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Use Etc Correctly Sentence Sentences Being used

Use Etc Correctly Sentence Sentences Being used


How to Use "Etc." Correctly

How to Use Et Cetera in a Sentence

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Image titled Use "Too" and "To" ...

3 favorite negative quotes (including 'Winners never quit & quitters never win.'

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Imperative Sentence: Definition & Examples

Top 10 fronted adverbial examples

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Sentences according to structure, attitude/purpose of the speaker

Bonus: Vary sentence length

Image source — My gallery. Image of the book Wren and Martin.

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In both instances, the correct pronoun can be determined by “completing” the idea of the sentence. In the examples above, a subject pronoun (she) is the ...

What is a Complex Sentence? - Examples & Concept

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... enter image description here ...

was versus were


English vs Japanese sentence structure

History of sentence spacing

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Sentence Structure: How to Build Sentences and Use the Correct Word Order in Your New Language

Sentence Correction - Tips and Tricks to solve Questions in CAT Exam

Learn Use Of Punctuation : English Grammar Video

'To make compound sentences, combine two independent clauses with a semicolon or a comma

English Grammar 12 Tense Rules, Formula Chart with Examples


A simple checklist for students to use when editing their longer writing assignments. Can be used by either the student themselves or by a peer editor.

example of dialogue punctuation

subject verb

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This means that the writer can add words if necessary to make the sentence read more clearly or add a correction or comment to quoted material.

English grammar test sheet on black table

Starting Sentences with And or But

The book are where you left them; 19.

R E V I S E Add examples Rearrange sentence parts

How to Improve the Vocabulary of Your Essay

How to Write Better by Improving Your Sentence Structure - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Present Tense

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Everyday Grammar - You Can Master Reported Speech

This is a chapter from Jean-luc Doumont's book, Trees, maps and theorems

Such As Comma Usage

Word Order / Sentence Structure - English Grammar Lesson (Part 1) - YouTube

Typing Symbols and Characters That Don't Appear on Keyboard

Not sure what to do? Follow the plagiarism flow chart:

Don't use this alone. When the word this stands alone, readers are forced to ask “This what?”

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The only thing it cannot handle are the negation sentences, like “which bat is not used to play cricket” , “which bat does not fly” , etc.

Here, the sentence subjects are underlined. Bob Rowan / Getty Images

What is a Compound Sentence? - Examples & Definition

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Punctuation and Capital letters

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How good is your grammar? Take the quiz below.

I will wait a couple of days for you to pick which you think is best and tell why. When I judge them, I think about the purpose and the audience.

Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?

The Question Mark: How and When to Use It

Home Usage 'Who' or 'whom'?

... listed as singular, with only singular examples. You'll also see the entry has a usage note pointing out British English's leaning towards the plural:

French and English spacing[edit]

In my Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors, I address the myth that writers should never start a sentence with a conjunction (and, or, nor, because, ...

How to Use Japanese Particles の(no), よ(yo), ね(ne), and か(ka) in the Endings of Your Sentences

Complete and Incomplete Sentences: Examples & Overview

Note that the direct object line after the VP line on the Main Line for Sentence 7 is straight. Comparing it to the sentences before it, additional lines ...


Infographic Explaining e.g. and i.e.

Importance of a comma

When to Use a Comma before And in a Sentence

Incidentally, the Ye in “Ye Olde Shoppe” is unrelated to what's in the chart. Instead, in the shop's name, it's pronounced the and properly has an obsolete ...

... brackets, braces, apostrophe, quotation marks, and ellipsis. Following their correct usage will make your writing easier to read and more appealing.

2 A double negative is a non-standard sentence construction that uses two negative forms.