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Happy monsteramonday plant bbs get out there conquer

Happy monsteramonday plant bbs get out there conquer


happy #monsteramonday plant bbs! ▫ get out there & conquer this week

Instagram Image by Taylor Morgan (@theplantydropper) with caption : "How our apartment

Introducing my very first baby pineapple!🍍I'm so excited about th.

Caring for plants while you are away - part 1 ☺ . What you should do depends on how long you will be away and what plants you have - tropicals, ...

Instagram Image by Ourbohocondo (@ourbohocondo) with caption : "Hanging chairs are my

My ...

Doing my best to record more videos for you babes ! Thank you for a.

my goodies from @thewallyshop 🌱This awesome company provides same .

So we've added a bamboo plant to the mix of the family room!

These guys always cheer me up in the morning.💚 They stay on my nightstand

Plant pro tip: when your cat finds a new litter box, stock up on

Hey everyone, happy Thursday! We're almost to the weekend!

my friends over at @rootednyc have changed locations !Luckily, the.

And I get excited when a new leave forms. I love music but I love plants and flowers as well. Tuesday love and inspiration on ...

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I'll be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing,

this little guy has really blown up since january 1st (2nd photo) time for a haircut or repot him? i haven't decided quite yet 👀 .

Cleaning houseplant leaves and grooming indoor plants can be time-consuming but proper plant care keeps plants healthy and enhances their appearance.

Peperomia caperata,🌿✨ 'emerald ripple' the texture is so dreamy! Happy · plant.jungle

They've grown so fast! 🌱🌿🌵🤓 #adventuresofperhe #ohanameansfamily #

These guys have surely been having a growth spurt lately! I think the hot,

This cute little nubbin' is currently deconstructed in a variety of

New leaf unfurling on my black bat plant #taccachantrieri #taccalovers #batplant #newleaf

Located at 261 Wayne Ave. in between Press Coffee Bar & Corner Kitchen. Parking is free, and conveniently located right across the street.

ran around Brooklyn WITH Brooklyn yesterday 🤗 ! @wheres_brooklyn🌱.

It's National Pet Day. I don't have pets. I just have plants

My zucchini and a few 🍅 plants are loving the hoop house. Since I put the cups in there (and transferred to my raised beds) their growth has doubled.

This aloe was a stressed, thin little plant when it was first given to me

Sunny Saturdays in Planty Dropper Headquarters 🌱 ▫ I've waited for

My mint plant is blowing up....who has a good mojito recipe? Or just wants to come make me a mojito? #garden #herbs #mint #mojito #backyard #greenthumb ...

Got the next round of clones for the Greenhouse in the oven right now. Purple Fig, Peanut Butter Breath, and some Dosi Pie. The smell in there is gonna be ...

By Bonnie L. Grant There are numerous fun and descriptive names for the devil's backbone houseplant. In an effort to describe the blooms, it has been called ...

Plant Mama 🌱💭✨ . . . Ty @nrg.visuals 📸 ✨ .

Holy Bosten Fern Batman 😧I love this shade of pink & green together 🌱 so

From resting easy at a tropical nursery in Miami FL to

The plants are getting big and smell Amazing!💚✌💜#cannabiscommunity #reefer #cannabis #marijauna #maryjane #thc #cbd #kush #haze #blazed #weed #ganjagirls ...

theplantydropper. natural habitat 🌱 #botanicalwomen

New Schefflera growth #schefflera #moneytree #variegatedschefflera #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsofinstagram #bloomandgrow #

I'll be here indefinitely.

Thanks @cannabinology for putting her in the tent. This is definitely the best one yet! #sourtangie #growtogether #cannacouple #flower #colorsofcannabis ...

I just can't get enough! 💚 #suckerforsucculents #fortheloveofsucculents #socalsucculents #succulentlovers #succulents #californiasucculents ...

image by Ourbohocondo (@ourbohocondo) with caption : "Living room vibes 😍 we

We are constantly moving around the fiddle tree and our plants, as we try to

I'm so excited by this 😍😍😍 I haven't seen too

The week may be over, but our love affair with this colour palette will never

Kitchen lush bohemian idea in which planters and more circle arts, crockery including.

#cacti #succulents #cactus #plantlife #plantlady #plantobsessed #plants #plantsmakemehappy #plantsofinstagram #meandplantsarefriends #plantsarefriends ...

Ok so do you water your plants on a schedule or just when they seem a

Instagram Image by Ourbohocondo (@ourbohocondo) with caption : "I am all about

🤤Especially; Seriously is there any better feeling than snuggling into fresh new sheets?

Your girl moved into her own apartment and it's a penthouse 💎 #rhipsalisparadoxa #thereallygoodhook

Apologies for being a bit MIA lately plant babes! 🌱🤕 ▫️

We took Kona to one of our absolute favorite home decor spots today @terraincafe for

Echeveria “Neon Breakers”. This guy needs some love and help. It's been

Be like a succ: stand up straight - get yo' spikes out - don

Happy Friday ✨ Just in love with @shylacino home 🧡

Welcome to the moms supporting moms follow!..I'm so excited to

Three days makes a big difference for this Bird of Paradise. Photos taken Friday,

Urban Outfitters Home on Instagram: “Every time @jnaydaily shares a photo of her space, we think "okay, it can't get better than this," & then she does ...

My rubber tree is just loving life! It's been putting out one new leaf almost

Yes please 🖤 and happy Sunday! Erin @sunwoven I'll be right over

#urbanjungle Instagram Photos & Videos

Instagram Image by Ourbohocondo (@ourbohocondo) with caption : "One of my favorite

Monstera Monday // this one is going through a growth spurt, Dog for scale. #Itsnotdead 🌱 . . . . #houseplant #monstera #monsteramonday # monsteramondays ...

Why do rumpled sheets just look so good sometimes? (via @boneill_athome)

Happy #monsteramonday from my baby monstera called Gaga They are loving the repotting and the

There growing! #plants #plantsofinstagram #grow #greenfingers #pottery #pot #home #notdead #proud

Missing @tinyscorp_ and her bbs🌱✨🌚✨ . . . PS: My


Ok guys! This weeks winner of #rockmyvibe nailed the “ Welcome to the jungle

magical plant adventures

New leaf revealing itself 🌱 #monsteramonday #monstera #monsteradeliciosa #thaiconstellation #variegated #

I've wanted this plant for YEARS but never saw it for sale beyond a

I'm happy to report there were zero plant casualties during the move! Some repotting is definitely in ...

Apartment Therapy on Instagram: “This bathroom makes us want to jump in the tub pronto 🛁(via @homelyhazical)”

... Plant babes by my bedside. Like, I almost walk into these guys when I

Trimmed, divided, and conquered the craft/critter room window garden 🌿✨ #

Hope everyone is surviving their Monday's out there and staying encouraged today! We're

“To such an extent does nature delight and abound in variety that among her trees

... I need more of this, because it makes me happy . . #plantsofinstagram #

Teds Woodworking® - 16,000 Woodworking Plans & Projects With Videos - Custom Carpentry

In honor of festival season and me celebrating it from my couch #nochella ✌🏻

It's #monsteramonday! Check out this new growth! 🙌🏾🥰🌱 It's growing

The colours on this #stromanthetriostar is A👌 Fussy plant? Challenge accepted . 💧

One of my favorites ♡ Slowly but surely, its filling out and getting extra zig

#NeverDie #NotDead

Janea Brown ✨ on Instagram: “Y'all SAW how my bad DREAM from last week was actually a PROPHESY yesterday, right 👀? It's def time that we DTR (define the ...

dirts-eye-view of the big boys for this #monsteramonday 💚 . . talking. plants

I'm OBSESSED with the light marbling detail in the newest addition to The Natural

Respect Our Mother. Respect All Living Things. Happy Earth Day Creatures! #PlantPeople

... доля троллинга и если поймёшь, то может и смешно. )) Сссссылка в профиле!! . . #newsong #songwriter #beautiful #photography #happy #notdead #alive

The most beautiful things in life have this simplicity and pureness in them and that's what

Don't really know what to do with this guy.. would anyone be

Does anyone else have their gathering basket, sun hat, and seed packets staring out the window like a sad puppy hopelessly waiting for their time to shine?

Girls With Plants (@botanicalwomen) Instagram Profile Photo

The Potted Jungle on Instagram: “Sitting here in bed watching Joanna Gaines wreck my

Check out my haul from the Michigan Plant Swap on Sunday! Lots of people brought

#NotDead Instagram Photos and Videos

My most daring plant Frankenstein experiment to date. I put my giant #hoyakerrii into