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Why the vitriol about my bike expenses wont stop me cycling for

Why the vitriol about my bike expenses wont stop me cycling for


Why the vitriol about my bike expenses won't stop me cycling for work – MP

Eddie used the SWFT Cycle to Work scheme to purchase his bike. For more information about the scheme and general cycling at SWFT, please email ...

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Critical Mass Dunedin participants Kitty Cresswell Riol and Geoff Wigley ride on Dundas St. PHOTO

'Even the queen bicycles' in the Netherlands, enthuses another recent article about how cool Cloggie cycling culture is. (It comes in the wake of January ...

But in the Speeches, David Brown of TfL made a valiant effort to justify the multi-million pound expenditure on the cobalt-coloured calamities.

Government will miss its cycling target by a mile. It's time to invest

If you build them, they will come: record year for cycle counters

Decorating your bike can be a device to discourage thieves. But few of us would spend the time going as far as the owner of this machine, ...

6 things every new road cyclist needs Dec 2018

London's cycle network overhaul has come to a standstill

Be sure to get those last trips logged today before midnight tonight! Good luck #BikeCommutersOfNJ! Winners will be announced next week!

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The right bike for the right person: a lesson from Isla Rowntree

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Opinion: 'Cyclists would rather not be sharing road space with lorries, buses, and cars'

Ultimate superbikes 12 of the most expensive production road bikes in the world October 2018

In founding a new team, the fallen cyclist is seeking forgiveness, which many fans may not be willing to give

Why motorists get so angry at cyclists — a psychologist's theory


Cyclist using a cycle lane

Fact is, streets that work for humans are good for businesses. Streets that work for drivers aren't.pic.twitter.com/jIAFsLe7tr

Chad Haga's Giro, oversimplified: Redemption, and some tears

The UK's feral roads deter cycling – we need enforcement, not calls for respect

There is lot of general misunderstanding about cycling issues on social media.

Adults and kids participate in the “Wheels of Love” annual bike race in Israel

Railing again: Bike parking at Tate Modern

A 1993 John Tomac Championship Edition Titanium Raleigh mountain bike ran upwards of $6,000 – nearly

A driver ran straight into cyclist Geoffrey James.

Secondly, despite weighing in at only ~650g including fixings, the 15L LOMO has taken all of my kit for the ride including a full set of civvies, ...

Senate committee passes 'Idaho Stop' bill allowing bicycle riders to yield at stop signs

The latest set of Team Sky's accounts has been published and here is a closer look at their finances including a bumper budget.

How London is aiming to become the world best big city for cycling

The companies pushing e-MTBs need to step up to educate retailers and riders as

A salmoning cyclist made me break my jaw; I blame the infrastructure

Or the Specialized Hardrock (2001-2005): nicked while double-locked to a stand as I was having a curry in Twickenham. The curry wasn't even that good.

Fact is, streets that work for humans are good for businesses. Streets that work for drivers aren't.pic.twitter.com/jIAFsLe7tr

My 2012 Kebel

British Cycling launches new Mental Health strategy to support the Great Britain Cycling Team

Sadiq Khan says he's better than Boris on cycling – but do his claims add up?

When it comes to mountain bike setup, the most important measurement is the distance between your bottom bracket and your grips. I call this the Rider Area ...

They were pleased to see us. Their app accounted for our needs. Welcoming! Train companies, you could learn a lot from them.pic.twitter.com/Yz6fe3UbYk

KOM Air 2013

Cycling the Laura Kenny way

Photo: Axel Brunst/Tandem bikes

Think Roads Have Become More Dangerous for Cyclists? I Don't. Here's Why.

And Hull should be in a good position to capitalise on the cycling boom people like me keep going on about, as this snap from outside TJ Hughes shows.

Register to hire one of the Trust electric pool bikes for free. @UHP_NHS #biketowork pic.twitter.com/Y7iqQwhRZ1


Haibike is proud to announce the signing of British Freeride pro Sam Pilgrim to our ePerformance team for 2018 and beyond. The 27-year-old freeride ...

A girl carrying a poster at a bike rally. —Photo courtesy Girls at Dhabas

File photo

It sounds silly but when when a lot of bikes are all similar specs, weights and geometry it can literally all boil down to how awesome it looks - and ...

Cycling West and Cycling Utah's Spring - April 2019 Issue

Photo: JJAG Media Cycle Life

Cannondale Trigger 2018

A cyclist makes his way to work

Start at Harewarren car park: this is definitely a ride for a mountain bike

Image by ctj71081 licensed under Creative Commons.

Portland's new surge in bike commuting is real – and it's gas-price proof

Should we stop using the word 'cyclist'?

It's fast-moving and lively spectator sport, but the players are fun to watch too. Lots had come from France, so you could pick up all sorts of French slang ...

The Specialized S-Works Enduro 29 is regarded by many as the most capable and

... for reception and nursery children @stsidwellsce Lots of smiles and some children riding a bike for the very first time. Roll on tomorrow.

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps shows one of the two padlocks that were attached to her bike's spokes.

Four Bike Heroes

A bike

Stop honking at me and support bike infrastructure

Over a Beer: You Don't Need an Ebike for Uphill Flow

Why Are Bicycle Sales Declining (for the 14th year)?

The Coffee Sisters ride group, which asked Mr X to leave, is a frequent target of DFROC posts.

To round off this weekend, here is this week's blog post which wonders why we bring high-speed A-road engineering into our urban places. ...

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Before you get mad at us for covering bicycles, you should take note of the fact that electric powered two-wheelers are taking an ever-increasing piece of ...

Canyon Spectral ON

The biggest buyers of e-bikes to date have tended to be people who would

Just added some fresh stock of the @RidetotheSun jerseys to the website...just a month to go now till the event.pic.twitter.com/2xaT9z7saw

Rise in cycling came with an increased number of deaths - are we ready for so many bikes?

BEDIT_Fore_Streets FIN. Separated bicycle ...

Specialized Turbo Levo

Old-Fashioned Cheating

Save the Scooters, Redesign the Streets, and Save San Francisco

I particularly like the method of attaching to the rack which utilises 2 Velcro webbing straps that attach to the rack independently of the bag which is ...

Bike Crashes Along SLU Streetcar Pit Cyclists Against City

Be sure to get those last trips logged today before midnight tonight! Good luck #BikeCommutersOfNJ! Winners will be announced next week!

MAMILs and other middle-aged fitness freaks need to be careful.


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Olympic cycling gold medallist Chris Boardman has paid a touching tribute after ... -


Why is Capital Bikeshare usage low east of the river?

Mayfair is home of the US Embassy, a Cold-War era Grosvenor Square block that proves whatever the Soviets could come up with in terms of ugly brutalism, ...