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Written by contributor Renee Tougas of FIMBY Ages of my children 12

Written by contributor Renee Tougas of FIMBY Ages of my children 12


Written by contributor Renee Tougas of FIMBY Ages of my children: 12, 10,

Finding Our Late Elementary & Transition Years Homeschool Groove | Renee Tougas

Just look for the asterix (*) and e-mail me if you're interested. This is not a reflection on the quality or interest of these reads.

It's been life saver for his sanity and mine because there is just no way I can read aloud enough to keep up with my children's interests.

How to homeschool a kid who hates to write

Curriculum Choices: Handwriting Resources

Choosing Curricula for Multiple Students (2011 Curriculum Fair)

Raising Godly Children: 40 Reasons Why I Home School My Children.

Receiving support services as a homeschooler

There's spring gardening and the warming days that calls us back outdoors for long periods of time during the day. Spring is a great nature study time!

Ways to Inspire Young Writers {Plus Free Printable Writing Prompts for June, July,

... Julie Meekins back to my show this afternoon.

... first proposed this series I thought, “That will be easy to write. We don't use much.” Then I saw all the questions from the introductory post and …

tips for planning home school sick days #teachinggood Teachers of Good Things @Titus2Teacher Sick

... Julie Meekins back to my show this afternoon.

Posted by Cheryl Moeller: Stand up Comic for Moms, Syndicated Mom Humor Columnist, Conference Speaker, Author, Cookbook writer, and Mom of 6.

We first heard about Waldorf through a friend of mine when our oldest was three. This friend inspired me in every sense of the word.

How habits can help homeschooling this season

With me today are Tom and Julie Meekins who have a heart for parents, especially those who are raising challenging children. Julie has been a guest on my ...

Instead of forcing the kids to listen to me lecture them on what their proper behavior should be, I can let the scripture guide them.

iHomeschool Omnibus Bundle!

All You Need is Love

Sherry is the inspiring Christian mother of 15 wonderful children and has been homeschooling for 26 years. She has seen the “graduation” ...

In truth, my "real" life involves a great deal of online relationships and transactions and I generally don't distinguish the two, except for clarification.


Why Memorization Gets a Bad Rap in Modern Education

Successful Teen Homeschooling: Two Vital Factors

Continuing with my series of travelling homeschooling families it is my pleasure to welcome both Lainie Liberti and her son Miro to my show this week.

„The Sociable Homeschooler“ von Vivienne McNeny auf Apple Podcasts

Unsure of how to get started with homeschooling? Download this infographic that gives you a

Plugging along with iew Fix It! Grammar and they both ...

Leigh has spoken on the local news as an advocate for children with special needs and has received awards from advocacy organizations for her parenting and ...

Small space homeschooling. June 6, 2012 // by Renee// 41 Comments. Written by contributor Renee Tougas of FIMBY This past winter our ...

We love the book list section in Honey for a Teen's Heart. All the descriptions right there. This is one of the tools Emily uses to put together her reading ...

Kid's Outdoor Gear Guide: Clothing Edition

Homeschool Tot School -0881

Are you into the full swing of long, hot summer days yet? How is reading fitting into your school's out plans? Can well-written books be used as boredom ...

I love this post by Renee Tougas of FIMBY as she answers the question "How do you keep your kids occupied during summer" in her post Summer non-boredom.

Dillon took the egg out of the vinegar. It felt like a rubber ball- and it bounced!

Written by contributor Renee Tougas of FIMBY Ages of my children: 12, 10, and 8 Educational Philosophies I pull from: Leaders…

She will be offering some tips for unplugging our children.

Sarah's homeschool day in the life (with a 12- and 15-year-old)

Campsite reading

Back to School 2012-1030

The Sociable Homeschooler | Live Internet Talk Radio | Best Shows Podcasts

Annie Kate of Tea Time with Annie Kate takes us on a field trip to The Lambs Down Park Festival, where she and her family learned about sheep, sheep dogs, ...

Tuesday it snowed, so Devin's flash animation class was canceled, but we had a fun day indoors. (The wind chill was -15, so we were not going to go outside.

Written by contributor Renee Tougas of FIMBY This past winter our family lived in a two

2. Dawna I'm so curious about Waldorf schooling. I'm hoping you can enlighten me a bit. I've always been interested in it but since settling into our own ...

Bloom's Taxonomy: A simple roadmap to learning

My guest this week is Kim de Blecourt, author of, Until We All Come Home, published by Faith Words last November. Kim spent over 13 years in corporate human ...

... Julie Meekins back to my show this afternoon.

Painting by one of Emily's friends, age 15 when painted. Jordan also homeschools and is an incredibly prolific artist with large windows of time to pursue ...

Back to School 2012-1036

stopcommoncoreinmichigan.com _ How to opt out of M-STEP testing with FAQ

A very good, loud, silly, fun, art-filled time was had by all. I know I've said it a million times before, but there is something truly magical that happens ...

Boxed fried chicken, instant mashed potatoes, and canned vegetables. Stop laughing. This is the same girl who asked me a few months ago how to turn the oven ...


About Renee

She recently published a book called Workshops Work! which is all about creating an audience for your child's writing in the form of ...

... Julie Meekins back to my show this afternoon.

With me this week is Sue Patterson a self confessed, highly involved, Mum of three who loves her children as if today is the only day she's going to have ...

Sometimes we need to step back and let our kids find their own way. Nebby discusses Charlotte Mason's idea of "masterly inactivity" in Play and Masterly ...

The Math around You: Helping Young Children Learn to Think Mathematically | North Carolinians for

beauty that moves: Pre-College: Living Life and Loosening Our Grip on the Schedule

Gracyn riding Splash at her sixth birthday.


Reading, writing, & 'rithmetic for 6 kids (2012 curriculum fair)

We've talked about encouragement for homeschooling Mums in the warm and humourous way Marcia has and the last conversation we had was about how to spread ...


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Draw, Write, Now


Her show airs on Tuesdays at 10am ET and is called The Parent's Plate. Brenda blends practical parenting tips with child ...

Pursuing interests builds character traits that benefit us for life.

Book Review: Running for My Life by Lopez Lomong

Sweet because she's much happier and less clingy now that she has some freedom, but bitter in that she'll be my last baby, ...

beauty that moves: Pre-College: Living Life and Loosening Our Grip on the Schedule

It was going to be one post about my personal mission, how I defined it and how it's really helped give direction in my mothering, homeschooling, writing, ...

Inspired by his words, we had a Family Draw last night in the time between dinner and bedtime. I rolled out our butcher block paper onto the dining table ...

stack of curriculum

Appalachian Trials: A Psychological and Emotional Guide To Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail (Volume 1) by Zach Davis

... Julie Meekins back to my show this afternoon.

online school organization,online degree programs,online education college #onlineschoolorganization

... family uses The Story of The World in Our Homeschool. An informational vlog is also included. As Mary writes, "I love this curriculum and wholeheartedly ...

Thursday was actually a really productive day. I've been slacking off a bit in the laundry department, so I did a lot of catch up work there.

a christmas story

On becoming a relationship-focused professional blogger

It's the attitude brought to any task that elevates its meaning.

Many years ago when my children were still too young to mind about homeschooling a colleague brought me a cassette and picture book from down under called ...

Written by contributor Jessica Fisher of Life as Mom

The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling free guide • Includes an Overview of the Three Types

It's also great for grandparents, nannies, church school teachers, babysitters, and preschool teachers. Click here