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Wednesday May 08 2019 Scientists at this point just dont know

Wednesday May 08 2019 Scientists at this point just dont know


Wednesday, May. 08, 2019: Scientists at this point just don't

Of all the forces or objects in the Universe that we cannot see—dark energy and dark matter—none has frustrated human curiosity so much as the invisible ...

At its center, the mass of a black hole is compressed into a single, zero-dimensional point. The distance between this so-called "singularity" and the event ...

Lurking at the center of the galaxy, scientists believe, is a black hole with a mass 7 billion times that of our sun.CreditNASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage ...

Artist conception of what a photograph of the event horizon around a black hole may look like.

We may be just days away from seeing a black hole for the first time ever

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I declined the invitation to the Nobel Laureate meeting in Lindau because I was informed they would only cover my travel expenses if I agree in advance to ...

How to solve Albert, Bernard and Cheryl's birthday maths problem

Well, 3M, I know you think that your company has pulled out all the stops by spending a grand total of $100 million in testing water sources and $50 million ...

Here is the third (fictional) press release:

Book and travel update

Most economists I know started out as physicists. Being a physicist myself of course means that the sample is biased, but still it serves to demonstrate the ...

ESA's Head of Planetary Defence, Rüdiger Jehn, responds to the worrying discovery:

“I fully expected that, by the end of the century, we would have achieved substantially more than we actually did,” lamented original moonwalker Neil ...

Follow the live updates from day three in the ESA Operations thread:

The White House Plan to Change Climate Science

If we spend money on a larger particle collider, we risk that progress in physics stalls.

I also know that if you click on the link in the comment widget (side bar), this will not work if there are too many comments in one thread.

The Earth is warming. Human carbon-dioxide emissions are one of the major culprits. We have known this for a long time. But in the past two decades, ...

Last October we had presentations and demonstrations of novel healthcare products organised by the NHS North West Innovation Agency who are tasked with ...

But in real life, quantum mechanics prevent even a single particle from reversing its own course through time.CreditGetty Images

Maleah Downton

Shroom MAY08

A helicopter flies past as the full moon rises behind the Statue of Liberty on May

[I've meant for some while to try an automatic transcription software, and Graham Farmelo's interview of Edward Witten (mentioned by Peter Woit) seemed a ...

This is an illustration of a black hole scientists believe may exist based on data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Telescope and other observatories.

For a Split Second, a Quantum Computer Made History Go Backward - The New York Times

New Workshop Topic for British Science Week. “

James Cook University, Fish, Research, Climate Change.

First black hole image could change everything we know about the universe

A simulated view of a black hole

UAH Global Temperature Update for May, 2019: +0.32 deg. C

'Balance is not a women's issue:' International Women's Day 2019 pushes for gender equality worldwide

It Might Not Be The Best Way To Track Nutrition | On Point

There, I've said it.

'An Obsession of Einstein' Dances Through Space-Time on Stage at the World Science Festival: Watch on PBS Tonight

(Physics fun!)

CAREER TALK ON 7 MAY 2019 (1430 - 1700HRS)

Saturday Academy: April 6, April 13, April 27, May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25 – 8 a.m. to noon

Nick Davidson presents

Notes from a Remarkable Political Moment for Climate Change

Difficult questions must now be asked. How do we deflect the asteroid? Perhaps it could be exploded? Or could we organise a mass evacuation of areas we ...

Email marketing open rate benchmark by year

Medgadget ...

FILE- In this Oct. 17, 2014, file photo, a thick blanket

Trump Administration Shortcuts Science To Give California Farmers More Water

Date: Friday June 7, 2019 through Sunday June 9, 2019. Time: 12:00 am. Location: Dallas Market Center Main Hall Address: 2200 Stemmons Freeway, MS 40, ...


California's 'permanent drought' is now washed away by reality | Watts Up With That?

Analyzing coral cores is one way scientists can look back into the oceans' climate history. (Credit: Eric Matson, Australian ...

2019 PDC is travelling in an eccentric orbit, extending 2.94 AU at its farthest point from the Sun (in the middle of the main asteroid belt), and 0.94 AU at ...

study smart

STS 161 Time Flyer 2018.jpg

On Wednesday, May 15th I was fortunate enough to meet this inspiring group of people impacted by PFAS contamination who traveled to DC from across the ...


Fig. 1. Global (82.5N-82.5S) lower tropospheric temperature variations (deg. C) about the 2003-2018 mean annual cycle for UAH Version 6 LT and Version 6 LT ...

Dry Ice!

I am privileged that I have a scientific background so anything that I think can affect taste I do an experience to test my scientific hypothesis.


Rick Perry, global warming and those durn scientists

On May 28, 1998, Pakistan tested five nuclear devices in Chagai, Baluchistan. I was in grad school in New Mexico at the time, and I remember well the ...

Click HERE to download a copy of the WFD agenda happening at SEMICON SEA 2019!

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Kitten, Chicken Recipe, 15.5 lb Bag

New Workshop Topic for British Science Week. “

The study suggests the extra trees may be creating a drag effect that prevents pollutants dispersing


BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews)

Futurity Factory Poster FINAL 2_11.jpg

A forensic recreation of Otzi as he may have appeared at the time of his death in 3300 B.C. (Photo: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology)

Pixel Scroll 6/6/19 Scroll Me Some Pixels And File Hacks, I Don't Care If I Never Get Back

School All-Time Favourite!

Fig. 2. Global (82.5N-70.0S) lower tropospheric temperature variations (deg. C) about the 2003-2018 mean annual cycle for RSS Version 4 LT and Version 4 LT ...

I hope you can read my handwriting!

CAREER TALK ON 7 MAY 2019 (1430 - 1700HRS)

But what does “applied data science” mean? Or “data science” for that matter? Rather than debating the definitions for the 100th time or drowning in Venn ...

OnePlus 6T, iPhone X Discounts Revealed for Amazon Fab Phone Fest

Scientists Just Melted a Solid Below Its Freezing Point

Jim Allison is an iconoclastic scientist who toiled in obscurity for years. Then he helped crack a mystery that may save millions of lives: Why doesn't the ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez video: “lightning round” on money in politics goes viral - Vox

Emptiness Symposium.jpg

When is the best time to visit Seattle? A guide to the Best Time of

“If asteroid #2019PDC is headed straight at Earth, we won't know for sure until the year 2020. So how do we make a decision? What do we do now?”

Clearly the teams have developed software that really does meet the goals of the challenge: to provide a marked improvement in education for kids who don't ...

'Minibrains' allow scientists to mimic sections of the human brain to understand how it. '


California Classroom Science » Taking the Interactive Science Notebook Plunge

The Martian cover art

Explore the Future!