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I dream of living in the trees arboreal ancestors invading

I dream of living in the trees arboreal ancestors invading


i dream of living in the trees... arboreal ancestors invading consciousness by audrey

Mandatory treehouse post :D Treehouse Living, Tree Camping, Cool Tree Houses, Cottage

Treehouse to Stay in on Your Next Vacation Liberia, Costa Rica, 50 miles from the airport on the Nicoya Peninsula

Finca Bellavista is a self-sustaining community in Costa Rica encompassing 300 acres of rainforest

New Treehouse Guys treehouse @monkeypoddesigns #treehouseclub Normal House, Exotic Homes, Tree Houses

Trends Shaker | Sleeping in a tree with " Les Cabanes Du Moulin "

Bridge troll perspective | #canopycrew

Great sized tree house, looks peaceful in the forest

Tree house

A reconstruction of the gliding mammals. (Credit: April I. Neander/UChicago

A hexapod, a squidlike savanna dweller, next to its evolutionary cousin the tree-

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from

How orangutan engineers build safe and comfortable treetop beds

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World by Peter Wohlleben

humans who lived in rainforests 45,000 years ago hunted tree dwelling monkeys and giant squirrels


Fossil Discovery Confirms Mammals' Original Ancestors

Reconstruction of arboreal mammals in the Jurassic forests. The three individuals on the left side represent three new species of euharamiyidan mammals.

Experts uncovered the remains of animals from Fa-Hien Lena cave which is thought to

A few interesting facts about flying squirrels

The good living and community magazine for Exeter, Plymouth and across South Devon DEC/JAN 18 ISSUE 52


Since long before researchers began to illuminate the astonishing science of what trees feel and how they communicate, the human imagination has communed ...

Photograph by Richard Higgins from Thoreau and the Language of Trees.

From the cocoa tree that gives us chocolate to the Philippines' rainbow tree, a global tour of rooted marvels.

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Sacred Ireland Portal


India with its vast diversity is home to unique bounties of nature, few other nations can match. When one starts reeling off statistics, the listener can ...

elaine-gan-arts-of-living-on-a-damaged-planet-ghosts-and-monsters-of-the-anthropocene.pdf | Extinction | Anthropocene

A very old cherry tree at my mom's house recently came down with the fall wind and rain. We've known for several years that it would eventually fall, ...


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I just signed the petition to prevent oil drilling by the Government in the rain forest

It was the development of our brain that drove the evolution of our early human ancestors away from an apelike ancestor, starting roughly six million years ...

Indigenous of Paraguay

Ancestral body mass reconstructions in Strepsirhini, based on the tree... | Download Scientific Diagram

In The Inner Life of Animals, Peter Wohlleben, the author of the bestselling The Hidden Life of Trees, attempts something more searching.

In this superbly illustrated book, Charles Watkins explores the myth and magic of arboreal art. Enter the groves of the classical world, from Daphne's ...

In Turkey, like in Iran, roadside picnicking is a common sight and municipalities have set up areas where people can break out their picnic baskets.

Garden Wise : Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden by Alison Halpern et al., 2019

Winter Tree Hug


Trees of Power: Poplar – The Homemaker

Paradise in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula

GRIPPING STUFF - Friction and tension fasteners are the most common noninvasive methods of securing tree houses. They do not use nails, screws or bolts, ...

Ithaca, New York, The Cornell Daily Sun, November 30, 2018: An epidemic among ash trees: Up to 100,000 Cornell trees to die from invasive beetle

The new discovery is an example of Homo sapiens' unique ability to adapt to extreme

And as the animals of the Serengeti and the Coral and associated fauna of the Barrier Reef are under great threats, not least from climate change, the trees ...

Darwin's “thinking path”, the Sand Walk, where he would stroll and ponder. I live in hope that my students will have correspondingly significant insights as ...

Art by Cécile Gambini from Strange Trees by Bernadette Pourquié, an illustrated atlas of the world's arboreal wonders.

It may come as little surprise that we've written about the tree-whispering Wohlleben before. First there was Trees in the forest are social beings, ...

The Last Leaf On The Tree PREMIS It's All Relative Together the patient and I address ourselves to the 2,000,000-year-old ...

Peter Wohlleben has written a beautiful book on trees. He captures the imagination and translates his vision well. Like many science books for the masses he ...

Journey into the Amazon | Tourism in the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador | CN Traveller

In ...


A Deeper Map of Tasmanian Towns

I mean, who wants to walk near the expressway, right? The expressway has essentially robbed generations of Buffalonians of some of the best views in their ...

(originals unknown)

Befitting the practical, no-nonsense Scot, whose life was one of service to his adopted ...

Diagram 2: The 'Tree of Life' after Cuénot. On this diagram each principal lobe (or bunch) represents a grade at least as important (morphologically and ...

Other primates are increasingly living in and around humans and land conversion and habitat alteration continue unabated.

CRISPR pioneer ...

They are a group of individuals of common ancestry that closely resemble each other, that can interbreed and leave fertile offspring.

The Seattle Group Bulletins

My life: A record of events and opinions. London: Chapman and Hall. Volume 2.

Figure 15.1 Two adult male Tonkean macaques (Macaca tonkeana) sitting atop a recently felled tree in their home range (village forest in the Lindu enclave, ...

'Bird mimic' dinosaur hints that wings evolved for show not flight

How many security officers does it take to cut down a tree in Sheffield? Photo: Anne Goodenough

They have courtship displays that involve tandem flying as well as wing-flapping, circling each other, and hissing while on the ground.

Salem, Massachusetts, News, December 10, 2018: Historic tree to see new life at Artists Row

The banyan tree is the symbol of Golkar, the political machine of Suharto, the second President of Indonesia who ruled that nation for thirty-one years ...


Unstill Life

Journey into the Amazon | Tourism in the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador | CN Traveller

Who Didn't See This Coming?The Platina Bridge Will NOT Be Ready End Of April!

and shaped by humans as part of arboreal art (we wrote an article about such artists - Living, Growing Architecture):

The “safety zones” defined by the injunction. Photo: Sheffield Trees Action Group

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Sixty to seventy million years ago, in a Western Ghats far different from our own, a tadpole hatched out of an egg, distinctly different from its relatives.


Trees: The Fountains of Life

St. Paul, Minnesota, Pioneer Press, December 26, 2018: Wisconsin raises alarm after invasive tree pest found in evergreen Christmas decorations

Past, Present and Future: the Marvels of Evolution — Google Arts & Culture

Tree Receivers

My life: A record of events and opinions. London: Chapman and Hall. Volume 1.