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Chunkwm trying to make a consistent rice unixporn Desktop

Chunkwm trying to make a consistent rice unixporn Desktop


[i3] First rice! Cartoon Forest : unixporn Ok Computer, Learn Computer Science

[chunkwm] trying to make a consistent rice : unixporn

[i3-gaps] My First Rice!

[i3-gaps] My XPS 13 rice : unixporn

[chunkwm] space : unixporn

[TWM] Simple retro : unixporn | Desktop Customization in 2019 | Diagram, Chart, Bar chart

[bspwm] tried out the nord colorscheme : unixporn

[i3-gaps] My Mint Desktop : unixporn

[macOS/chunkwm] First post, getting into tiling and customization for the first time

Screenshot[LXQt] ...

[PLASMA] what have i done : unixporn // I'm not even

[Awesome] Mechanical Love : unixporn Cool Tech, Desktop Screenshot, Awesome, Linux

Systeminfo and my nvim setup.

[Gnome] Decided to give RHEL 8 a spin : unixporn

Qutebrowser as my main bromser with a custom css I found.

[2bwm] trying out linux : unixporn

[OS X][gruvbox][powerline] The Mac OS rice you've been waiting for : unixporn

[bspwm] I'm satisfied with this rice : unixporn

r/unixporn - the home for *NIX customization! Linux, Environment, Desktop

[i3-gaps] First rice. Dual vertical monitors are a challenge. :

[MOTD] MOTD on my media server : unixporn

[KDE] Sweet setup : unixporn Desktop Screenshot

Fake busy

Screenshot[OS ...

Submit screenshots of all your *NIX desktops, themes, and nifty configurations, or submit anything else that will make ricers happy.

[bspwm] My rice, after a year of lurking, a constant work in progress.

[Kwm/Aqua] macOS + Amethyst + iTerm2 + pywal : unixporn

I absolutely love it, and if I can get my Vive working with it, that'll give me one less reason to ever have to boot into the Windows 10 partition that ...

I use ncmpcpp for music.

r/unixporn - the home for *NIX customization! Linux Operating System, Monochrome

Should probably use feh, but it's hell to get it to work on osx.


r/unixporn - [openbox][polybar] "No man I don't have any midterms to study for"

[OC] A cmus base16-tomorrow theme : unixporn


Trying out Puppy Linux for the first time.:D(i.redd.it)

[I3-Gaps] Minimal Comic Artist Setup : unixporn


r/unixporn - with polybar, rofi, conky and compton.

[bspwm] Keep OSXing : unixporn

[WindowMaker] Collection of old shots - Album on Imgur

Screenshot[XFCE-Openbox] ...


[i3-gaps] some transparency (but not too much) - Album on Imgur

r/unixporn - [Openbox] My Friend of Misery

[XFCE] Simple, Dark Arch rice. : unixporn


[ I3-Gaps + Polybar ] First Rice - Album on Imgur

r/unixporn - [Openbox] Little Drops of Rain. Whisper on The Pain.

79KiB, 800x600, 186633f.jpg

Just GNOME on Debian Sid. The GNOME workflow is fluid, speedy, looks nice by default and it's easy to make it look ...

My planck may have scuffed cardboard keycaps, but it holds a special place in my heartphotos(i.redd.it)


[KDE] Home Office on Friday - Album on Imgur

[dwm] Solarized Suckless : unixporn

[GNOME] Consistent themes are great, - Album on Imgur

[Xfce] 7 p.m. : unixporn | Desktop Customization in 2019 | Desktop, Desktop screenshot


r/unixporn - [bspwm] Trying powerlines in polybar

[windowchef fork][tmux] Dayly driver for day and night - Album on Imgur

[KDE] Home Office on Friday - Album on Imgur


[chunkwm] Just getting started on Mojave : unixporn

[Plasma] Mac OS-like functionality. : unixporn


r/unixporn - [OC] I've just created a program for drawing process tree on my desktop wallpaper!


A very long post about 3 reddit clients for the terminal [with pictures and markdown and opinions oh my!] : unixporn


[Herbstluftwm] Same Wallpaper, Different WM. - Album on Imgur

[Plasma] Majestic AF! - Album on Imgur

Oh that's nice

[bspwm] unix summer : unixporn

[bspwm] Consistency Is Key

[i3-gaps] Fed up with Windows on my laptop. : unixporn

[desktop] Finalised a complete student workflow on a three monitor setup with minimal mouse

Basically: https://i.imgur.com/sflrXxf.jpg




[chunkwm + Spectacle] Retro vibe & Mr Robot : unixporn

r/unixporn: Submit screenshots of all your *NIX desktops, themes, and

[DWM] Isn't this...dashingly awesome? - Imgur


Ramiro Jesús

Screenshot[Atom] Bring the 80s back! Ubik-Neon, a syntax theme for Atom inspired by the 80s retrofuturist aesthetics is now available!

[i3-gaps] Destiny 2 inspired rice - Album on Imgur

[chunkwm] how you see is what you get : unixporn


A very cyberpunk desktop from /r/unixporn Computer Technology, Cyberpunk, Science Fiction

[bspwm] Gruvbox + neovim + polybar + unproductivity - Album on Imgur

[i3] [i3-gaps] Transparency. : unixporn