steel

Jana Machatova Brooch: Pionieren, 2014 Plexiglass, silver, gold foil 6.5 x 10

Anne Dinan - TEST her jewellery @ Myths 2016:

From HERE to THERE by Bettina Dittlmann and Carolanne Patterson

Eva Burton -"The giraffe that dreamt with two suns" Necklace – Enameled copper

"Schmuck und Hülle" - galerieGEDOKmuc - Dauer der Ausstellung vom 24. – 28

Eva Tesarik Necklace: Time of pearls, 2006 Silver, foto, crystal rock,

Jana Machatova Brooch: Where are you from?, 2014 Plexiglass, silver, paper

Handwerk & Design 2016 Fair

Melanie Georgacopoulos (or Melanie Georgacopolis ?????):

Jana Machatova Brooch: Honour and Praise..., 2014 Plexiglass, silver,

Saerom Kong - "Black With Black" Brooch - Hanji (Traditional Korean paper)

Affären - eine Werkübersicht von Gerd Rothmann

Nolia Shakti Necklace: Black Flowers, 2015 Nespresso capsules, gold plated metal, magnet

Moniek Schrijer - bracelet / Rimu, enamel, ink, brass screws, topaz,

MICHEKO GALERIE - Art from Japan - Jewellery Box

Eva Tesarik Brooch: Louis, 2004 Silver, rock crystal, brass, laquer 5

Salon Revelations 2015

New work from the new world

Eva Tesarik Brooch: T.b.a.t.b, 2007 Silver, crystal rock, foto, lace 6

Munich Jewellery Week 2016 IN⇆OUT - Takayoshi Terajima, Saika Matsuda Meindlstraße 4 Munich

'Very cross', Celebrity Bling necklace by Timothy Information Limited, as will be '

Marjorie Schick - Blue Collar

Akiko Shinzato Piece: Wearing Make Up, 2015 Leather, Swarovski crystals Photo by:

ome and see BLANCO during Schmuck in Munich! New works from Marit van Heumen,

Misha Venter