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Mitaka OSINT friendly IOC Indicator of Compromise search tool

Mitaka OSINT friendly IOC Indicator of Compromise search tool


The Hacker News on Twitter: "Mitaka Chrome Extension → New #OSINT friendly IOC (Indicator of Compromise) search tool https://t.co/zPvvf7FgRG It extracts ...

GitHub - ninoseki/mitaka: OSINT friendly IoC (Indicator of Compromise) search tool

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Phalanx 2 Revealed: Using Volatility to Analyze an Advanced Linux Rootkit

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munin v0.14.1 released: Online hash checker for Virustotal and other services

... host and domain online lookup processing #Virustotal info > Coloured cmdline output > CSV output > Recursive lookups > Sample download > Ported to ...

KitPloit - Hacker Tools @KitPloit

REDasm: The Open Source Disassembler

EKFiddle v0.6.9 released: A framework to study Exploit Kits | Security news – Ειδήσεις Ασφαλείας | Study και Kit

Shylock In-Depth Malware Analysis

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Fake Bomb Threat Emails Demanding Bitcoins Sparked Chaos Across US, Canada

Apfell v1.2 releases: A macOS, post-exploit, red teaming framework

vthunting: generate report about Virus Total hunting and send it by email, slack or telegram

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Data Group @Gdatateam

YARA 3.10.0 releases, The pattern matching swiss knife

Examining Shellcode in a Debugger through Control of the Instruction Pointer

Get an extra #edge over rival #IT companies to accelerate your #business by using our #Technographics #databases for #market assessments.

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Malicious spam continues to serve zip archives of javascript files

Minnesota Department of Human Services suffered a security breach

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New ...

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Free Automated Malware Analysis Service - powered by Falcon Sandbox - Viewing online file analysis results for 'text8.zip'

Ethical Hacking

Free Automated Malware Analysis Service - powered by Falcon Sandbox - Viewing online file analysis results for 'text8.zip'

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4igywzto reasonably small

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[E.E. Gdoutos] Experimental Analysis of Nano and E(B-ok.xyz) | Fracture | Fatigue (Material)

Corsin Camichel cocaman


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NEW DELHI: Google Search is one of the biggest and most used products by the firm. The application is something that we use almost every day.

Patel's Pearls of Poetry

Adversarial Robustness Toolbox v0.8 releases: crafting and analysis of attacks and defense methods for machine learning models

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CAD/CAM Industry-Wide Interoperability Investment Paying Off By Rick Self, Executive Director

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3 Free NirSoft Tools for Malware Analysis

AM6 BBK project - 47mm and 49mm [Archive] - ApriliaForum sponsored by AF1 Racing, inc.

ABBYY – a Russian OCR developer and text recognition firm – has reportedly left exposed a treasure trove of scanned documents. The database remained online ...


379335128 Theory of Relativity Ariny Amos Astronomer Author NOVEL 1 | Theory Of Relativity | General Relativity


Security researchers have discovered a serious code execution vulnerability in the LIVE555 Streaming Media library—which is being used by popular media ...

Sauron prefers manipulation over direct combat (though he is skilled in both) and when faced by a Numenorean army, Sauron CHOOSES to surrender, ...

Phishing AI

Kevin Holvoet digihash

After incorrect or unprovable statements made by Republican President Donald Trump and some White House aides, one truth is undeniable: Sales of George ...

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ウイルスバスター クラウド(最新版) | 3年 3台版 | オンラインコード版

A documentary on 20-year-old Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung, which made its world premier last Friday at the Sundance Film Festival, ...

Spammed malicious Word document runs PowerShell script that steals system data, but doesn't maintain any persistence on the victim's computer ...


An Overview of Malware Self-Defense and Protection

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Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the Mitaka campus of NAOJ in spring time. ©NAOJ

124582999 Japanese Visual Culture Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime PDF | Anime | Manga


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tyton: Kernel-Mode Rootkit Hunter

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(PDF) ICT-pedagogy integration in teacher training: application cases worldwide | Collins Kaluba - Academia.edu

Muslim man shows true spirit of Christmas by delivering presents to homeless people


Derbi Reactivation Project--The Return of the Wicked GPR [Archive] - ApriliaForum sponsored by AF1 Racing, inc.

ウイルスバスター クラウド | 30日 無料体験版 | ダウンロード版

apple ...

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